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Healing with Green Desert Calcium Bentonite Clay
External Treatment Therapy Example - Natural Medicine

Infected Subdermal Cyst - Externally Applied Clay Packs

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the images below are quite graphic!

Benign cysts can form nearly anywhere in the body. Usually, they are quite harmless and only a minor annoyance (check with a qualified medical practitioner). They can be left alone, or surgically removed.

Remember that much of clay's healing properties are teh clay working with the body and not on the body. If the body doesn't recognize (for example) a cyst as a problem that needs addressing, most likely clay packs will have no effect. Sometimes, clay packs will cause the body to reabsorb the material (usually fat-based). Sometimes, clay packs will pull the cyst to the surface, and the body will eject it.

However, as is the case in this example, sometimes a cyst will become infected and the body's immune system will become active at the treatment site. This is a great time to employ clay packs!

Not only will clay pull the infection out, it will sooth the area, protect it, and speed healing. The clay may also result in the body ejecting some of the material-- or even all of the material-- that makes up the cyst. A cyst can be completely solid (usually spherical) or it can be a stringy substance. Some times, what one thought might be a cyst was actually simply a boil made up of pus/fluid.

Sometimes an infection will exist in seperate "pockets". There can be two, three, or even more individual pockets that need to be drained. The clay will naturally drain each.

Once the infection has been eliminated, the ulceration will start to heal naturally. For best results, the clay should be used consistently until the ulceration has closed and healing is well under way.

The clay poultice should be at least 3/4 of inch to two inches thick. The thicker the clay, the longer it will stay active and moist.

The clay treatment should last at least an hour (provided that the cyst is not over an organ such as the liver or kidneys). While activity of the poultice is greatly reduced by hour two, the clay can remain on for up to four hours. It is, however, best to change it out every two hours, on average.

When changing out the clay, first gently remove the clay poultice. The area can be cleaned with a moistened, sterile cloth or even a wet paper towel. We always spray the area with colloidal silver, and moisten the cloth/paper towel with colloidal silver as well.

Having removed the poultice, allow the area to dry and air out for ten to fifteen minutes. During this time, the ulceration will most likely continue to drain. Then, simply apply a new poultice, dress it, and secure it once more.



Here is the infected cyst, ready for clay application. This is about the size of a nickel or a dime.
(click on the image to see the full size picture) .

Clay poultice can be applied directly over the cyst, or it can be applied to a dressing first, then applied over the treatment site.
(click on the image to see the full size picture) .

[ Dressing is applied and secured with medical-grade tape ]

[ The clay is removed and the area is gently cleaned. The white material ejected from the ulceration is the fatty material that made up the cyst]





Once the ulceration opens, the treatment period is usually between two to three days. However, this can vary.

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