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d side body sections. 2 Use the front and back sections as a template for bending the side panel. Cut a strip of 1/4-inch thick wood at least 65 inches long for the side panel of the guitar body. It should be about 4-5 inches in width. Soak the strip of wood in hot water for about five min utes, turn the strip on its side and secure one edge in a table vice so it stands firmly upright. Position one of the pieces for the guitar's bod y so it is lying flat and abutting the edge of the side piece. Secure the two sections together with a small nail or screw. Working on one sectio gift certificate template word for mac n at a time, slowly bend the side strip to follow the contours of the guitar body. The wood should begin to take shape as you mold it, but if you have difficulty, try using a heat source like an iron set on low or a light bulb placed close to the wood. Once the side panel is shaped, apply bentonite clay bowel glue to adhere the top and bottom pieces with the side panel and secure with wood clamps. Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours. 3 The guitar ne .

the top of the guitar body and extending to the cavity opening. Slide the neck piece into the niche and secure it to the body of the guitar with glue or screws. 4 Metal fret strips along the fretboard divide the scale length. Make a fretboard by sawing fret slots about 1/10th of an inch in to a separate length of wood about 1/4 inch thick and matching the length and shape of the neck. If you plan to build a musically exact fretboard for your guitar, you will need to consult a measurement chart like the one available at as measurements for fret intervals clean up unused desktop icons vista are mathematically determined and depend on the overall scale length. Hammer frets into the fret slots. Frets can be purchased or cut from metal strips. Glue the fretboard to the neck. 5 Decorative additions or a unique stain can make your guitar one of a kind. Smooth the guitar surface w bentonite clay bowel ith fine sandpaper and remove the dust. Glue the saddle, or bridge piece about 4 inches below the body opening. Finish with paint or stain to you .

the tuner pegs.1 Hold your partner correctly. If you're the man, put your hand on your partner's waist, while she places her hand on your shoulde r. Loosely hold hands with each other at shoulder height. 2 Put your feet together with your arms correctly in position. Then, lead your partner. You will move your opposite feet in time. Therefore, when you move forward, your partner moves backward, and vice versa. When you move left, you r partner moves right. In other words, you perform mirrored movements. 3 Step forward once on your left foot, if you're the man. As you do so, yo free css templates for mobile store ur partner steps backward once with the opposite foot. Then, both of you slide your other foot to the join the one that moved. Both feet are now next to each other again. 4 Take a step to the right with your right foot, while your female partner follows with the mirrored movement. Then, sl bentonite clay bowel ide your left foot to join the right foot. Again, your partner mirrors this step. Now, take a step backward with your right foot. Your partner wi .

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