A Few External Clay Uses


Inexperienced therapeutic clay users may be surprised at how versatile and effective clay can be, even with many conditions that defy all other forms of therapy. Below are a few recent examples and ideas for the external application of clays.

Unexplained, Localized Skin Lesions

One user reports that after about five months of continued problems with unidentified skin lesions, a few clay packs solved the problem readily.

Lesions Before Clay Therapy

Lesions after a Single Clay Pack

In this case, it is easy to see how a one hour clay pack pulled either the contaminant(s), or the infection, to the surface. The hydrated clay poultice literally and quite visibly caused the primary lesion to raise measurably above the skin level.

The individual only did one day of clay therapy, and then forgot about it. Since the clay often removes all discomfort, itching, and pain, for this individual, it was “out of pain, out of mind”. The individual noticed a week or so later that all of the strange lesions were gone. Such an amazing coincidence! :o)

Clay Pack / Poultice Used

Above is a picture of the first clay pack used. Notice the area in the upper right hand quadrant? Even though this part of the clay was not on the primary lesion, it is evident that the clay action was more pronounced at the edge of the clay pack. How can one tell? First, the clay is much more moist than the surrounding clay, second, often times tiny concentric circles will open up in the clay (all the way through the clay, although sometimes this cannot be seen unless the clay pack is removed very gently). This is why we always recommend that one place the clay on the body overlapping the treatment site to ensure the best results with clay.

Blistering Sun Burns

A user reported a blistering sun burn on the forehead was healed by applying hydrated green clay to the sunburn, and left on for four hours. The individual missed a small patch. When the clay was removed, only the missed patch was red and irritated. When clay is applied as soon as one notices the sunburn, it seems that a lot of cellular damage can be halted, and quickly. Another amazing placebo.

When using clay on a sunburn, we recommend that one not allow thick clay to dry on the skin. Instead, have a spray/spritzer bottle full of rose water, clean water, or colloidal silver pre-prepared. Every once and awhile, spray the area a few times, just enough to keep the clay nice and moist.

Search all you’d like, there is no better way to heal any type of burn than with a good quality therapeutic clay.

Herpes (Genital and Oral)

Several users report that a clay pack applied to the area and left on for at least one hour per clay pack quickly a) removed the pain and irritation b) resulted in rapid healing of the lesions and c) resulted in less frequent breakouts. While clay is not a cure for this virus, RELIGIOUS application of hydrated clay during an outbreak does seem to cause less and less frequent breakouts, until they cease altogether. However, this only applies “cart blanche” to people with normally functioning immune systems.

Strange Skin Problems

When a problem is isolated to a particular part fo the body, clay packs / poultices work excellently. However, when a problem occurs all over the body, or at multiple points, clay packs are often too difficult and inconvenient to use.

Combining pelotherapy (healing with earths) and balneotherapy (healing with waters) is often successful, although it may take some time to reverse chronic conditions due to toxicity and/or pathogenic organisms.

The most successful treatment modality by far is ozonated clay baths loaded with natural sea minerals (mineral salts). One prepares a clay bath with at least one cup of clay (10 lbs. is far better), at least one cup of sea minerals, preferably at least four cups, and then bubble ozone beneath the body while the body is submerged in the water.

A good ozonated clay bath should last from between 15 and 45 minutes. Heat assists in cleansing, although is not necessary. If possible, individuals should consider taking at least three ozonated clay baths weekly.

Ozone Ultrasonic Bath – Hospital in Taipei – Spinal Therapy

Bed Sores

Clay often rapidly heals bed sores, even stage 3/4 ulcerations, quite rapidly (sometimes as little as 7-10 days), even with terminally ill individuals. Wet clay should be applied liberally to the area affected, then secured either with a dressing, or with a cloth wrap.

A Few External Clay Uses
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A Few External Clay Uses
This article explores a few interesting external uses for therapeutic clay.
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