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examine ways to achieve this using your own guitar pedals. Make a distortion pedal by changing the op-amp chip or capacitor values of your overd rive pedal. Make a DIY chorus and distortion pedal by adding a chorus circuit board to a tube-powered pedal. Compare the schematics from pedals t hat create the effect you want and select the most simple. 2 Source your parts. You can order guitar-effects parts, including circuit boards, onl ine. The 'Build Your Own Clone' website has a wide range of different parts. They also complete kits. It's smart to get some spare wire and scrap Caveman Diet metal. Use this to practice soldering before you begin your project. 3 Inspect your parts. Check for cracks to the circuit board and bent pins i n the capacitors. Even light damage to the components can cause your entire project to fail. Discard and replace any damaged parts. 4 Strip out y bentonite clay in soil our pedal. Unscrew the front panel and melt the solder connection of any part you want to remove. For example, if you are replacing the op-amp ch .

most cases, leave the input jack, output jack and power supply in tact. Modifications very rarely call for changes to these parts. 5 Install your new parts. If you are upgrading an entire circuit, melt the solder connections and unscrew it. Then install the new board. If you are increasing the capacitor values of an overdrive pedal to increase gain, remove the existing capacitor by unplugging it from the board. Plug in the new one. 6 Test the pedal. Plug in your guitar and turn the pedal on. Listen for any hiss or crackling, which can be a result of loose wiring. If you are kindergarten web templates happy with the results, screw on the front panel of the pedal. If you aren't happy with the results, ensure that you've followed the wiring sche matic correctly and that all connections are firm.Mambo Cafe Mambo Caf began in Mexico, but its first U.S. location opened spring 2007 in Dalla bentonite clay in soil s on the west end. Its website describes its style and ambiance as "the newest concept of Caribbean style venues with a marine tropical ambiance .

aurant Gloria's Restaurant is, as its name indicates, more of a restaurant than a club and therefore the atmosphere is slightly more refined than your average club/bar scene.The "Dallas Observer" voted it the city's Best Latin Dance Club in 2008.According to one reviewer on, prime -time Salsa dancing is on Fridays and Saturdays after 10 p.m.Dining prices range between $11 to $30.Gloria's Restaurant5100 Belt Line RoadSuite 8 52Dallas, TX Escapade 2009 Escapade 2009, in Dallas' northwest section, is another popular Salsa destinat free product brochure templates ion. Its MySpace site claims it's the "largest Latin club in [Dallas/Forth Worth]."Its upstairs floor, Club Arriba, is dedicated to Salsa dancing and other traditional Latin styles. No cover charge on Fridays; Saturdays are free until 9 p.m.; Sundays are free for women while men must pay a bentonite clay in soil fter 9 p.m.Escapade 200910707 Finnell St.Dallas, Texas Select an instrument requiring only basic motor .

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