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Therapeutic Healing Clay: Science, Scientific Studies, & Research

Modern Scientific Studies & Clay Science Research
Updated on 3/4/2018

Clay Sciences - Clay Charge Layers - Clay & Oligopeptides - Sandia National Laboratories


Welcome to our new section devoted to the clay sciences! While the articles below focus on the science of clay as it pertains to healing and natural medicine applications, we will also be publishing information that provides critical clues that assist in unravelling the mysteries of healing clay. While most of the studies below are performed to scientific standards ( or articles based on scientific evidence ), we will also be including informal studies as time and circumstances permit.



Case history of mercury toxicity from vaccination

Featured: Did You Know...?

  The science of clays is an emmense subject to tackle; one can get a PHD in clay science. The chemistry of clays is also a specialty field, especially studying clay as a colloid. One may thus also get a PHD specializing in colloidal chemistry. To understand the vast world of clay, as it applies to natural medicine and biochemistry and biological sciences, one would require an understanding of both specialized sciences. Skeptical? See the fantastic research of Sandia National Laboratories and other clay science research.



Clay Scientific Articles

Electrically Isolated colloidal silver

Antibacterial time-kill study with natural bentonite and oligodynamic silver.

Mercury Poisoning Eliminated

Healing Clay baths, clay use internally, and other dietary solutions.

Sandia National Laboratories - Clay and Bioengineering Technologies Research

.pdf - Interaction of biomolecules with clay particles and potential transdermal applications.

Buruli Ulcer Cured with Green Desert Clay

A Case History from Australia.

Buruli Ulcerations and Healing Clay

.pdf - Thierry Brunet's masterful presentation on healing clays used to cure buruli ulcerations. Includes documented cases that are very graphic.

Clay/Montmorillonite is Effective Against Lead (pb) Toxicity - An animal study that definatively demonstrates that not only is the lead content in bentonite/montmorillonite not bio-available, but that clay can treat and prevent the dangerous effects of lead toxicity.

Clay Absorbs water Soluble Lead - A significant in-vitro study that demonstrates bentonite's ability to remove water soluble lead.

Calcium Bentonite Clay absorbs Aflatoxins - A double blind clinical study was done demonstrating that bentonite binds and safely eliminates aflatoxins in food/the digestive tract. The study was done with 63 children in Ghan. Reduction of aflatoxin exposure by the oral use of bentonite, as compared by a placebo, was confirmed via urine analysis. The linked .pdf file is an excellent review paper which includes references to the study.

A clinical study was conducted in a hospital in France demonstrated that calcium bentonite was effective for one single type of irritable bowel syndrome, IBS-C. The results were impressive even though the clay was not used properly; not even close. Therefore, individuals are strongly encouraged to do additional research about using clay properly.

Researchers at Texas A&M University conducted a study involving 177 people in order to determine if clay adversely affected vitamin and/or mineral absorption. One group consumed three grams daily, another group consumed 1.5 grams daily, and a third group consumed a placebo. The results showed definatively that reasonable use of clay does not adversely effect nutrient uptake.

A study published in Vet Microbial demonstrated that bentonite and activated charcoal absorbs and binds bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus. The in-vitro study showed that 78.74% to 99.89% of these virii were absorbed.

In fact, clay absorbs a great deal of different types of microorganisms, rendering them harmless, even when clay doesn't actually kill the organisms. In fact, another study showed that clay absorbed certain antibiotics as well, which is why medications are taken away from any clay use.

Please use this link to download the science and research section from the book "Upon a Clay Tablet", by Jason R. Eaton. A print copy of the entire book may be purchased from amazon.com. This section includes the complete Nasa comissioned study on Terramin calcium bentonite clay.

Killer Clays - ASU's study; an attempt to explain the method of action(s) of the direct antimicrobial action of certain clays.

A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Edible Clay - Required reading for those who desire to learn about using edible clay as a mineral/detoxification supplement.

Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite

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Eytons' Earth - Clay Chemistry
Featured: Did You Know...?

  We have a new section on bentonite research articles, including topics such as edible clays, bentonite formation, a definition for living clay, and more.



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