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t intermittently, the problem is most likely located in the power section. 3 Examine the amplifier to identify the faulty component. Loose fittin g surface-mounted parts are easy to spot. For example, the job of a resistor is to regulate the flow of current. A loose fitting resistor may cau se the amplifier to blow a fuse. Resistors are typically cylindrical and brightly colored. Melt the loose connection with a soldering iron and ma ke a new connection. Blown out transistors usually have a black coloration, similar to a blown light bulb. In some cases, soot may gather on the 3d model female body circuit board if the transistor has blown. 4 A zero reading indicates a shorted transistor. Test the transistors. Set your multimeter to "ohms" a nd connect the test probes to any part of transistor between the legs. If the meter gives a "zero" reading, it means there is no power in that pa bentonite clay panels rt of the circuit. This identifies a shorted transistor. 5 Replace the faulty component. Transistors are soldered onto the circuit board. To remo .

should now be generating current. Enclose the amplifier.1 Start with your legs and feet straight below your body, cross them quickly with a boun ce on the first beat. (The first beat of the song's chorus will say "Soulja Boy.") Bounce your feet back, uncrossed and ready for the next move. 2 Bend your foot behind yourself and hit the foot with your hand. Start the dance with your left foot (hit the foot with your right hand). Once y ou've gotten all the way through the dance, everything will be reversed. 3 Lean back and pound your left foot against the floor, still shrugging free 3d model dodecahedron your shoulders rhythmically with bounce. 4 Take short steps to the right, then to the middle, with your right foot forward and your left foot sta tionary, finishing the move by bringing your right knee up and hitting it with your right hand. 5 Put your hands together in front of your body. bentonite clay panels Now simultaneously lean forward, lift your right leg and extend both of your arms backward in a swimming motion. This is the Superman part. 6 Mak .

your left foot with your right hand, hit your right foot with your left hand.1 Choose a performance video clip or a tutorial of a dance move that you want to learn and go to it on your computer. 2 Choose a space large enough to dance and practice your new hip-hop moves. For safety and conv enience, give yourself a foot more space than you think you'll need on each side, if possible. 3 Arrange your computer screen and your mirror so that you can see both while practicing. It is very important to be able to watch the tutorial instructor as you try a new move, and it is helpful download kanji fonts to be able to see what your own body is doing right and wrong. 4 Wear clothes and shoes appropriate to the types of moves you want to learn. You should be able to move freely. 5 Watch your chosen tutorial or video clip once or twice before attempting the moves or following the lesson. Thi bentonite clay panels s way, you will be mentally prepared for each step as it is introduced. 6 Play the clip or tutorial again and follow along, repeating as many tim .

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