How to Make a High Heat Medicinal Grade Cayenne Pepper Tincture

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Do your taste buds a favor, and set your mouth on fire! Turn on the body’s “bitter senses” to help stimulate detox and digestion.

Medicinal cayenne is one of the most useful tools for one’s natural medicine cabinet.  Not only will high heat cayenne used sublingually stop a heart attack in its tracks, it will also stop wound bleeding in seconds.  Cayenne is one of those herbs that makes everything work better.

High heat medicinal grade cayenne pepper is the single most alkaline natural food that can safely be used in the body.  Often known as one of the best antioxidant “heart foods” in nature, cayenne acts as an incredibly effective circulatory system stimulant, which translates to improved absorption of any supplements and/or herbs it is used with.

High heat cayenne pepper, when used in any significant concentration, should always be used sublingually in order to avoid stomach cramping.  Holding cayenne under the tongue for one to three minutes not only will eliminate stomach discomfort from use, but doing so will also dramatically improve  its systemic effect.  Cayenne is not one of those herbs to be used in capsules.  To get the full benefit, really get the endocrine system involved by setting the mouth on fire!  Using cayenne in sublingual formulations is one of the best ways (aside from formulas such as Swedish Bitters) to change how the taste buds actually function.

Dr. Richard Schulze and Dr. Christopher were both masters of this amazing herb, and I’m pleased to follow in their significant foot steps with a custom tutorial on how to make a tincture of “volcanic” preportions!

When choosing peppers to use, always be sure to purchase full pods.  There are peppers for sale which have most of the heat stripped out of them.  Purchasing the entire dried pod ensures a quality product.

I use Carolina Reaper Peppers (over 2,000,000 scovian heat units) and Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Peppers as my heat, and accent with others for variety.  I will often use Dr. Schulze’s cayenne powder mix, and add 1 to two tablespoonfuls of the powder to my tincture because of the wide variety of quality peppers used in his formula.

carolina-reaper-pepperCarolina Reaper – Dried Pod – Current Record Holder for the Highest Heat Rating

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga – Dried Pod (Old Record Holder)

Carolina Reapers: A Bit Darker and Smaller than the Trinidads

Carefully Crush Peppers – Grinding is not Necessary

Making the tincture is simple.  Use a mason canning jar, and add equal amounts of the dried pepper, and either 100 proof grain alcohol (organic is great) or organic vinegar (raw apple cider vinegar is best).  For a less potent batch, fill the canning jar up 1/2 – 1/3 with the crushed pepper, and then fill the jar with grain alcohol or vinegar.

Allow the tincture to “brew” for six weeks, shaking daily.  For a more potent product, at week 4, carefully drain the liquid out of the mason jar, and then crush the “wet” peppers while still in the canning jar.  Once they are nice and pulverized, pour the tincture liquid back into the canning jar, seal, and let sit for another two weeks.

After six weeks, one can decant or strain the tincture and store in amber glass bottles.  A cayenne tincture will last for years, improving with age.

Make absolutely certain to wear protective gear when working with and crushing these high heat peppers!


Gloves and Mask Required!



Why not completely grind the pepper?  Won’t that make an even more powerful end product?

Yes it will, but this is not necessary.  Crushing the pods, as apposed to completely grinding or milling them into a powder, reduces oxidation.  While the capsicum (the heat) won’t be affected by oxidation, there are other components and properties to consider.

Why not use pharmacolgy grade capsicum?  Aren’t these powders even hotter?

Yes, there are isolates out there rated at around 9,000,000 SHU.  However, no traditional herbalist would consider this an actual herb.  With traditional herbology, we like to include the entire herb in the formulation.

The cayenne tincture is part of phase 2 of the Eytons’ Earth Digestive System Recovery and Detox Program.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a High Heat Medicinal Grade Cayenne Pepper Tincture”

  1. On cayenne: “To get the full benefit, really get the endocrine system involved by setting the mouth on fire!”

    I’ve totally seen people get intended medicinal effects from cayenne by combining medicinal grade cayenne powder with water and “cayenne pulling” it. (Meaning, swishing it around in the mouth, but not swallowing it.) I used to use the swishing method while taking my morning shower to get rid of congestion and wake up. But it’s too “heating” for me these days; my system doesn’t react positively to it for the time being.

    I think it’s true that getting a real medicinal grade pepper or pepper powder is worth its weight in gold. I read a book (Curing With Cayenne) on it being used as an emergency heart attack remedy. The same book was talking about lobelia herbal tincture as an emergency seizure protocol and for delivering mothers, and about slippery elm powder to stop bleeding and heal wounds. I’ve tried the slippery elm with a high quality herb powder, and most of the time it works like herbal stitches…!

    Maybe people with weak hearts would do good to carry some homemade cayenne tincture as part of their (otherwise complete) emergency kit, especially when planning trips to high altitude locations. Who knows – could save a life!

    1. Hi Colby:

      Yes, indeed to all of the above. My tinctures are so hot now that I have to have a “newcomer” take ONE DROP, place it on their finger, then on their tongue, so that they really “get it” when I say to only add up to three drops to other tinctures or herbs. But then, for the full medicinal effect, I take about 20-40 drops and hold it “in mouth” for at least three minutes.

      One time I had to sneeze right after I used it. I quickly swallowed the cayenne before doing so. I was doubled over with stomach spasms for about five minutes. The discomfort passed as quickly as it came; there is no real harm, but if someone isn’t expecting such a reaction, it can freak them out! :o)

  2. So what is the recommended dosage for “newcomers” other than one drop under the tongue? How would a newcomer stop a heart attack using this method if they have never taken this tincture before? We have a friend whose wife was having a heart attack and he put a dropper full down her and it cured her. We don’t want to overdo a dosage should the need arise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tracy:

      The only consequence of using too much cayenne is a burning sensation. If the cayenne is swallowed too quickly, an individual may experience stomach pain and cramping. It’s all temporary.

      Dosage is completely individualized based on tolerance! Each person has a different tolerance level. Using cayenne medicinally… sublingually… should never be a comfortable experience for the best effect. Just always keep the cayenne tincture (or powder) in-mouth for 3-5 minutes!

    1. Greetings, Rad:

      Everyone has different tolerance levels. Start out with just a pinch in a little bit of warm water if you are using powder. Increase the amount used in order to get the desired effect. Always hold in the mouth for at least three minutes to avoid stomach cramping and to experience the full medicinal effects!

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