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syncopation. Syncopation refers to the displacement of regular rhythmic accents. Chances are, you already know the melody in your head, and ident ifying the rhythms will serve to reinforce your knowledge. Start by looking at the sheet music and tapping the rhythms to the best of your abilit y before attempting to play the the melody line on the piano. 5 Write out the melody line on music manuscript paper, if you still need help ident ifying the song's melody line. Afterwards, play the melody on the piano or keyboard to see if it sounds right to you. This step is very helpful i sustainability free book f you're making a lead-sheet for a band or for yourself.Club Coco Bongo Club Coco Bongo is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Featured as one of N ew Jersey's best Latin dance clubs by the NY Times in 2006, the club offers a variety of Latin music styles, including reggaeton and salsa, provi bentonite clay in texas ded by such live musical acts as Marlon Moreno and Lisandro Mesa. The club also features music spun by disc jockeys like DJ Alex Sensation and DJ .

Y Times as one of New Jersey's best night clubs, the club offers live music by such acts as Yoskar Sarante, one of the biggest names in Dominican music. The club also offers an Egyptian-themed atmosphere, complete with giant Pharaoh statues, and is housed in the building that served as the former home of the Plainfield National Bank. Calling the club directly for tickets, dress code and age restriction information is recommended.Fa raones Night Club111 E. Front St.Plainfield, NJ 07060908-755-9069 88 Keys 88 Keys is another of the NY Times' Caveman Diet featured Latin night clubs. Located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, the club has a wooden dance floor, where patrons dance to live salsa, merengue and cumbia music. The club also has an on-site lounge, where guests can enjoy martinis and menu items such as fried calamari and Buffalo wings. The bentonite clay in texas dress code of casual to formal is strictly enforced at the club. Only those 21 and older are admitted.88 Keys780 Rte. 1 NWoodbridge, NJ732-636-88 .

t, bringing your arms out to the sides. 3 Step down onto your right foot. Plie, or bend the knee slightly, in preparation of the turn. 4 Bring yo ur left foot up in passe--toe touching your right knee. If you can't bring your foot all the way up, begin as high as you can and develop the mus cles and flexibility through practice. 5 Turn your body, using the momentum of bringing your left leg to passe. Pull your arms into a circle as y ou turn as if you were holding a beach ball. 6 Bring your left leg down in plie after one rotation. You should be facing the mirrors again. Use y kindergarten web templates our left leg to stop yourself from continuing to turn. When you're ready, try the pique turn again--step, up and turn, step down and point your t oe out in finish. 7 Turn until you run out of space and then practice turning to the left. Reverse the movements, bringing your right leg up in p bentonite clay in texas asse to turn left. Practice daily to perfect your form and control.1 Plan your DIY guitar effects project. Decide what type of sound you want and .

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