Rebuilding Tissues with MSM ~ From Degeneration to Regeneration ~ Sulphur


Inflammation is the single greatest cause of tissue damage in the human body, followed closely by free radical damage. It is pointless, and even sometimes counter-productive, to try to promote tissue regeneration without properly hydrating the body, correcting the soft tissue pH levels, and correcting digestion. I recommend that interested individuals view my previous posts in chronological order before attempting some of the suggestions here!

Inflammation of Muscle Cells

Here is an example of muscle cell inflammation


Inflammation, no matter the “official” diagnosis, is usually caused by a few very specific factors:

1. Toxic waste buildup in the tissues

2. Mitochondria failure (a short-circuit in the energy conversion process of the body)

3. Pathogenic organisms

4. Trauma (scar tissue build up, adhesions, cross-linked tissues and emotional energy held in-tissue)

There are always co-factors involved in the expression of inflammation. For example, cardiac conditions reduce circulation depriving tissue of both proper nutrition, cleansing, and oxygen. Another example is a clogged and sluggish lymphatic system. A third example is reduced cellular antioxidant levels… these will be addressed in future posts!

However, chasing co-factors is not as important as good recovery protocols. At least, not when viewed through the lens of natural medicine. Once the body’s metabolism starts functioning normally, many of these co-factors start to disappear on their own.

One method of flushing remaining acids out of the body and stimulating tissue repair and proper tissue growth is with the use of MSM. However, an individual, for example, who still cannot easily eliminate the acidic waste being produced daily by the body can end up bed-ridden if attempting to use therapeutic doses of MSM!

It is best that an individual first restore the alkalinity of the soft tissue before attempting to use large doses of MSM, and even then, it is wise to chart the soft tissue pH on a daily basis. An individual who has a saliva reading of 7.0 who first starts an MSM protocol may notice that the pH will start to drop. This is due to MSM’s powerful action which starts to strip acidic waste from the body. MSM is an acidic substance, but its effect over the long-term is alkalizing. The body handles it best when it is prepared for the cleansing!

Individuals with chronic pain of any sort can benefit from utilizing clay therapy, alkalizing the body, and then using MSM to flush out acidic waste stored in-tissue. Wherever there is inflammation, there is usually acidic waste (or an over-abundance of alkaline minerals deposited in-tissue as the result of the body attempting to neutralize acidic waste). Wherever there is excessive acidic waste, there is tissue damage.

When an individual begins an MSM protocol, even if they have a saliva pH reading of 7.0 to begin with, pH can drop to below 6.0… As it approaches the 5.5 mark, one will experience extreme fatigue and may lose the ability to function normally. Stopping the MSM will result in recovery, but it can take two to three days.

Individuals who attempt to start taking large amounts of MSM without first correcting electrolytes and hydrating the body can easily overload an already taxed liver with MSM use.

With all of that said, there are very few substances capable of promoting healthy tissue and helping with tissue repair than MSM. With a little bit of good information to start with, MSM can be used safely and to great effect, and with minimal discomfort.

Another unfortunate fact, which is true of many supplements, is that manufacturers give incorrect effective dosing information. Since many retailers only sell small amounts of product in capsules, it appears that they are afraid that their customers won’t buy their product if they realize how much may be needed in order to achieve the desired result. How many retail bottles read as follows: “Take thirty capsules daily.” Not many!

The minimum effective therapeutic dose for MSM is five grams. That’s not to say that healthy people won’t experience some benefit from taking a few capsules of MSM daily. However, for a recovery protocol, much more is needed.

MSM is something that needs to be used on a gradient. For best results, an individual should start with one gram daily. Every three days or so, provided one does not experience a too-significant drop in pH or extreme fatigue, increase the dose by one gram.

Having reached a five gram dose, either taken at once or split into two daily doses, an individual can hold at this dosage level, or continue to increase. It takes about three weeks to a month to start to see and feel the results with MSM. Those will severe tissue damage, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and related conditions may need as much as thirty grams daily, divided into two fifteen gram doses.

PLEASE NOTE:  High dose MSM therapy is not without its pitfalls.  While most people, once adjusting to five gram doses, won’t have issues slowly increasing the amounts consumed, it is possible– and for a million different reasons– that a person might experience retention toxicity.  Retention toxicity occurs any time the body, for whatever reason, isn’t able to keep up with purging (usually) acidic waste.  Therefore, always carefully self monitor and only increase dosage slowly.  If experiencing any strong detox reaction after the initial adjustment period, pause use.  Don’t take any MSM until you are symptom-free for two days, plus 72 hours.  Then, resume use at half the dose.  Meanwhile, examine your diet and make sure that your nutritional state is good.

30 grams!  That’s a lot of MSM!  One possible side effect of using this much MSM is loose stools.  Similar to Vitamin C therapy, if loose stools occur, reduce the current dosage until normal bowel function returns.  Don’t continue to use MSM at the elevated dosage if any unpleasant symptoms continue.

If one’s pH starts to drop too much, it is better to hold at the current dosage level and increase lemon water consumption than to stop using the MSM, which will result in having to start all over again, or worse yet, abandonment of such a valuable therapy. When the soft tissues return to a balanced state (saliva measurement of pH 7.0), then one can again increase the dosage.

It can take a year or more with individuals who are in a great deal of chronic pain to completely reverse the degeneration. There are who individuals who at one point have been bed-ridden with fibromyalgia, who elected to use natural sulfur for a little over a year and completely reversed their condition. Too many people try a substance for a few weeks and abandon it, simply because they don’t realize that in some cases, healing can take a long time, especially if a complete recovery protocol is not being implemented.

Individuals who successfully reach therapeutic levels of MSM will no doubt start to notice improvements in skin, nails, hair, and soft tissues in about thirty days.

One of the second most potent substances for tissue formation and regeneration is silica. There are some very unique colloidal silica products on the market that certainly warrant further investigation.

One product that many people greatly enjoy is diatomaceous earth. Fresh water diatomaceous earth is an excellent supplement. There is a controversy surrounding its use: Some believe that the silica content in the diatoms isn’t bio-available. However, I’ve seen enough positive feedback from users to believe that at least some of the silica is bio-available. Its use a unique digestive cleanser also makes it a useful supplement, and it is well tolerated by most people. Due to the sharp edges of the diatoms, it acts differently than clays in the digestive system, which is one reason why we offer an DE option with our internal use three clay blend. It is also far more affordable to use than some of the more exotic colloidal silica supplements.

Diatomaceous Earth - TEM

Diatomaceus Earth – Transmission Electron Microscopy

A third substance which really deserves mentioning, especially considering conditions involving inflammation, is organic boswellia, which is a tree resin. There is certainly a strong correlation between inflammatory bowel disorder and generalized inflammation in the body. In many cases, the two go hand in hand. Along with a complete program for digestive correction, organic boswellia can make a significant impact in calming inflamed bowels when used three times daily. Using boswellia in this manner also impacts lung inflammation and general tissue inflammation. While it is not extremely effective as a stand alone protocol, it can provide the exact extra support one is looking for to help reduce inflammation and support healthy tissue healing and regeneration!

For more generalized information about using MSM, view: MSM: A Natural Sulfur Supplement

Rebuilding Tissues with MSM ~ From Degeneration to Regeneration
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Rebuilding Tissues with MSM ~ From Degeneration to Regeneration
Using MSM to harness sulfur to help rebuild soft tissue.
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13 thoughts on “Rebuilding Tissues with MSM ~ From Degeneration to Regeneration ~ Sulphur”

  1. GREAT ARTICLE. I take MSM daily 1 gram. I have done a detox before . I’m going to start taking higher doses for my elbow pain from upright rows which I’ll never do again I swear!!! So this piece answered all my questions about how much and how long.Then I plan on keeping a daily dose of 5 grams. I use 5 – loxin for rheumatoid arthritis it’s derived from boswellia it works great very cheap on Amazon instead of Dr. Prescribed Methotrexate.Since my left knee swells after lunch I’d say it’s leaky gut. I just like to let other people know just in case.

  2. I had always been very strong but then at 50 I got RA in 1999 I saw James Coburn the actor talk about how he walked again thanks to MSM I had a useless hand and forearm in a big plastic custom made brace… I could not bear my hand to be touched So I began on 4- 6 grams a day of MSM & within a few months all pain and swelling had gone. I trew the brace away In 2000 ( I was 62) I was truly well and I began making Concrete Garden Art 5 months a year I bought a concrete mixer and made about I + ton a week.. if you don’t believe me look up Ann Wardley concrete garden art it’s on pinterest too
    MSM changed my life and I spread the word Cheers Ann

    1. So happy to read this. I started with MSM 2 months ago. After diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2001, I am in the best recovery ever! Congratulations!!

  3. Would therapeutic doses of MSM assist in the healing of newer scars (3 months old) left over from severe inflammatory acne?

    1. Hi Adrienne:

      …perhaps over the long term, but not right away. Starting high dose MSM therapy starts a process like peeling an onion. If you are in amazing health, then maybe, but most likely, no.

      What you COULD use while working to get the body adjusted to MSM:

      Fully Ozonated Olive Oil (topical use)

      I have recently written a tutorial on how to make ozonated olive oil for those who already have therapeutic grade ozone equipment (see below). However, for topical use it is pretty affordable to purchase.

  4. Hi Eyton,. . . great article !
    I intially started with a higher dose of MSM than what i am using as of today (which is maybe 1-2gm max) because of detox symptoms ..mainly my head, temples, face getting tight & caught up kinda (not sure how to accurately describe it)…primarily the ‘back’ of my head and neck-head joint – it can happen with borax too. – however its something that happens to me (in varying degrees ) without me taking MSM or anything at all…but it does “step-up” often with the MSM depending on how much i take.

    ~ Silica ~ (that you mentioned in relation to tissue generation)
    I’ve been thinking of diatomaceous-earth too….its not supposed to be very bio-available , but ive watched quie a few videos of people talking positively of how it has benefited them,..some raving about it, from their personal experience, and it got me wondering whats up here. are some links showing how to make silica-water (ortho-silicic-acid) at home [the person that formulated the method is a chemist]
    in as much as i’ve looked, info on this online is scarce, and this is the only proper info ive come accross on the subject;

    1. Greetings, Rainstorm:

      Thanks for your comments.

      I have no doubt that some of the silica in or with DE becomes bio-available. I have have a formulation of edible clays and diatomaceous earth that we sell.

      Also, thank you for the link to instructions on how to make the silica water. I’m going to check that out!

  5. Hello Eyton,

    My TMJs are very sore. I have been diagnosed with TMJ Disorder. Would you say that MSM would help with this? I am presently taking 27g/day of MSM with no side effects. (I started with 15g/day a few days ago.)


    1. Greetings,

      MSM is great for soft tissues, but unless the TMJ is caused by a deficiency, it probably won’t release it.

      The most common cause of TMJ is prolonged stress being held in the jaw which eventually results in muscle dysfunction. If you find the right body work professional, they can usually clear it up in one to three sessions.

      That said, it is often hard to find someone trained and/or willing to do the release-work, as most methods (at least, the ones that I am aware of) require that the practitioner stick their hand inside your mouth and work on the jaw from the inside.

      You may wish to ask around, a bodywork practitioner usually either can or cannot, and knows it. Don’t bother with anyone beating around the bush, they would probably just be there to take your money.

      You can try to do self-release. I would probably be able to release mine if I had it, as I am very familiar with working with dysfunctional muscles. But if you’ve never had this type of work done, or haven’t done it yourself, you may not be able to get the job done. That said, below is one link to a method… at the very least, it shows you the muscle groups affected and where they are located.

      All of that said, why not continue with a full round of MSM anyway, especially since it is not bothering you!

    2. Any CranioSacral Therapist trained with the Upledger Institute can do a TMJ release. It is not difficult and does not have to be done inside the mouth. It’s something you can do yourself, as well.

  6. hello

    I have had 3 c sections in 7 years.

    1 of my children passed away im birth and I struggled to eat well or do anything after this. ( gained lots of weight, auto immune disorder aches in bones muscle tensions no periods for atleast 2 years,) doc only prescribed anti depressants and pain killers as all blood test were normal)

    about 2 years ago I started looking at alternative healing. I started to go for acupuncture weekly and also scare tissue work 1 a month.

    After 6 treatments of scare tissue work I lost about 3 stones in weight.

    I’ve done the water fasting for 14 days in Oct and after that I started MSN. I’ve built up to 15g and started about 3 weeks ago (no side affects)

    I have already seen a huge change to my skin, nails and hair.

    I wanted to thank you so much as I read this article originally and it helped me so much to get myself where I am now.

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