Heavy Metal & Chemical Toxicity ~ Acute & Chronic

Toxic Landfill

Toxic Landfill – Remember, this is the world we live in…

The issue of heavy metal and chemical toxicity is a huge one; one I have been involved with for many, many years. Successful detoxification is dependent on the state of the body’s primary elimination organs, and proper digestive function; interested individuals may wish to be certain to view other posts covering some of these topics by viewing my posts in chronological order.

By far, the most successful method of dealing with acute toxicity, be it chemical, metal, or radiological, is by taking clay baths and ingesting therapeutic clay… as a primary modality.  I am still amazed at how quickly the body often responds to this simple form of therapy.

Over the years, I’ve often received a panicked email, for example, from individuals who just had their mercury fillings removed, and within a few hours, started experiencing neurological complaints and speech problems that did not exist the day before. Those who elected to acquire therapeutic clay to treat these acute conditions by taking clay baths and drinking clay water always reported back that symptoms quickly subsided… permanently.

The same can be said for acute chemical toxicity. A great example is the Dunsmir chemical spill, where Cano Graham packed up his truck, and assisted anyone willing to experiment with clay quickly relieve terrible headaches, heal skin lesions and cure stomach problems.

However, there is a giant difference between acute toxicity and chronic toxicity. Over the years, I’ve seen individuals recover very quickly with clay use, and others only very slowly, when dealing with chronic issues linked to toxicity.

It became clear to me that with clay, the body detoxifies at its own rate, based on a huge number of variables, including what type of toxin, the length of time the chronic condition has been present, where the toxic substance is stored, how great the exposure was, and the general state of health of the individual.

How exactly does clay work?  Some methods of action are known, others remain a mystery.

Outside of the digestive tract, clay encourages the body to detoxify, acting as a catalyst, and assists the detoxification process. Clay use does not force detoxification as some chelating agents do. I’m not the biggest fan of IV chelation, due to numerous reports I’ve received from individuals who got worse through this type of therapy. It seems to be hit and miss, with some individuals experiencing great results, and others having serious problems, with no apparent way to predict the outcome before hand. Therefore, I leave IV chelation and related therapies in the hands of medical professionals and a patient’s individual choice.

For years, I’ve been studying protocols and methods to help the detoxification process using natural, gentle, and safe methods. With each passing year, I refine the methods I use, learning more and more.

It’s more than just research; it’s personal. I still have a mouth full of metal fillings. The medical testing I do is two-fold:

1. I have heavy metal challenge tests done using DMSA to help gauge the metal burden in-body.

2. I have tissue sensitivity tests to gauge how my immune system is reacting to the metals.

My goal is to keep the body burden below immune system reactivity. This reactivity is very individual. Different people have different thresholds for reactivity; some people can tolerate more metals in-body than others. Often times, reactivity is influenced by the combination of metals in-body. Other times, reactivity is influenced by the overall state of health, particularly digestion and the state of the immune system.

While clay baths and edible clay go along way to helping keep the body cleansed, there are further safe and natural methods an individual can use on a regular basis in order to reduce toxic substances in the body.

Many people do not realize that proper pH balance, electrolyte balance, and mineral balance play an important role in the body’s ability to cleanse heavy metals.  For example, when the body is depleted of minerals, cell site receptors designed for “healthy” minerals can easily bind with heavy metals, making heavy metal cleansing that much more difficult.  Read our other posts on pH balancing and mineral balancing for more information.

As far as complements to clay therapy, there are several substances that can– and should– be used along with clay.  The first, and one of my favorites, is raw cilantro. 1/4 cup of raw cilantro daily can make a huge impact when used in conjunction with a good edible clay. The combination of raw cilantro and bentonite has been studied by Japanese researchers as an effective stand alone protocol for dealing with mercury toxicity. Daily use of both substances has been demonstrated to drastically reduce mercury levels.

For individuals with brain fog associated with metal toxicity, I’ve found that cilantro can reduce brain fog, or even eliminate it completely, returning the mind to state of clarity.

The second substance, equally safe and very effective, especially with lead, is organic modified citrus pectin. In six capsule doses, it can be extremely effective.

Micronized zeolite also shows promise with the assistance of cleansing the body of metals. Based on user reports, it is particularly effective at cleansing the kidneys, although there is no doubt a systemic effect as well. I would apply caution when sourcing zeolite, because all zeolites are not equal!

Zeolite works quite different in the body than more traditional therapeutic clays. I do not view zeolite as a replacement, but rather, a good addition to clay therapeutics.

All of these substances can be used together to form a good program for regular cleansing. I prefer to have a regular protocol as a part of daily life rather than do periods of deep cleansing. I would rather take substances as a part of my diet that are liver cleansers, for example, rather than do liver cleanses several times a year, mainly because time often gets away!

There was a time in the not so distant past that cleansing was reserved for those who were very ill through chronic industrial exposure to metals or chemicals, or due to a history of poor lifestyle choices. However, I believe that day has past.

Recently, I was looking at some laboratory reports documenting the water quality of snow water (Mount Shasta) that should have been magnificently pure. Instead of being pristine, it was loaded with metals that shouldn’t have been there. The only possible way these contaminants could have contaminated the snow and water was through air contamination.  This means that most, if not all, filtration springs and farm lands are quite contaminated.

It is very difficult to avoid poor air quality, and therefore, individuals would be wise to augment their lifestyle choices keeping in mind that the world isn’t anything like it was fifty years ago.

For a very “bare bones” basic heavy metal cleanse using clay, please read the following article:  Heavy Metal Detoxification with Edible Therapeutic Clay

Notes and Further Thoughts

Steam Sauna / Infrared Sauna / Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

Once an individual with chronic toxicity has a good internal supplementation program in place for detoxification, a great addition to any cleansing protocol is sauna therapy.  In essence, all sauna therapies are sweat therapies.  While sauna therapies are incredibly powerful, they need to be used responsibly.  For example, one should make sure that one’s pH and electrolyte balance are normalized, and that one takes a high quality mineral supplement when using sweat therapy, to avoid depletion (see my future post on mineral balancing).

Alt Med:  Oral Chelating Substances

There are quite a few pricey substances on the market for heavy metal chelation.  Some of them are excellent, but most don’t work very well unless the body is ready for detoxification (a good healthy diet, no mineral depletion, proper pH levels in the body).

Two powerful agents that may be added:

1.  DMSA – Provided that the liver is functioning well, oral-use DMSA is relatively safe to use to reduce metal burden in-body.

2. Liposomal EDTA – This is a heavy hitter.  Liposomal EDTA is the only form of EDTA I will use.  I’ve noticed too many reports of bad side effects from casual use of other forms of EDTA.  However, that said, even Liposomal EDTA can increase symptoms of liver congestion, and, in my opinion, should only be used by individuals well versed in cleansing protocols.

Other Considerations

As stated eariier in this article, mineral balancing and proper pH balancing is also important to a successful chelation program.

Individuals with electrolyte/pH issues usually also suffer from a sluggish/stressed liver.  In such a case, any program designed to cleanse toxins from the body can increase uncomfortable symptoms associated with cleansing.

Heavy Metal & Chemical Toxicity ~ Acute & Chronic
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Heavy Metal & Chemical Toxicity ~ Acute & Chronic
Basic program to help eliminate heavy metals and toxic chemicals, using clay therapy and natural medicine.
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