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Welcome to Eytons' Earth: Tecopia Essentia

Using the Green Desert Clay


Tecopia Essentia - Using the Green Desert Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay

available from www.greenclays.com


Green Desert Clay

This Amargosian Therapeutic Clay ® is an exceedingly pure desert calcium bentonite/montmorillonite milled to 325 mesh. This is exceptionally and naturally clean, ancient, trace-mineral rich therapeutic grade clay, mined in the far, protected reaches of the California Mojave Desert in the Death Valley Region. It is ideal for use in all traditional clay therapies, including cosmetics, clay compresses, clay packs / poultices, clay baths, clay wraps and internal clay detoxification supplements.

Preparing Clay Gel || External Use || Clay Baths || Internal Use || Testimonials || Technical Info

How to Prepare a Clay Gel or Magma

To create a clay gel or paste, also known as clay magma, combine between 2 cups of water to 3 ¼ cups of water for every one cup of clay used. Less water will result in hydrated clay with a mud-like consistency, while more water will result in a super-hydrated clay gel (best for clay poultices, compresses, etc).

While one can use any method one feels is necessary to mix clay, the easiest way to effectively make the perfect clay gel for therapeutic and cosmetic use is as follows:

For best results, use the highest quality, clean water possible. For external applications, a mineral-rich, chemical-free water works the best. If high quality natural water is not available, one can be made by mixing one-quarter to one teaspoonful of Inland Sea Therapeutic Sea Mineral Blend into ½ to one gallon of water. Or, an individual can mix the same amount of premium quality sea salt into the water.

Many people strongly believe that clay should be hydrated without excessive mixing or blending. Many people also believe that even momentary contact of metal alloys with clay interferes with the clay’s natural properties. The following method removes the need for any mixing or blending.

Obtain a new, clean, one gallon bucket with an airtight lid, or something similar in shape and size (about seven inches in diameter and about eight inches tall). One gallon pails can often be found at home and hardware supply stores. Difference size pails can be used, but we have found that one gallon containers are the easiest to work with.

Pour about 2 cups (up to about 3 cups) of water into the bottom of the container. Next, sprinkle one cup of clay on top of the water, being careful to spread the clay around the bottom of the bucket as evenly as possible. Next, repeat the process: Gently pour about 2 cups (up to about 3 cups) of water into the container, as evenly as possible, and then sprinkle one cup of clay on top of the water. Repeat this two step process for a total of four to five times. On the final time, only pour in half of the water (about one cup). Next, pour in the final cup of clay, followed by the remainder cup of water.

To fill a one gallon container it will take about eleven cups of water (almost ¾ of a gallon) and five cups of clay.

Now, just let the clay set, sealed, for at least one to three days. Next, “turn” the clay: Use a non-metal spatula to move the clay on the bottom of the container to the top, and vice-versa.

The clay is now ready for use, although it will take a bit more time to completely set and smooth itself out… and the clay has been prepared without having to hand or machine mix the clay.

We recommend transferring the clay to a completely inert container, such as a ceramic or glass container, once it is completely hydrated. However, the clay can safely be stored for shorter periods of time (less than a month) in extremely clean plastic containers with airtight lids without any noticeable, obvious effect, provided that the clay is stored in a controlled climate without major temperature fluctuations.

Some people may elect to continue to store hydrated clay in plastic. While there is not likely any actual harm that will be caused by doing so, we have demonstrated that over time, wet clay does start to sorpt the plastic into the clay.


To learn how to make an excellent clay magma with modified water, please see our new tutorial on making clay: How to Make an Exceptional Clay Gel with Salt Soles

Using Clay Externally

To use clay for externally, including for compresses, poultices, clay packs and cosmetics, first prepare a clay gel or magma.

Do not allow hydrated clay to come in prolonged contact with metal, or any chemicals. Mix and store in an airtight sealed glass or ceramic jar for best results. For best results, cover the open container with cheese cloth and set the clay in direct sunlight for one or two hours prior to use.

To make a compress or for clay wraps, add water to the clay magma until the desired consistency is achieved. Thoroughly soak a clean, white dressing in the clay. Alternately, completely baste one side of a clean, white dressing with clay. Use as desired directly on the body.

To use as a poultice or pack, apply the clay magma onto a clean dressing at least ¼ of an inch thick. Apply to the body as needed. Generally, each clay pack should be applied for at least 20 minutes. Discontinue use if abnormal discomfort is experienced. Gently clean area treated after the clay has been removed.

Further Research links:

Clay Packs – How to make and use a clay pack.


Clay Compresses – How to make and use a clay compress.


How to use Clay Externally –Mastering Clay Use Externally.

Clay Detox Baths

Add between one and twelve cups of dry clay to a hot bath. Soak for between 15 minutes and one hour (the standard would be 30 minutes).

Clay must be completely hydrated (completely aqueous or watery) to avoid clogging plumbing. Do not allow clay clumps to drain through a bath. Therefore, for ease of use, pre-hydrate the clay by mixing dry clay to hot water prior to bathing (about five cups of water for each cup of clay). Then, add the hydrated clay to the bath water.

Note : Some people believe that a small amount of clay (1 cup) is the most desirable. Our experience indicates that more clay is more effective, even with individuals who report to be very chemically sensitive. We therefore recommend that individuals try both.

For individuals who are chemically sensitive or undergoing rigorous cleansing protocols, clay baths should be done two to three times weekly.

For general wellness and “maintenance”, clay baths should be done weekly or biweekly.

For best results, use natural mineral water, otherwise, if possible, use filtered water (even a shower head filter is fine).

For best results, add natural sea salts, transdermal magnesium chloride, and/or Epson salts.


Further research links:

Mastering Clay & Mud Baths – Mastering Clay Baths.

Mercury Toxicity Case Study – An individual uses the Melisa Test and Clay Detox Baths for Mercury Toxicity

Suggested Internal Clay Supplement Use

One single dose : Add one teaspoonful to one tablespoonful of dry clay to one eight ounce glass of water. For children ½ dose is fine (½ tablespoonful).

Drink the clay water once to three times daily. Clay is most effective on an empty stomach, but it is not necessary to use it only on an empty stomach.

If clay use results in constipation, reduce usage to the following schedule: Take once daily for three days, stop use for four days, take the clay once daily for four days, pause for three days. Repeat as often as desired, and consider researching digestive restoration programs and/or colon cleansing programs (when clay use results in constipation, it means that the digestive system is very sluggish and improvement is needed).

For individuals with food sensitivities, use a small amount of clay with every meal.

Very large amounts of clay water may be consumed on a daily basis for short periods of time without any known harmful effects (3-4 weeks), but internal clay use should not exceed 15% of the total diet as a part of one’s daily dietary intake, unless directed to do so by a an experienced and qualified natural healthcare consultant.

These are only recommendations and users should be aware that there are many different ideas on how to best use clay internally.

Further Research:

Primitive Use of Clay – An article on the primitive use of clays.

Hydrated Sodium Bentonite – Dr. Howard E. Lind’s study on clay vs. digestive disorders.

Clay Use and Digestion – A dissertation on using clays internally.

Use of Clay Internally – Article on clays used internally.

Further Notes

It is always beneficial to allow clay to fully hydrate before using the clay. Many naturopaths also believe that it is beneficial to allow hydrated clay to sit in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour, prior to use. Both of these suggestions are good ideas, but neither is actually required. Clay may be used immediately upon hydration when necessary. In emergency situations, clay can be force-mixed for use within minutes.

This clay out performs some of the most supreme European cosmetic clays for clay wraps, and is available at a fraction of the costs. With a far greater “pulling power” than most clay wrap clays, our clay is used by some of the finest spas in the world for slimming and detox clay wraps. Sea clay wraps can easily be made with premium quality sea salts added to water and mixed with clay.


Fatty Tumor Cured with Clay (and more)

"I first started using clay in France in 1972. Those who taught me studied Raymond Dextreit. In that time I had many remarkable cures like intestinal parasites and skin rashes to name a few. Of recent and most remarkable was a lipoma (fatty tumor) I had on the outer aspect of my calf right near my knee. It was diagnosed with a CAT-Scan and was stable. It slowly grew to where it was tugging at my knee and causing knee pain and instability. Being an avid hiker I did not want to tolerate that.

"I began using clay poultices directly applied to the tumor usually until the clay dried. I put the clay on a torn up white rag which I kept in place with an ace wrap. I did this about once, sometimes twice a day, 3-5 times a week, mostly when I was driving. I noticed many pulsating feelings and changes in the leg which meant to me the clay was working. The tumor slowly got smaller. It took about a year of pretty casual use and I could see the tumor had shrunk about 80%. After years, it’s still gone!

"I used French Green Clay until it ran out. I then researched where to buy clay, years ago. Your website was by far the best so I bought lots of different kinds of your clay and mostly used your all purpose green calcium bentonite."

Ravn Miller, RN


Clay Baths for Relief from Cancer Radiation Treatment

"My father was diagnosed with rectum cancer.  He was told that radiotherapy would shrink the tumor before surgery. What he wasn't told, was that not even morphine would assist him with his pain relief  from radiotherapy.  No one should ever have to go through what my father went through during his treatment.

"Fortunately for my father,  we were told of Jason from "Eyton's Earth". I emailed Jason and he promptly responded with extensive detail as to which was the best clay for my father and why.  Without  my Father's knowledge I ordered the clay that Jason had recommended.

"Session 19 out of the 23 sessions of radiotherapy was our families worst day. My father was in the worst pain of his life.  The morphine  that the doctors offered my father,  was of no assistance.

"In his darkest moment  he was willing to try anything, so we prepared  a clay bath for him.  When he entered the clay bath,  the pain was eliminated straight away.  He could not believe it.  Then for the next  14 days my Father was having anything from 3-10 clay baths per day. Interesting enough, one day he decided to put a bath towel in the  water so that he would be more comfortable, but when he did that the  pain would come back. So we asked him to take the towel out and see the difference. Once the towel was out the pain had vanished too. Hopefully, someone that is having this treatment can read this, and be comforted by the fact that there are treatments out there that can assist them with their pain.

"Many thanks to Jason and his team at 'Eyton's Earth'"

       - Dimi from Sydney, Australia


An update, about eight month later, after the gentleman had successful colon surgery:

"My father has been in excrutiating pain since his operation, for months. He was admitted back into the hospital after his operation for 3 weeks to investigate where the pain was coming from. They couldn't provide  an answer. They said that he was probably going to have to live with the pain for the rest of his life.

My father started on the edible clay and his pain is gone!!!! He is like new, and happy again. We are so happy that finally there is a solution for the pain!"

       - Dimi from Sydney, Australia

Calcium Bentonite Clay for Ankle Sprain & Inflammation

"I am writing to you in regards to the Calcium Bentonite Clay that we purchase for practioner use in our clinic.

"My Business partner and I have more than 15 years experience between us working with acute and chronic sporting injuries in athletes and sporting teams throughout Australia. Without a doubt I can categorically say that the Calcium Bentonite Clay Therapy, combined with the use of the TDP heat lamp, is the most effective and fastest way of treating the acute phases of swelling I have every worked with or seen. In the last month alone I have treated four cases of swollen ankle with the Bentonite Clay, and in each case found that swelling had completely subsided after the first session.

"I would greatly encourage any practitioner looking to enhance their clinics ability to treat acute injuries to look at working with Calcium Bentonite Clay Therapy in conjunction with the TDP far infrared heat lamps."

James Meredith from Fluid Health Management Systems, Australia

Clay Used Externally to Heal a Mucous Cyst from Osteoarthritis

Finger Healed with Clay

"These pictures are the before (left), during (center) and after (right). We did kind of all of the above: clay packs (a couple over night, I wrapped the fingers), clay baths and internal clay!

"Honestly, I was shocked to see the finger get better so quickly- if you look at the dates, it's less than a month to complete recovery... when those type of sores from arthritis had been there for many, many months. In fact I should have taken pictures of his thumb.

"The doctor practically mutilated his thumb by digging from the base of his nail down to his knuckle, pulling out this horrid gooey "stuff" that the doctor said had "feelers". Gross... and painful. So when this thing started to appear on my dad's pinky he was quite disheartened at the prospect of pain. ANY movement of that finger at all sent him through the roof. 
"If you ask him today- he has NO pain."

- L.S.

Supplement Use - Improved Sleep from Using Clay

"I wanted to tell you about the benefits I have already seen from my use of clay...  I have been drinking the basic dose twice a day for a month, then once a day.  Almost immediately after beginning this, I started sleeping very soundly through the night, waking only perhaps once or twice briefly; I am normally plagued by insomnia.  I have also been having dreams on a regular basis."

- L. W.

Clay Use and Tooth Aches

"Another benefit from the clay has been for pain relief from toothaches.  I have had a cracked jaw tooth for several years that did not cause me any trouble at all.  Last Sunday it began to throb intermittently, and by Monday the pain had spread to a tooth above it in the upper jaw, which radiated all the way to my front teeth.

"Sunday night I went to bed with a clay pack wrapped in a piece of gauze and had no pain during the night.  I continued to use packs all day Monday and Tuesday, but as I developed an irritated place on my gums (probably due to at first using dry gauze and clay), so I stopped leaving it in at night and used 3-4 packs during the day, with a couple of hours of no packs in between, wetting both the clay and the piece of paper towel I wrapped it in before inserting into my mouth. 

"During this time I also used salt water rinses (sea salt), and did oil pulling with coconut oil several times a day.  By Thursday morning the throbbing and aching were completely gone, but both teeth were extremely sore and tender to the touch, so that I could not put solid food in my mouth, even if I chewed on the opposite side, so I went with liquids (mostly purchased kefir) all day.  I happened to make a trip to my nearest health food store (100 miles away) on Thursday (yesterday), and I picked up some Sovereign Silver.  I had prepared several small packs for my mouth to take with me, and I poured a little silver into the jar with the packs and applied them throughout the day, as well as occasionally used a salt water rinse between stops as I shopped. 

"By the end of the day, the cracked tooth was not tender or painful in any way, and it continues to feel well this morning.  The upper tooth is much less tender this morning (not painful at all), and I expect it to feel healed by bedtime tonight.  I should also mention that frequently throughout the day Thursday I used visualization (imagined hydrogen peroxide "boiling" out the bacteria that was causing the pain), any time I felt a little pain coming on, and immediately I would feel a drainage from my sinuses go down my throat and the pain would disappear, so I have kept up that visualization to hopefully completely eradicate the infections.  I plan to continue the salt water rinses, the oil pulling, the clay/silver packs and the visualization in hopes of avoiding a huge dental bill that I simply cannot afford at this time!"

- L. W.

Another Clay Healing

"Good Morning Jason,

"I wanted to let you know that I bumped into my friend the other day at the grocery store. Her mother had had an ulceration on her ankle that they had been treating for over a year and were unable to heal.

"The doctor wanted to amputate her foot but she had heard of the clay from another friend of mine and was able to get the wound clinic to agree to use it and they were able to heal her wound and save her
foot. I only wish I had pictures to show others because her wound was 5 inches long and very deep.

"Thank you for all your help and suggestions.

Sincerely, D."

Hi D. ... this happens all the time, and I love to hear about these kinds of success stories!


Buruli/Barnsdale Ulcer/Infection Cured with Clay

View our photo illustration of a buruli ulcer cured with clay here: Buruli Ulcer / Barnsdale Ulcer Cured with Green Desert Clay.

Cyst Healed with Clay

"...As an aside, I have used your green clay on a cyst before. It was a rather large cyst on my son’s face. Traditional treatment wasn’t working so my son said let’s try the clay. He was very skeptical that it would work. He would apply poultice’s on the cyst in the evening. On the third evening the cyst came out. It was a little unnerving but he felt so much better. And it healed beautifully. Previous to this he been to two doctors, two dentists, two courses of antibiotics without any progress what so ever.


"My best to you, and our whole family really appreciates your wonderful clay products!"

- Lucinda


Experiences From Japan
Kae from MotherEarthProjects.com


Kae Hada, an avid clay disciple, studies and uses our favorite green desert clay in Japan, as well as providing clay to those interested.

"I give seminars in Tokyo introducing people to the benefits of using green clay. I started presenting these seminars right after the devastating tsunami hit Japan, causing the radiation nightmare we've all been dealing with since the failure of our nuclear reactor(s).

"For me personally, about 1 month after the disaster, I experienced a very severe sore throat and persistent headache. My throat was so bad it was bleeding. I decided to try using clay. I did a 1.5 hour clay bath, and gargled with clay water.

"My headache completely stopped after about 10 minutes in the bath tub and it hasn't come back (it's now been three years).

"The bleeding in my throat stopped completely, but it came back 3 weeks later. I once again gargled with clay water and the bleeding stopped. I now gargle clay water regularly, as I live in Tokyo, and many of us believe the city is contaminated.

"At first, the clay bath turned brown once I was done bathing. It definitely showed that oxidized heavy metals were being eliminated. I took a clay bath once a week for a while, and after the 3rd or 4th bath, the color of the bath stopped turning brown.

"Surprised with the profound effect of the clay, I started giving the seminars about detoxification ( I combined clay therapy with other natural therapies, as well).

"Soon thereafter, the seminar attendees began sending me a lot of mail/email, also sharing their surprise with how effective clay baths were.

  • Some said that it relieves their itchiness of atopy.
  • Some said that they found back pain relief.
  • Some said that it helped them sleep better.
  • Some said that their skin problems were gone.
  • Many people said it cured their sprains.
  • Many people said that it it made their bodies warm again.
  • Everyone said that it removes dirt from pores.
  • Everyone agreed that clay baths were extremely relaxing

"I think that clay has a very pure and strong energy. and for many reasons. We should all come to know this blessing from the earth. We shouldn't waste it, and we should make it available for the people who are in real need!

"I think that I will keep giving my seminars, and probably as my life's work!

"Thank you Jason and eytonsearth.org for keeping this precious knowledge, and teaching and making this important web site!"


Another Clay Disciple...

"I stumbled upon the use of therapeutic clay by accident awhile back.  I ordered your signature clay back in March and I have eaten it (I also eat Terramin clay) and bathed in it regularly since. 

"The results are amazing.  Varicose veins in my legs are almost gone.  I have had two blackheads on my back that have been there for 30 years and have been popped so many times that  scar tissue developed in the surrounding area.  The blackheads are gone and the scar tissue is almost gone.  My skin's feel and appearance have improved dramatically. 

"There are also benefits that are difficult pinpoint, such as heavy metals removal and radiation counter-action (since so much produce comes from the west coast which is exposed to Fukashima radiation).   

"I bought your book and read it in one day... I have nothing but good things to say about your products and service."

-Jim M


Good Results for Pain Relief - Rottweiler Dog

"I am pleased to share the results of the Green Desert Clay applications for my 8 year old male Rottweiler. At age 7.5 he developed osteosarcoma of the bone. After several weeks of chemo and  radiation, my pet was doing fine, until the vet felt he could use a little more chemo.

"I went ahead with treatment. Afterwards, I noticed my pet's right leg was swollen. The reason: Phlebitis. He could not walk on the leg without groaning.  I was very upset. The vet gave me antibiotics, and pain medications.

"For three days my companion was in a lot of pain and depressed; I could not touch him. The pain meds seemed not to help, even though I had topped out at all the dosages. I couldn't even  get  the dog back into the car to go to the vet he was in so much pain.

"I had already ordered the Desert Clay because I had thoughts of using it for his osteosarcoma. I prepared the clay as directed, and that night placed it on my dog's leg. In the morning my dog was able to get out of bed without us coaxing him. He was energetic and it appeared to us that his pain had been relieved.

"After the second application he was even more energetic, but groaned a little when he arose that morning. I think the clay still needs more time to work. I am, however,  happy with the beginning results and look forward to continue usage of this product. I also had great  guidance from Jason. He was resourceful, quick to reply, and empathic to me and my best friend's need.

"I must say I was skeptical , but this product has put away my doubts .. I encourage dog owners to at least give your pet a chance with this product, if your pet has any aliments!"

        -Regina T

Other Technical Research Documents


Clay Mineralogy Report / Analysis - Typical Analysis - Clay Mineralogy Report

Clay Certificate of Analysis - Clay Certificate of Analysis - December 2017

MSDS - Material Data Safety Sheet - Clay MSDS

Storage and Handling - How to handle and store clay

Complete Elemental Analysis - Typical Analysis, September 2017

How to find bentonite and other healing clays...
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Michael Bonner
Sep 2017
Michael Bonner says...

I really appreciate the work you do! If possible please answer these questions: Does it matter if metal spoons are used to stir clay into water before drinking it? Would plastic spoons be better? And does it matter what temperature the water is when you mix clay into it for drinking? Thanks!


Greetings, Michael:

Yes, it is best to avoid prolonged contact between clay and metal alloys.  Using a plastic spoon to stir with is a better idea.

Oct 2015
First Poster
Colby (Gunnison Co) says...
Great page! I see it's been updated since last I checked. Also, heads up: MSDS link seems to be broken. Thanks Jason!
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