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Head of Green Cabbage
Learn about the potential digestive system benefits of fermented cabbage juice.


Fermented Cabbage Juice - Red and Green
Learn how to make fermented cabbage juice using green and/or red cabbage with Effective Microorganisms.


1/2 Second Photograph Delay - Colloidal Silver Tyndall Effect
Read about how the author initially discovered oligodynamic electrically isolated silver.


Explore Water: The Universal Solvent, an Introduction to the Ways of Drinking Water. This is an introductory essay on water quality, including a tutorial on exploring two methods of making an ideal drinking water.


View our tutorial on how to make magnesium bicarbonate for use as a drinking water additive.


Explore the soft tissue pH connection in the Symphony of Biochemistry.



Clay for Facials and Skin Care
Fabulous Clay Facials and Fabulous Skin – Tips on how to use clay for skin health.

Toxic Landfill
Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity / Chronic & Acute – Simple, natural methods to help cleanse the body.


Inflammation of Muscle Cells
From degeneration to regeneration: Rebuilding Tissues with MSM, a Natural Sulfur – Learn an amazingly effective strategy to address mild to severe chronic inflammation.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Clay
Explore another great topical skin use clay recipe: Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Clay – Say Goodbye to Skin Blemishes


Chemical Filled Fat Sludge Collected for Burning Essential Fatty Acids, the Golden Ratio, and Toxic Filled Fat – Learn the value of balancing fatty acid intake, explore some of the best sources of “good fat”, and learn about the pitfalls of fat filled with toxic substances.


Bamboo Salt Roasted Nine Times


Alkalizing the Body and Balancing the Body’s Minerals – A complete and simple program to balance the body’s pH and deliver trace minerals at a cellular level.


Serracor NK
Cardiovascular Health – Hypertension / High Blood Pressure – Natural Cures – A few natural and alternative ideas to support normal blood pressure, cardiovascular and circulatory health! Red Desert Clay Trademark Dispute with Mary Maldonado – A comical look at a trademark abuse by a “wolf in sheeps clothing”.

A few Interesting External Uses of Therapeutic Clay – …as reported by users with some further thoughts on treatments from Eytons’ Earth.



A broken Mercury-laden Thermometer - A bad idea!

An example of acute mercury toxicity treated with clay and natural medicine.  Bentonite clay baths, edible clay, cilantro, lemon water, chorella…


A simple yet effective way to structure drinking water with clay “glacial milk”.



Clay for Facials and Skin Care

Detoxification:  A New Perspective on Detox Protocols




How to Make a “Ginger Shot” / Elixir



How to Make a Medicinal Grade Cayenne Tincture




Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Solution Therapy Made with Food Grade Magnesium Chloride Flakes



Finished Soup

Healing Antioxidant Soup –  A fantastic recipe for a therapeutic, healing soup.



Liposomal Peppermint Essential Oil (LEPO)

How to make liposomal essential oils – A tutorial using peppermint essential oil.



Making Dragon Sole - Bamboo Salt

How to make and hydrate therapeutic clay with Himalayan bamboo dragon sole.  A new gold standard for hydrating clay with therapeutic grade water.



Clay for Facials and Skin Care
A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Edible Clay – Everything a newcomer needs to know about starting the use of edible clay.

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