Alkalizing and Balancing the Body’s Minerals || When Diet and Mineral Supplements are not Enough


Did you know that a truly healthy human being has saliva on demand, and that the saliva, to the individual, tastes like fresh and clean spring water, with just a hint of an electrical charge?

Did you know that eating a balanced and a healthy diet rich in minerals is no guarantee that those same minerals are utilized where they are needed most: at the cellular level?

In my musings on human health, I often picture degeneration of living beings as a bio-electric condition. That’s one reason why I’ve spent so much time studying the works of medical research professionals such as Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD., who noticed and documented the relationship between tissue/bone healing and minute electrical currents flowing through the body. Electrical impulses, be they a “current of injury” or impulses used for nerve communication, are a vital part of any living system’s proper function. I suspect that this is true far more so than is currently accepted by mainstream science.

Rene Quinton was a researcher from France and often considered a national hero. He achieved a great deal of recognition by demonstrating that using something as simple as sea water could, if administered properly, reverse even the worst cases of chronic degeneration in the human body. I strongly recommend interested individuals click on the case history link available here, and study the philosophy and discoveries documented by medical researchers: Rene Quinton.

In fact, I once had the opportunity to experience Quinton Plasma therapy in the form of subcutaneous injections, done to halt and reverse the degeneration of the spine. This involves inserting eight needles beneath the skin (along the spine) and injecting large quantities (relatively speaking) of sterile and pristine sea plasma over a period close to an hour. It was a very interesting experience, one I would not refer to as necessarily pleasant. However, it is a very effective therapy. The alkaline sea minerals, balanced perfectly by nature, are slowly adsorbed into the body’s tissues over a period of about twenty-four hours.

Although Quinton et al primarily focused on the effects of the sea plasma on the blood and lymph system, with a focus on minerals, I quickly realized the potential of these types of therapies to help correct the body’s bioelectric system as well, which must be dysfunctional when serious electrolyte and mineral imbalances are present. I hypothesize that perhaps some auto-immune conditions have a strong link to bio-electric problems in the body. I hypothesize also that chemical signaling must rely ultimately upon the living system’s bio-electric system.

Many individuals, due to digestive system failure or simply excessive toxicity, have an extremely difficult time achieving the homeostasis Quinton placed so much emphasis on. In the presence of excessively acidic soft tissues and/or an acidic extracellular environment (or one that is balanced using the wrong minerals), minerals taken in the form of good food, or even in the form of supplements, are not effective, even if they are adsorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

I always use therapeutic clay as a cornerstone of natural medicine. However, I get a bit irritated when I view the countless websites claiming that therapeutic clay balances the pH. I also get irritated when I see so much focus placed on what minerals are in clay. All of these individuals completely miss the point of clay therapy and misunderstand what makes clay beneficial. Clay does not have sufficient alkaline minerals that become bio-available to reverse any serious case of acid/basic imbalance, even if used for years. I know, because I’ve actually done the testing and measuring. Yes, there is a slight benefit in the trace minerals that are found in clay, but it is far more affordable to simply purchase trace minerals by themselves.

I say this to remind readers that sea mineral and bicarb therapy is not a replacement for clay therapy, but rather, an excellent compliment to clay therapy. I also say this to point out the importance of this article, and emphasize that for individuals with chronic illness or degenerative disease, the basics of minerals, electrolytes and biochemistry is one thing that needs to be addressed before any other therapy will work as designed.

Below is a protocol I’ve developed based on extensive research. It provides a safe means to quickly (relatively speaking) flush the body of acidic waste, alkalize the body (within minutes), and deliver key trace minerals into the body in a balanced manner, and in a fashion that they become readily usable at a cellular level. The more the protocol is done, day after day, the closer the body comes to true homeostasis.

Supplies Needed

Good Drinking Water – Spring water, purified water, etc.  If you are not sure what to consider when evaluating water quality, read the blog post:  Water:  The Universal Solvent

Organic Lemons – The freshly squeezed juice of one to two lemons per “dose”. Organic is preferred, but regular lemons are acceptable.

If you already know that you are significantly mineral-depleted, then consider purchasing the highest quality lemon juice.  The lemon juice that I recommend is imported from Italy.  The lemon trees grow in volcanic-origin mineral-rich soil.  Lemon juice from these lemons is dozens of times better than organic lemons grown traditionally in the United States.  All that you have to do is compare the natural color and taste to see what lemon juice is supposed to be like. 

be like.  I recommend buying one “lot” of this lemon juice.  After you have used it all up, you can return to using “normal” organic lemons, if desired.

Lemon Juice:  Italian Volcano:  100% Organic Lemon Juice

Phour Salts
– Either high quality sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or, preferably, a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate. One source:

Young pHorever pHour Salts: pHour Salts
These salts work well. Please note, however, that magnesium bicarbonate ***only*** exists in aqueous form, and thus, this product is mislabeled. The Magnesium is likely magnesium chloride and the calcium is most likely calcium carbonate. In order to utilize magnesium bicarbonate, which is the critical bicarbonate along with sodium bicarb, 1 tsp of home-made magnesium bicarbonate can, and should, be added.

To save money, one can purchase the minerals separately, or use tri-salts. Simply add to the tri-salts, about 1/3 sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) powder, and add 1 tsp per dose of magnesium bicarbonate.

Bamboo Salt Roasted Nine Times

The highest quality , naturally occurring sea minerals – The best minerals to use, by far, is nine times roasted bamboo salt from Korea. The second best to use is three times roasted bamboo salt from Korea. The third best salt to use is Wright Salt. The fourth best to use is any edible, high quality sea mineral.
The original Insan Roasted Purple Bamboo Salt is our preferred source for roasted bamboo salt. Choose the Larger container of nine times roasted bamboo salt (from, or order it directly from (use the code eytonsearth at checkout for a 10% discount).

Accurate and easy to read pH testing strips: pH testing strips – Strips need to be carefully selected for quality, and should be in the range of 4.5 – 10.

Please remember that this protocol is going to cause significant changes to one’s biochemistry, and it will do so very quickly. There are other ways to balance minerals, but many of them take as long as one to two years, and provide only a “hit miss” method. For example, Body Balance Bio sells a taste-based testing kit which allows an individual to taste test for eight or nine key minerals. Based on the test results, one adds the minerals one needs back into one’s drinking water. By repeated testing and adjusting the minerals, one can eventually balance out.

Serious problems, however, occur with individuals in metabolic stress and those with chronic illness. Taking minerals, either as supplements or as a part of a natural healthy diet, does not guarantee they will become bio-available or correct a deficiency. With many individuals in the modern world, alkaline minerals are used up simply by neutralizing excess acidic waste in the body. Furthermore, many people have compromised digestive systems, with issues of malabsorption.

This protocol is not without potential side effects. It can cause increased pain, and minor gastrointestinal disturbance, common with sea mineral protocols in general. Individuals in renal failure should avoid sodium bicarbonates, and individuals with serious high blood pressure should always monitor the blood pressure carefully when using sodium bicarbonate, or avoid using it. Individuals with an abnormally high pH should not do this therapy.

The first step is to do a baseline saliva pH test. Using a pH testing strip, make note of the current saliva pH (avoid drinking acidic drinks, if possible, for a few hours prior to testing). Make note of the reading. The reading should be very close to pH neutral, 7.0. Individuals with acidic soft tissues, indicating a build up of acidic waste in the body, will read 6.5 and below. Ideally, one should test three to four times in a day.

Next, do a simple Vitamin C pH challenge test.

First, do a saliva pH test using one of the testing strips. Make a note of the pH.

Take a small amount of ascorbic acid powder (any vitamin C that is not buffered), mix it into a bit of drinking water, and take some of the solution into the mouth. Let it sit in the mouth for about 30 seconds. Then, swallow or spit it out. Rinse the mouth, or swallow three or four times. Test the new, fresh saliva once again.

The reading, in every single case, should be: Reading before Vit C: ~7.0. Reading after Vit C: ~7.5

If the first reading is below ~7.0, then the body lacks the proper alkaline minerals. Even if the reading is about 7.0, and the SECOND reading is not 7.5, then there is a problem. If the pH rises to about 8.0, the body is running short of alkaline minerals, but can probably maintain homeostasis. If the pH doesn’t increase to 7.5, the body is depleted.

Now, on to the corrective therapy. The eventual goal is to obtain ideal pH readings in subsequent testing.

First, always do a saliva test to establish a baseline. Then, squeeze the juice of one or two whole lemon into a clean, empty glass.

Add no less than ¼ teaspoonful, and no more than ½ teaspoonful, of bicarbonate powder to the lemon juice. Wait for the completion of the chemical reaction (wait for the fizzing to stop), swishing occasionally. Once the reaction has completely finished, add six to eight ounces of drinking water to the glass. Finally, add about 1 tsp of magnesium bicarbonate “water”. While the extra magnesium bicarbonate is not necessary, it’s highly recommended.

Next, dissolve ½ teaspoonful of balanced sea minerals on top of the tongue, allowing the minerals to dissolve completely with saliva. This allows the body to prepare a response for the minerals, and it allows the metal ions in the mineral blend to bind with metalloproteins.

Drink the glass of water, along with the sea minerals in the mouth. The water itself should taste flat as a result of the chemical reaction between the bicarbonate power and the acids in the lemon juice.

Wait five minutes, and retest the saliva. If desired, one can rinse ones mouth with water after finishing the drink in order to be certain the saliva test is accurate. I have not found this necessary; just make sure one is testing saliva and not water. Make note of the new pH reading.

Wait about 25 minutes, without eating or drinking anything. At the 25-30 minute mark, retest the saliva for the third time. Make note of the new reading.

Although bicarbonate therapy is very interesting in and of itself (research magnesium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate for cancer therapy), the reason we use bicarbonates is due to a very fast biochemical reaction which causes an unnatural spike in pH, and very quickly. As you should note from your first test compared to your second, the pH of the saliva should have risen up to between 7.25 – 8.0. Although some individuals try, biochemistry cannot be corrected using sodium bicarbonate alone; it simply isn’t natural (although bicarb therapy has other important uses).

Therefore, we use nine times roasted bamboo salt, which contains all of the trace minerals, and we “push” them at the same time we’ve spiked the pH level in the body’s active metabolism, making them bioavailable. The lemon also has a strong alkalizing effect. However, it also acts as a blood cleanser, reducing the chance of any cleansing reaction due to liver congestion. Most importantly, the key elements of all of these substances are very quickly adsorbed into the body, and require no digestive effort.

The most interesting thing that happens, however, is at the 25/30 minute mark. An individual that does not have serious electrolyte/mineral/pH problem in-body will have a pH reading of very close to 7.0 at the 30 minute mark.

An extremely healthy individual might read: 1st) 7.0, 2nd ) 8.0, 3rd 7.0. This is ideal.

However, the rest will notice a serious acidic (downward) spike at the third reading. What’s happening in the body? When the pH is unnaturally raised using the bicarbonate therapy, and the sea minerals are pushed, the body becomes capable of dumping acids that have been stored in-tissue back into the active metabolism for elimination. This is a very fast and relatively short lived cleansing action that happens intracellularly and in soft tissues.

I would recommend not using this exact formula more than three times in a given day. More lemon water can be consumed ( at ¼ lemon per glass of water), and more bamboo salt can be consumed (dissolved on tongue as desired) if an individual really desires to. Once one gets the hang of this therapy, it can be adjusted to one’s own needs.

Every person is different. By continuing the protocol, to tolerance, on a daily basis, eventually the pH readings will stabilize at near 7.0 for the first and third reading. This is the desired goal. Individuals will note a very stark and profound change in the taste of their own saliva.

Next, in the morning, measure the first urine of the day, and make a note of the pH. Some individuals believe that a slightly acidic urine is healthy, while others believe that neutral urine is healthy.

During mineral balancing therapy, it can be a good idea to give the body an extra hand at flushing acids. As long as the urine doesn’t read ABOVE 7.0, one can:

Take six tablets of Nema Base before bed. Nema base is a fantastic German mineral formula utilizing bicarbonates and carbonate minerals.

The next morning, measure the urine again. If the urine is not at the desired pH, take six tablets of Nema Base, once again, before bed.

When one’s daily readings have stabilized for a good two weeks, stage one has been completed. The next stage is far more simple:

Simply acquire all of the macro and micro minerals in the right concentration. For those who have extremely healthy eating habits, no supplementation may be necessary after this point, although individuals may choose to continue using bamboo salt for its other health benefits. For others, a good macro mineral supplement, along with Cal-Mag-Pot (calcium potassium and magnesium in the correct ratios), will suffice just fine; a functioning body is very capable of automatically regulating minerals.

The reason one should consider using nine times roasted bamboo salt, despite the hefty price tag, is the fact that it doubles as an antioxidant with a high, alkaline pH. Each time the bamboo salt is roasted, the ORP increases. ORP stands for oxidation reduction potential. The ORP of nine times roasted bamboo salt is about negative 600, and because this ORP is present with a substance that adsorbs into the body rapidly, just this effect can be profound. I recommend individuals search out the and study the research published on bamboo salt to learn more.

Individuals who have not been exposed to sea mineral therapy would be well served to do a search on topics such as Quinton Plasma, to gain an understanding on how using sea mineral therapies around the world has had a profound affect in helping to reverse degenerative conditions. Sea minerals have little or nothing to do with sodium chloride, ie. “table salt”.

Individuals should never do this protocol without pH testing.

If individuals cannot stabilize the pH within two months of daily use, one should consider focusing on healing the digestive system, and consider researching possible metabolic issues.

Notes and Further Thoughts

The Body Intelligence

Notice how quickly the body produces a systemic action in response to the Vitamin C pH challenge test? This demonstrates how important the tongue and saliva both are to food assimilation and digestion. The use of herbs and whole food supplements are best taken in natural form, rather than taking encapsulated substances, for this very reason. Taking encapsulated substances doesn’t necessarily make them ineffective, but it does have an impact on how the body responds to consumption. When possible, I use a substance in its natural form, but when it comes to a choice of using a substance or not using it, if capsulation is the only viable method, it is certainly one I use.

Did you know that homeopaths in France, when studying how edible clay affects the body, documented a detox response in the foot the second edible clay was placed on the tongue? They documented this effect using before and after Kirlian photographs. This demonstrates the catalytic effect that substances can have on the body. This is most certainly a bioelectric response.

Another interesting example: Did you know that saliva produces metalloproteins that act as carriers for metal ions, protecting them from neutralization by stomach acid during digestion?

The Importance of Minerals

The first most important concept in human health is oxygen, via the process of the breath. The most effective breathing exercise combines diaphragm breathing with chest breathing: Pranayama. Without the gift of breath, a human can only survive for minutes. The concept of rhythm breathing for health is completely ignored by mainstream health practitioners.

After breath, the next most important concept is water via tissue and cellular hydration levels. A human can only survive for days without proper hydration.

Following air and water, the next most important concept is mineral availability. A human being begins to degenerate in mere weeks when the human body is deficient — at a cellular level — of the minerals it needs.

Based on the email responses I’ve received to date regarding this post, this bears repeating in large caps: JUST BECAUSE YOU EAT A MINERALLY RICH DIET, DOESN’T MEAN THOSE MINERALS ARE BIOAVAILABLE AT A CELLULAR LEVEL. Mineral bioavailabilty can be blocked:
1. Due to excess acidity in the tissues of the body (healthy minerals are used to neutralize acidity and are eliminated from the body having never reached a cell)
2. Due to excess toxicity (receptors are filled by the wrong chemical/element)
3. Due to fatty acid imbalance
4. Due to digestive system failure (malabsorption)

The system outlined above gives a basic formula for both testing and correcting mineral imbalances due to excess toxicity and excess acidity. It is a scientific method, that can be replicated as desired.

Having learned the basic ideology of this method, it can, and should, be adjusted to suit one’s needs.

What others Say

“I just have to say “thank you” for the info on alkalinizing your body and  the cabbage juice.  I’ve been doing clay, MSM, coconut oil, and DE (diatomaceous earth) with good  results.  Last Saturday I started the protocol with the 9x bamboo salt,  also the drinking water.

“The results are dramatic.  For many years my urine has been alkaline in  spite of a healthy diet. I just read that this is a false-positive  because the urine turns to ammonia and that I am severely over-acid.  I  suspected that but diet and supplements have not given me the results I  was looking for, especially getting rid of all the mucus.

“I’m happy to say I am now cleansing and I’m looking forward to better health!”
– Grace

I run into this all of the time, which is why I did the research and wrote this article. I’ve been studying human nutrition for years, and I can state with confidence that 90% of the top “nutritional experts” are very wrong about what constitutes a healthy diet.   What makes them wrong?  The idea that one way of eating suits an entire population!  This is why you don’t see any of my articles recommending a single food eating ideology.

The most zeolot idealists with regards to diet and eating are often the worst offenders…  it’s not an issue of passion, caring, or commitment, it’s simply an issue of the inability to see the forest for the trees.

 This article is part of Phase 1 of the Eytons’ Earth Digestive System Recovery and Detox Program.

Alkalizing and Balancing the Body's Minerals || When Diet and Mineral Supplements are not Enough
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Alkalizing and Balancing the Body's Minerals || When Diet and Mineral Supplements are not Enough
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  1. I have read this several times & find I’m really struggling to follow the recipe , which if If I understand it correctly calls for ( water & lemon) plus a combination of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate and calcium , and if I chose to research where I might obtain these , what is the ratio of each ingredient?

    Where I find it it gets very confusing is when considering the various alternative sources you suggest which contain these minerals and I’m uncertain if you are suggesting ‘to this also add’ ….or…..Instead of x , you could use y.

    Also, whilst I recognise you are writing from the USA & therefore use links to products from the USA some of these links aren’t available from the UK or even more expensive once shipping & taxes are added.

    I have found so much information on your website to be really helpful and my feedback is not intended as a criticism but merely to reflect my personal inability to understand how I might follow this protocol.

    1. Hi Lesley:

      This information has been updated into a “Module 2” mini-book. This is available for free at the forum, once you are a charter member.

      Charter membership is currently free, but you have to request it once you have set up your account on the forum.

      For the carbonates/bicarbonates, it is an “or”.

      I do not know what ratios trisalt or pHour uses. It LOOKS like Trisalt uses 2 parts potassium, 2 parts sodium, and 1 part calcium… the magnesium would likely be at least 2 parts…

      …while pHour is much more of a “potassium push”. You can find both company ingredient labels.

      The carbs/bicarbs are not absolutely necessary, but for some people they help tremendously.

      The most effective ingredient, aside from the lemon water, is the nine times roasted bamboo salt. There are only two main manufacturers of this, but you can also get it directly from (they have a link to their store, I believe).

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