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The Tecopia Essentia Earth Cures blog is written by me, Jason R. Eaton; just another being sailing through the sea of time on this tumultuous, wondrous Earth.

I’m a rather eclectic fellow with nearly twenty-five years of independent research experience into the realm of alternative and natural medicine. Based on the work I’ve produced over last few decades, it might be surprising for some people to learn that I’m actually not a health nut.

My motivation for researching and exploring alternatives is multifaceted but quite specific. First off, life circumstances has always thrown me, sometimes quite unwilling, into the midst of chaos. A refusal to accept things at face value has always led me in a quest for increasing levels of depth perception. This is true with all endeavors in my life. Necessity being the mother of invention, I have always elected to employ as much creativity in problem solving as possible.

Second, I learned at a very, very young age (starting at about the age of 12) that the mind is terrible thing and must be stopped at all costs! I learned that if I’m not involved in problem solving at a very deep level, employing both creativity and analytical discipline, that my life would become greatly imbalanced. The mundane was too boring to hold my attention for long. I quickly learned through the study of meditation and concentration that it would take me decades to master the ever-wandering mind. Keeping my entire being focused on dynamic, productive endeavors has been the key to avoiding self-destruction. Quite selfish, I know!

Third, my spiritual leanings and studies have ingrained a sense of deep responsibility for the suffering of others. I’m an idealist at heart, and having discovered something of benefit, I have always felt an obligation to do my part to make the world a better place. In fact, I can’t stand to see others needlessly suffer, no matter the surrounding circumstances.

And last, as noted author Richard Bach once realized:  We teach best what we most need to learn.

Although I’ve written a book and over sixty or seventy articles related to natural health, alternative medicine, and a few articles on meditation and concentration, I’ve only published a very small amount of the research I’ve conducted. For example, I spent three years dedicated to the personal research of the paranormal and the study of many of the more authentic spiritual traditions of the world. It is unlikely that I’ll ever place to pen to paper and write about many of the things I learned and experienced during this time!

I have deep and profound respect for what I consider to be the authentic religious and spiritual traditions of the world. However, and this may at first seem contradictory, I also have a deep and profound respect for the intellectual philosophies of the world, which are often considered devoid of spirituality. The apparent contradiction is “solved” if one considers that it is not possible to suppress the spirit of humanity, and every being walking this planet has faith in something. Be it Taoism or existentialism, Catholicism or Hermeticism, I’m endlessly fascinated at how humanity works to understand the world in which we all live, and how Peoples have developed systems and ideologies to move humanity forward to a more prosperous and balanced state of being. I don’t have to agree with another’s personal beliefs to have an appreciation of their perspective.

Conversely, I have absolutely no tolerance for political rhetoric, prejudice, and cruelty. I also learned at a young age that when the people of a society decide that change is warranted, change comes. The same may be said for us as individuals.

When cornered (not an easy task!), and I feel I have to make a statement about my political leanings, I respond with: “I’m a conservative liberal libertarian.” Needless to say, there are not many politicians running that match that description!

It’s very hard to earn my vote; I prefer to vote with my wallet and my attention/intention.

I much prefer to sail in the realm of ideas and creative expression as I stumble my way through this life. I’ve always believed that life is about living, and living life has always been a great challenge for me personally. I’m pretty much backwards to how this world operates, but with much persistence and dedication, I’ve managed to somehow carve my way through the obstacles presented, and have thus far been the better for it all!

My greatest ambition is to peel away all fear, living this life in this very moment, in love with all that IS, among those I cherish most, doing those things which challenge me, bring joy to those I love, and bring a deep contentment to my own inner self, while allowing the universe to reveal what comes next (and without my conscious interference).




Interesting “Tid Bits”


My first introdution into herbology was at the age of 13.  While hiking out in the high desert of Northern Nevada, I came upon a Shoshone or Washo Native American woman who was pulling up some sort of a plant growing along the hillside.  I asked her what she was doing, and she told me that these lushly green, strange stalks made an excellent tea, which she called squaw tea.  I was fascinated with this plant due to the fact that there wasn’t much green foliage in this part of the desert, yet this plant seemed to defy convention, which I liked.

She handed me a stalk and told me to chew on it, which I did.  It had a strong but pleasant taste.  I joined her in her wild crafting efforts, and lugged home a big bunch of stalks, which I now know were of the genus Ephedra.  It was a very long trek home to be carrying a big bundle of stalks, but I was determined to try out this Tuttumpin.  The lady told that the proper way to make the tea was to soak it in spring water out in the sun for a day (“sun tea”).

My mother made sun tea all of the time using Lipton tea bags.  I thought she would be pleased at my discovery.  Usually, when I thought my mother would be pleased at something, what I should have thought was “freaked out”.  I was always bringing something strange home from my travels.

Undeterred, I proceeded to start chewing on a stalk before she could protest.  From that moment on, I always had a fresh batch of tea brewing during that summer!


I didn’t revisit the art and science of herbology until my early 20’s, where I would wild craft chaparral as both a tea and a skin treatment ointment.  I then studied several herbal disciplines, including (of course) the work of Raymond Dextreit.

I get annoyed when I see people sporting the title “Master Herbalist”.  I don’t see how it is even remotely possible to achieve this title.  I prefer more honest titles such as “Master of Cayenne”, or “Master of Chaparral”; there are far too many medicinal plants in the world to master them in one lifetime!

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18 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Hello Jason,

    I have read some of the material on your website and found out about your blog just today. I share many of your views and interests, though at a very basic level of lnowledge and expertise compared to you.
    I also am interested in spirituality and medicine and also find it difficult functioning normally unless my mind is dealing with some intellectual endeavour. Concerning meditation – I was never able to meditate properly – it always made me angry 🙂 I then read someone saying that meditation isn’t quite suited for the ever-in-movement western mind and the better practice for us westerners is contemplation, a less strict method, allowing the mind to rotate around one subject, in any direction it wishes – it is very much like what you wrote about keeping your mind busy with some theme or project.
    I have quite a few things to write ( do you know Gurdjieff ? Idries Shah ? Surat Shabda Yoga ? ) but mainly would like your advice on something I am dealing with : I have, as I said earlier, been interested in different kinds of medicine and reached a point where I feel I have to study it in a more formal/systematic manner. I have been especially intrigued by homeopathy but the fact that they do not teach nutrition ( which I think is of critical importance ) makes it difficult for me to begin studying it. The three things that I see a possibility learning are naturopathy, ancient chinese medicine ( not exactly TCM, but a more ancient form called Stems&Branches ) and homeopathy. I know that any field of study doesn’t end when you have finished school and that one has to always learn more but I would like to ask your opinion, if thats ok, as to which field you think I should start with ?

    Thank you for your time,


    1. Hi Robert:

      Just food for thought:

      Meditation is the Yin and Concentration is the Yang (Contemplation is the Union of these two principles).

      One doesn’t happen without the other, and both are natural processes that we, as beings, use naturally, although we are not necessarily DISCIPLINED in their use!

      Many, many years ago I used to teach meditation, specifically to “problem meditators”. The idea is to find a meditation method best suited to the individual mind. Boiled down to its metaphysical root, meditation is nothing more than the sacred ability to LISTEN, which is a feminine/passive principle. Stated in this manner, the question readily becomes: What does one listen TO, and what does one listen WITH?

      So when you start to quiet the mind, and peel away illusion, and as your mind starts to try to exit TIME/SPACE experience, the ego responds with its own experience of truth. Your experience of ANGER when attempting to meditate is a very authentic experience, and demonstrates that you were in fact “doing it” correctly.

      …all of that said, I don’t recommend people meditate or don’t meditate. People are drawn to what they need most when they most need it. Enlightenment itself is just another temporal illusion: A human understanding of something that is really actually self-evident. Enlightenment for the sake of itself is just as empty as any other human endevour motivated by seperation and experienced in time and space.

      I would strongly recommend authentic Chinese medicine… mainly because it is something I’d like to personally persue. However, we are limited by the teachings and teachers we have access to. Americanized Chinese medicine is not very authentic, and often not very effective. The most important things I’ve personally discovered, I have discovered quite by accident while pursuing some authentic passion or involved in some quest.

      …as such, let me recommend to you the book “Healing Art of Qi Gong”, by Grandmaster Hong Liu (click here)… not that I endorse his institute or practice, but his book is QUITE revealing on what can be accomplished using ancient Chinese practices, and authentic Qi Gong is among the most authentic Traditions in the world.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Many years ago, around Summer 2003, a friend and I journeyed to Delight’s Hot Springs upon your recommendation. It is true that the water there was very wonderful ~ there were many characters too that peopled the experience. You had however, departed from there before I could make your acquaintance.

    Now many years later, I am redrawn to your work, as I have begun using mud clay packs for healing, as recommended by Premier Research Labs. What has brought me back to your website however is the need to balance my electrolytes and minerals. I am in the throes of a chronic health situation, and have discovered once again that there are many mineral imbalances present. This has been confirmed through a recent hair analysis done by ARL Labs. My sodium reading is at 4.0 and the potassium is also at 4.0. This is low and there is an inverse in their ratios.

    Simultaneously to finding your information on balancing electrolytes, I have also discovered the website of Dr. Sircus. I am thinking of making the magnesium bicarbonate water you suggest, as well as buying the 10 times roasted bamboo salt and doing the mineral balancing.

    At the same time, I have been sick for many years and am attempting to manage the clearing of several layers of infection. There is a lot going on, and I am in need of guidance.

    What I basically wish to ask you is if you have any advice to give me in finding the right support to manage getting well. I am being led to do a consult with Dr. Sircus. I’d like to know if through all your “hands on” experience, if you think making my own magnesium bicarbonate water will be equal to the one he would recommend buying. I need to plan for the best use of resources possible ~ As well, have you or anyone you know ever worked with Dr. Sircus? I am very interested in getting well and need to streamline my approach so I can best manage my resources with my needs.

    Thanks so much Jason for your wonderful websites and commitment to sharing your work with others so freely. It is a true gift to receive all that you put out, and I will keep you posted on how what I learn from following some of these protocols works out.

    Blessings on your journey,


    1. Hi Catheryn:

      Thanks for writing, I appreciate hearing from you.

      Regarding Sircus, I have read much of what he has written on his websites, and have enjoyed many of his articles. I do not, however, have any experience working with him.

      THe first things I advise focusing on is mastering mineral/electrolyte balance, as well as digestion. Remember that most of the immune system resides in the gut. Many well intentioned and authentic protocols simply will not work if serious issues exist with minerals/pH and impaired digestion.

      Blessings to you as well!


  3. Jason,

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us what you have discovered. Your webmaterial is a nugget of information, which I am now going through and learning.

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Jason,

    I stumbled on your article searching the net looking for help for my chronically ill son. Thank you for your information on mineral and PH balance leading to homeostasis. I’m going to use your protocol in an effort to help him. Responding to your spiritual comments, I found my answer in true Christianity. I say “true Christianity” because man has co-opted Christianity and turned it into religion. Religion is simply man’s failed attempts to win the approval of God, which in turn displays the ugliness of man rather than the beauty of God. True Christianity recognizes that God is the author and finisher of our faith. As part of his creation, we are all loved by him unconditionally. As new creatures in union with him we participate in his divine plan to restore and reconcile all things to Jesus Christ. A renewed universe. (2 Cor. 5:17-20)

  5. This journey called life is definitely Interesting moment by moment. I happened upon your blog because I was researching bentonite. I have suffered from insomnia since is was 16, I am 37 now and as I realize in this moment I am awake most nights because my mind is searching for knowledge. I have a seeking spirit besides I contemplate every angle a situation til I drive myself insane. I am also an empath which I used to absorb others energies now I have a clearer ground as to be mindful of myself and others. We share a ton of commonalities It is refreshing to see a blog that actually I can relate to the writer and the writings. I am wondering since you have a wondering seeking mind what forms of meditation have you happened upon that were beneficial for you?

    1. …I’ve studied many different forms of meditation. It really depends upon your personal preference and needs. If a person has no health challenges, and wants an in-depth view, I recommend getting a copy of “Meditation”, by Mouni Sadhu.

      However, if an individual has health challenges, then I recommend studying (very specifically) Jose Silva’s relaxtion method. ONLY his 3-1 exercise. Once you have mastered this method (it takes about six months of daily practice), then you can use this method first to enter a deep state of relaxation, and then utilize breathing exercises like 4 stage pranayama, or do any other form of meditation.

  6. Good Day Jason,
    I have scoured the internet over the last several years regarding water. I have not resonated with any discussion more that yours. I currently am working on a project to create a cartridge for my friend and partner Richard of Richards custom water and Richards Living water. I recently tried Real Water and find that I get a pleasant hi. I have not tried the concentrate but plan to. I hope to achieve ‘Real Water’ like water via a cartridge and then add some energetic components to it via special crystals – Anchi crystals. This is an inspired project and I want it to be high vibrational for sure! I appreciate any input you have. I have tried a few cartridge’s that do result in a negative ORP and alkaline, but they give me a jittery high and if I drink them for a few days my digestion goes into failure mode – especially if I drink the water before bed. I do have a weak digestive system ( long topic). Anyways, I look forward to your insights and appreciate your work. I did subscribe to your news letter and look forward to hearing more from you!! Kindest Regards, Marianne

  7. Hello, My wife and I took 1 table spoon of bentonite clay at about 5pm on 4-12-2017. We both woke up feeling hot that same night at about 1am. It is now 2am as I am writing you. We bought some food-grade clay off Amazon.

    I am very concerned right now, can you help?

    1. Greetings, Brian:

      While not exactly common, I’ve seen this reaction before.

      This usually occurs when some sort of medication has built up in the liver. Things like cold and flu medicine, sinus medication, etc. can be stored in a concentrated form in the body. Clay use internally acts as a detox catalyst, and one can experience temporary effects of this process. The longest reaction I’ve seen is 3 days.

      Once the symptoms have passed (give the body a break for a few days), take 1/2 tsp. of clay first thing in the morning mixed in 500 ML of water (as much water as you are comfortable drinking).

      During the day, make certain to keep hydrating the body. You can do some simple things to encourage liver/blood cleansing, such as drinking lemon water (juice made with 1/4 lemon added into a glass of water).

  8. Hey Jason! Love the new website stuff and info page! Was just browsing out of curiosity today, since I recently turned back to healing clay therapy for digestive health (and so far so good). Hope you’re doing well and stay well!

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