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Digestive System Recovery Program

Restoring Weak and Sluggish Digestion
Detoxification & Cleansing

Digestive System & Detox
Toxicity from Mal absorption/Re-absorbtion / Pivotal Point: Circulation


How to find bentonite and other healing clays...

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  The science of clays is an emmense subject to tackle; one can get a PHD in clay science. The chemistry of clays is also a specialty field, especially studying clay as a colloid. One may thus also get a PHD specializing in colloidal chemistry. To understand the vast world of clay, as it applies to natural medicine and biochemistry and biological sciences, one would require an understanding of both specialized sciences. Skeptical? See the fantastic research of Sandia National Laboratories and other clay science research.



Eytons' Earth Digestion Restoration & Detox Program
Information about Joining the Cooperative, Comprehensive Digestion System Recovery & Detox Support & Study Group

Eytons' Earth is looking for 10 to 20 pioneers to help form, implement and support an email list group dedicated to finish developing a comprehensive system to restore poor/sluggish digestion, completely detoxify the body, and then sustain vibrant health.

Interested individuals should presently have mild to severe issues with sluggish digestion and detoxification, and be able and willing to:

  • work within an established but evolving framework
  • be very interested in natural and alternative medicine, including herbology, balneology, clay therapy, etc.
  • regularly participate in the list group (NO lurkers)
  • make herbal preparations, juices and other formulations as needed
  • be positive-energy oriented
  • have a desire to help others having helped themselves

The program is a DIY/Do it Yourself Program for individuals with impaired and sluggish digestion resulting in moderate to severe detoxification issues. It is NOT:

  • for individuals with "hot and angry" digestive systems
    • with issues such as stomach ulcerations or fiery acidic diarrhea; frequent vomiting problems
  • for individuals with super over-reactive immune systems
    • i.e. one who cannot tolerate substances like garlic, sulfur, lemon and spices
  • A treatment program for Lyme disease or other chronic infections
    • However this doesn't mean that such individuals are excluded from participation
  • A treatment program for cancer

This program is also NOT a replacement for kidney cleanses, liver cleanses, fasting or other comprehensive "seasonal" cleansing programs. Rather, this system is designed to "plug into" one's daily life.

Remember, this is a comprehensive program which entails quite a bit of work to implement.

Concerning medications: We have no way to know what pharmacological interactions may or may not occur with this program. Individuals on medications should utilize these methods with the understanding that it could affect how medications are metabolized in the body, and exercise due caution.

How to find bentonite and other healing clays...

This do it yourself system to recover digestive function is being presented due to the fact that most doctors and health practitioners won't (or can't) recommend a program powerful or comprehensive enough to work on problematic and chronic conditions. It is designed to give the astute individual the knowledge and experience needed to navigate complex and tough chronic conditions, with increasing levels of depth perception coupled with an ever-increasing ability to apply creativity based on sound principles.

This is an open-ended system, and not a closed system. Every person has unique needs and unique problems to deal with. All of the suggestions/protocols are geared toward accomplishing very specific tasks. While these tasks must be accomplished for success, our methodologies are simply ways we have found to accomplish the desired goals. They are not the only methods in existence!

As a do it yourself program, every individual is responsible for evaluating the methods to determine if they are the right personal choices. Interested individuals are strongly encouraged to understand the principles behind the methods, so that one can use one's own good judgment and apply any necessary modifications to meet one's own very personal needs.

How to find bentonite and other healing clays...


Phase I: Preparation

In this phase, individuals will perform a series of at-home tests and correct issues such as pH and electrolyte imbalances and mineral depletion, and do some initial blood/liver cleansing to prepare the body for more comprehensive detoxification.

Individuals will need to purchase basic supplies for testing and correcting issues.

The estimated time frame to complete Phase I will be one to four months.

This phase is completely quantifiable using simple tests; both the framework and the protocols are complete.

Phase II: Digestive System Stabilization and Detoxification

In this phase, individuals will need to learn how to make their own herbal preparations, as well as have access to a masticating juicer.

In this phase, the first goal is to stabilize/normalize digestive system function while amping up the body's own detoxification system, and then challenging it.

This phase involves using binders and detoxification agents as well as digestive system stimulants in the form of herbal tinctures and fresh juices.

Circulation stimulation is a key focus, as well as up-regulating the glutathione system (the body's own innate oxidation/antioxidant system).

In this phase, protocols are broken down into levels: basic, advanced, and "health warrior"; individuals will choose the level one feels most comfortable with for each protocol.

Challenges involved in this phase:

  • Dosages
    • Finding the lowest effective dose of substances used is highly individualized based on metabolic function, state of health, gender, etc.; standardization is not possible.
  • Detox Reaction Barriers
    • Managing possible detox reactions will be easy for some, and difficult for others

This phase also involves basic exercise, including breathing techniques, and at least 30 minutes of some form of movement therapy daily.

This phase also involves hot and cold therapy.

The framework for Phase II has been completed, but the protocols are still in the modification process. Individuals who are ready to work on Phase II will be testing ideas and procedures, with adjustments to be made as needed.

Phase III: Infection Control / Free Radical Damage Repair and Strength/Health Building

Phase III is broken down into two sets:

1. Those still dealing with suspected chronic infectious conditions who feel the need for more immune system building and further reduction of pathogenic insults.

2. Those ready for health building and free radical damage repair.

Phase III involves challenging the body's antioxidant system and adding additional antioxidant-system support (both are required). It also adds a further layer of detoxification.

Phase III will be developed cooperatively with those who have completed Phase II

Phase IV: Anti-aging

Phase four is the graduate stage where members will explore maximizing quality of life.

Please note that there is a separate email list group for each phase, and those who have completed each phase are expected to stay on the previous list to provide encouragement and support to those still working on issues.

All lists are private and include archives available only to members. The list server is run on our own private server.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be required to go on a special/restricted diet?

No. Different people will have vastly different dietary requirements. Healthy eating is strongly encouraged. Individuals, based on individual needs, may elect to choose an eating program such as an anti-candida diet or GAPS diet, but this choice is left up to the individual.

Phase I does not focus on eating habits except for those suffering from a serious candida overgrowth.

Phase II requires an individual place a great deal of focus on dietary habits, with the solitary purpose of eating foods that one's body has the ability to digest. This does not directly include a specific eating ideology, but it does require eliminating chemicals from the diet (overly processed foods, chemical sweetners, etc.), and individuals are strongly encouraged to eat high quality foods.

Individuals will be required to experiment in order to find a method of eating that enduces digestive system healing while providing the needed nutrients for optimal health.

Is this program expensive?

The answer to that question is quite relative. When successfully completed, this program is being designed to deliver results that people often easily spend $60,000 - $100,000 to accomplish (or even fail to accomplish).

This program, as a cooperative endevour of people helping people, is designed with cost control as a serious priority. For example, the act of making one's own herbal preperations is a money saving principle.

That said, the ingredients and items used, in order to be effective, must be of the highest quality. For example, phase III requires the use of three lipisomal products, and lipisomal supplements are not cheap. However, contrast this to the cost of hiring an alternative medical doctor to do IV drips at an average cost of $150.00 per treatment.

Are there risks involved?

There are always risks involved in making changes to one's lifestyle. However, by utilizing common sense and going at one's own pace, these risks are minimal, especially when contrasted with the risks associated with the pharmacology based medical system.

How do I Join?

Please fill out the form below. Please also keep in mind that we have a limited number of slots available.

Also, please be certain to check your email spam folder for messages from the eytonsearth.org domain. You may have to "white list" our email addresses to prevent messages from being flagged as junk or spam.




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