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Upon a Clay Tablet - Jason R Eaton

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  A German scientist once described the bactericidal properties of clay:

"The curative properties of clay are founded in its special physical characteristics, above all in the distribution of its minute particles. Individual clay particles are smaller than many bacteria. If infected mucous membranes are more or less flooded with clay, the bacteria are completely surrounded by clay particles and are thus separated from their source of nourishment and become imbedded in the inorganic material. Growth and the survivability of the bacteria are thus halted almost instantaneously, and from this explained strikingly speedy abatement of the symptoms of infection and/or symptoms of poisoning in acute infectious diseases of the alimentary canal.

-- Julius Stumpf, Bolus fur medizinische Anwenduno Darmstadt, 1916, p. 19.




Upon a Clay Tablet

Please note: The free ebook version of this book is currently not available. The print version is currently available through online book sellers such as Amazon.com



Welcome to the Eytons' Earth Therapeutic Clay Book project!

Never heard of therapeutic living clay before? Then you are about to be introduced to one of nature's most amazing and little known secrets. The information in Volume One of my newly completed book can be life changing. In fact, the power of therapeutic clay is so readily evident, that at one time, nearly all indigenous cultures world-wide used therapeutic clays on a daily basis.

With the rise of modern civilization and the sterile medicine that it created, most cultures quickly lost the art and science of using living clay within a short two hundred year span.

This two book, four part treatise on healing clays has been designed to introduce people to the world of healing clays, and has been written to set the stage for books 3 and 4 (upcoming).

Whether you are currently an avid clay disciple, or whether you are just now being introduced to the world of healing clays, this book will no doubt open your eyes to one of nature's most profound healing secret: The earth itself, in the form of Living Clay.

All copyrights are reserved for this work, copyright 2009 Jason R. Eaton. I am granting every individual a single license to download one copy (only from this page), and print one copy of this work. I have special licensing available to anyone or any organization who wishes to print multiple copies of any part of this book; but permission must be obtained in writing!

A print copy is currently available as well (available for purchase below).

Finally, once you've reviewed the material presented, we invite you to personally explore the world of healing with therapeutic clay by visiting:

Visit Greenclays.com - Therapeutic Living Clays
...and let us show you what clay can do for you

Do you have questions or comments?


Volume 1
Books 1-2

The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay

Upon a Clay Tablet
Healing Clays of the World


An Eytons' Earth Presentation, divided into two volumes comprised of four books

Authored by Jason R. Eaton
Copyright 2009, all rights reserved

E-book and print copies now available

Volume I


Book IA : Healing clay therapy stories

Book 1B: Correspondences and Commentaries on Healing Clay and related topics

Book IIA: The World of Clay Therapists, Researchers and Clay Therapeutics - A comprehensive presentation of the clay therapists, researchers and noteworthy practitioners and therapeutic clay deposits of the world.

Book IIB: Scientific research papers and interesting documents and presentations.



Volume II
Books 3 & 4
(not yet available)

Book III: The History of Clay Use, and the Eytons' Earth Clay Therapy Practitioners Handbook ( How to Use Clay ).

Book IV: The science of therapuetic clays.



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Book Progress and Updates

May 1, 2009:

  • Introduction to Book 1, Part A was finished.
  • In Process: The short story: "The Faith of Annie May"
    Estimated Due Date: Monday, May 4th

May 4, 2009: 12,183 Words, 25 Pages:

  • Minor rewrite of the Introduction to Book I, plus edits
  • Posted the first short story in Book I: "The Faith of Annie May"
  • Posted the next short story In Book I: "Peggy Sue Knew"
  • In Process: Introduction to Book I, Part B
  • In Process: First Letters and Correspondences for Book I, Part B
  • In Process: Short story for Book I: ( working title ) No Shade between Heaven and Hell

May 6, 2009: 20,842 Words, 51 Pages:

  • Minor character rewrite in first short story
  • Name changes in second story
  • General Technical & Grammar Edits
  • Posted the next short story "There is no Shade between Heaven and Hell"
  • Posted: Introduction to Book I, Part B
  • Posted: First Correspondence
  • In Process: Rest

May 8, 2009: 27,292 Words, 65 Pages:

  • Minor Technical Edits
  • Posted the short story: The Singing Chef and the Sorrowed Finger
  • Posted Correspondence: Mysterious Splinters in Austin, Tx
  • Posted Correspondence: Clay Facial Masque and Itching Skin
  • Posted Correspondence: Clay for Skin Use, Strange Reaction
  • Posted Correspondence: Jungle Rot, Clay Induced Illness & Experimentation
  • Posted Correspondence: Hydrating Clay with the Right Water
  • In Process: Storyboard of Sci Fi Story inspired by Ray Pandergraft, Titled: The Tribe of the Sacred Clays
  • In Process: Edits for more correspondences
  • In Process: Introduction to Chapter II
  • In Process: First Chapter in Chapter II entitled: Cano Graham, the Crystal Cross and The Clay Disciples.
  • Next Version Target Date: 5/15/09

May 13, 2009: 42,952 Words, 104 Pages:

  • Minor Technical Edits
  • Posted the short story: The Tribe of the Sacred Clays
  • Posted Correspondence: Not all Water is Created Equal
  • Posted Correspondence: Clay Baths Cause Severe Reaction
  • Posted Correspondence: Aluminum Content in Clay
  • Posted Correspondence: People Splashing Around in Clay Baths
  • Posted Correspondence: Hydrating Clay with the Right Water
  • In Process: Edits for more correspondences
  • In Process: Introduction to Chapter II
  • In Process: First Chapter in Chapter II entitled: Cano Graham, the Crystal Cross and The Clay Disciples.

May 17, 2009: 44,961 Words, 109 Pages:

  • Minor Technical Edits
  • Posted the Introduction to Book II
  • Posted the first two parts in Chapter 1 of Book II
    • Cano Graham, the Crystal Cross and The Clay Disciples
  • In Process: Edits for more correspondences
  • In Process: Part three of Chapter 1, Book II

May 21, 2009: 54,164 Words, 142 Pages:

  • Minor Technical and Grammar Edits
  • Posted New Short Story
    • Never Look Back
  • Completed and Posted Chapter 1 of Book II
    • Cano Graham, the Crystal Cross and The Clay Disciples
      • New Pictures added
  • Added a new section: Interesting Documents and Reference Studies
    • Eytons' Earth from A to Z
    • Oligodynamic and Silver Time Kill Study
    • Hydrated Bentonite Studies by Dr. Howard E. Lind

May 28, 2009: 61,422 Words, 159 Pages:

  • Book Name Change and Entrance Quote
    • Upon a Clay Tablet
      The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay
  • Minor Technical and Grammar Edits
  • Posted New Short Story
    • Sally's Shattered Brow
  • Completed and Posted first draft of Chapter 2 of Book II
    • Ray Pendergraft, the Big Horn Mountains & Pascalite
  • Added a document to the section: Interesting Documents and Reference Studies
    • Pascalite Reference Article

August 6, 2009: 66,618 Words, 168 Pages:

  • Update to Cano Graham Chapter
    • Added two pictures
    • Made changes to "End Game" to reflect Cano's passing.
  • Added a chapter in Book II
    • From India with Love: Ghandi , Anjou & Pascal
  • Began work on new Chapter in Book II
    • Cal Earth Minerals Terramin

September 21, 2009: 82,412 Words, 275 Pages:

  • Finished the Terramin Chapter "Terramin: California Desert Rare Earth Red Clay"
    • Published the ENTIRE NASA contracted supplement study (References Section)
  • Added a few hydrated clay magma pictures in the front of the book, and in Cano's chapter
  • Reformatted the book for ease of reading
  • Minor Edits
  • Started chapter on Raymond Dextriet

September 27, 2009:

  • Finished the first draft of the Chapter on Raymond Dextreit & French Clay Therapy
  • Added a a new personal introduction
  • Minor Edits

September 28, 2009: 89,235 Words, 297 Pages:

  • Finished the Chapter in Book II on Redmond Clay
  • Minor Edits

October 6th , 2009: 97,921 Words, 329 Pages:

  • Rewrote the Chapter in Book II on Redmond Clay
  • Added BYU Redmond Clay Bentonite study in Book IIB
  • Added an important introduction to Book IIB
  • Updated Introduction to Volume I

October 7th , 2009: 100,492 Words, 339 Pages:

  • Finished final chapter in Book II
    • Subchapters on noteworthy clays and clay practitioners
  • Minor Edits
  • Added the Afterword at the end of the book

October 16th , 2009: The Finalized Version of the Book was Prepared for Print Publication


May 12th , 2010

  • Revised Cano Graham Chapter
    • Added a Crystal Cross Desert Clay Healing Center Image Gallery

Author Jason R. Eaton @ Cano Graham's Tecopa Hot Springs Cross
Gazing off into the Grimshaw Natural Lake Preserve






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The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clays
Volume I

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