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Mercury Poisoning & Pelotherapy
Green Healing Clay ( Bentonite, Montmorillonite, Illite )

The Risk of Mercury Toxicity from Vaccination, Amalgam Fillings and Contaminated Fish

Clay therapy in integrative medicine and Pelotherapy - Heavy Metal Toxicity - Eytons' EarthThe debate over the safety of vaccinations has been ongoing for decades, and has reached climactic levels in the past few years. Mercury-based additives are a common ingredient in vaccinations, with the concentrations varying according to the individual vaccine.

We encourage everyone to learn about the dangers of mercury poisoning.

Mercury Amalgams being removed, Courtesy of holisticdentists.comExposure to mercury can come from any number of sources. The most predominant sources for over-exposure include contaminated fish, vaccinations, and silver mercury fillings know as "amalgams". Furthermore, those who have worked for years in environmental settings with industrial chemicals, and settings such as metal smelting plants, may also develop symptoms of severe toxicity. We have personal although limited experience with all exposure types, and can assure our readers from personal investigative experience that all three are valid health concerns under the "wrong" conditions, none of which-- to our knowledge-- can be pre-determined.

View the IAOMT Smoking Tooth Video ( mercury vapor from amalgams ): View Video

Rather than delve into the controversies involving vaccinations and silver-mercury fillings, which we feel should be left to the individual's moral, ethical, and scientific judgment, we'd like to concentrate on what can be done to vastly reduce and possibly eliminate mercury toxicity all together-- and preferably, before it manifests as a chronic illness.

. We encourage those interested to read about the dangers of amalgam removal prior to having such work done.

Protocols for filling removal

The Wisdom of Dr. Yurkovsky:

"In spite of unquestionable and significant harm of silver amalgam fillings, the issue of their removal ought to be approached with utmost caution as we are dealing with drilling at an extremely toxic compound.

If one examines the general outcome that follows the fillings' removal, one is compelled to observe three fairly equal general trends: improvement, no improvement, and worsening of health.

This is regardless of a degree of technical precautions undertaken in the process of removal or whether conducting it in a certain sequence according to the 'most electrically troubling quadrants". The numerous chelators, pharmaceutical or natural, let it be oral or injectable, do not seem to make a difference."


"A middle-aged woman who was suffering from multiple health problems decided to remove all of her silver amalgam fillings. After she was tested with the Bio-resonance testing according to FCT algorithm, she was urged to postpone the removal because many of her organs particularly the lymphatics and excretory system tested weak and the degree of toxicity deemed profound."

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  Ozone Bagging, the experience of one dedicated user:

..After spending over $4000 on alternative things, I can definitely state that ozone is the closest you can get to a 'doctor in a bottle/box/etc.'...I had a bad problem with circulation in my legs - I think old blood clots and other damage was responsible. I know I have a lot of internal injury from one MRI I was able to get. Anyway, you can feel the ozone "seep" into you. It feels like an "electrical warmth", and as I felt it seep into my legs, I could feel a "gurgling" and "bubbling" inside my veins/arteries in my legs. After a few weeks, my circulation is greatly improved, and my feet/legs no longer fall asleep when i kneel/sit...

Read more about this ozone bagging experience in our user's forum.


Case history of mercury toxicity from vaccination

A Case History of Mercury Toxicity Caused by Ethyl Mercury / Thimerosal from Vaccinations

For years, Eytons' Earth has followed reports of successful treatment of heavy metal toxicity utilizing low sodium bentonite and montmorillonite, the two most predominant healing clays used in pelotherapy world-wide. Clay baths are prepared, using anywhere from 8 cups to 10 pounds of healing clay added to warm water. The individual soaks in the clay water, submerged up to the neck, for between 20 and 30 minutes. Illite ( a mica ) or bentonite ( a smectite ) is often used internally, sometimes combined with psyllium or activated charcoal to assist the body's elimination system.

We have, over the years, run into many situations where heavy metal toxicity was suspected, but medically unconfirmed; healing clay treatment has been successful in eliminating symptoms that match heavy metal toxicity.

Hair analysis, blood analysis, and urine analysis are very unreliable analytical methods for detecting levels of heavy metals in the body. The advent of the Melisa test ( http://www.melisa.org ), however, has made it possible to achieve a reliable clinical diagnosis.

The Melisa Test, registered trademark of MELISA MEDICA FOUNDATIO, stands for "Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay", and provides a reliable, objective method for determining immune system sensitivity to specific metals, and metallicl compounds.

We would like to present a very recent documented case confirmed mercury toxicity resulting from vaccination:


Laboratory "Melisa" test confirms Ethyl Mercury toxicity...

The above test results confirm the presence of toxic amounts of Thimer-- Ethyl Mercury-- as a result of vaccinations in a vibrant "middle aged" male who has been subject to numerous immunizations as the result of extensive traveling spanning decades.


The symptoms involved in this case, in the individual's own words:

Here are the symptoms that I have experienced before taking clay baths. The underlined symptoms are those that affected me most:

What are the symptoms of mercury exposure? Symptoms of mercury poisoning are progressive, as attested to by the epidemics in Japan and Iraq. The first stage is known as paresthesia, and it is distinguished by a tingling or numb sensation in the fingers, toes, and face (face in particular). Paresthesia may be followed by:

Difficulty walking and speaking
Impaired vision and hearing
Fatigue and weakness
Headache and trouble concentrating
Attention and memory difficulties
Mercury poisoning is most often signified by nervous system disorders, such as those mentioned above. Damage to fetuses may also include digestive and kidney problems, in addition to mental and nervous system disorders. Severe cases of mercury poisoning may result in coma ( this is what happened to me in France on 19 July 2002 ) or death.

The Treatment used for Mercury Toxicity

The initial diagnosis was not made until the individual was out of the hospital, whereby he approached three independent laboratories to do lab work in an attempt to gain a definitive diagnosis of his condition. While under the care of the allopathic doctors, extensive testing, including MRI's, revealed no causal factor that explained the coma or any of the accompanying symptoms.

Two lab reports came back negative for any toxicity. The third ( shown above ), conducted via the Melisa Test, confirmed Ethyl Mercury levels far in excess of safety levels.

Having finally achieved a diagnosis-- and one that made sense-- the individual, who is very familiar with healing clays and pelotherapy, chose to utilize a montmorillonite clay bath once weekly, and began consuming illite internally.

All of the symptoms associated with mercury poisoning were alleviated within three days of the first bath. The only remaining symptom is the occasional numbness in the head region.

In addition, the individual began to use:

Flaxseed (linseed) oil (omega 3)
Apple pectin
Padma 28 (http://www.padma.ch/en/products/padma28.shtml )
Shark liver oil (because the liver appeared very intoxicated on an ultrasound scan although I do not drink alcohol; mercury is the probable cause)

The initial used has been saved and submitted for laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of Ethyl Mercury, and the "after treatment" lab work up will be posted as soon as we have the data available to us.

The Results of the Healing Clay Treatment

UPDATE: The follow up test results have been completed, and we have seen a copy of the analysis. The new measurements show that the mercury levels in the body have returned to well below the safety threshold allowed for mercury levels in the body. Furthermore, the illite and montomorillonite did not reduce the amount of beneficial "metals" in the body ( those that were measured in the tests ), such as platinum:


Results of Melisa Test after Clay Therapy...
Melisa Test Results after Clay Therapy


Mercury Poisoning: Further Suggestions and Modifications

An Aggressive Approach to Dealing with Heavy Metal Toxicity

Natural desert healing clay obtained directly from a vein of bentonite, suitable for use in pelotherapyAs noted by the case above, organs of the body, including the liver and kidneys, are often negatively impacted by any kind of toxic condition in the body. Here lies the catch 22 of any possible allopathic treatment, including chelation therapy, where treatment results in increased stress to the elimination organs of the body.

It is not enough to pull the contaminants out of the system. One needs to, if at all possible, pull them out while preventing or minimizing the damage that may be done as these substances are chelated and removed from the body.

Unfortunately, in cases of severe toxicity, which are often coupled with various forms of chronic illness, the body's elimination system may not be capable of successfully handling the toxic burden.

This is where healing clay treatment comes in.

While we do not currently have enough scientific evidence to definitively know the limits of clay therapy in heavy metal toxicity, we feel there is ample anecdotal evidence to seriously consider clay therapy before other treatment options. The cost can be negligible, and the initial treatment period is very brief. Even one short week of clay therapy prior to any other treatment options can make a life-altering difference. Even so, the decision to do so must lie in the hands of the individual.

We strongly recommend the individual use a quality internal clay three to five hours before taking the first bath ( one tablespoonful of quality internal clay ). One to twenty full cups of dry montmorillonite or bentonite are added to hot bath water ( anywhere between two and twenty pounds of dry clay ). In order to further stimulate the body's elimination system, we also suggest acquiring even a processed sea salt, and adding one to six cups of sea salt to the bath. Please see our section on clay baths.

These suggestions are always dependant on the constitution and tolerance of the individual!

The temperature of the bath water should be as warm/hot as the individual is comfortable with enduring, and the first bath should last approximately 20 minutes. If the individual has a good tolerance for hot water, this is beneficial... In which case, the head needs to be submerged under the water for a few short seconds. If the individual is not strong enough to tolerate hot water, or when in doubt, lukewarm should be used.

Never needless overtax the body!

Upon completing the bath, it is beneficial for the user to do a brief inventory: Does one feel energized or depleted? A pronounced energized feeling, in our experience, indicates that the body has ample strength to deal with the detoxification, and aggressive treatment can continue. A severe depletion or exhaustion indicates the need for a careful approach.

If the condition is known to be severe, at least a 24 to 72 hour period should pass whereby one does not use clay externally. However, internal clay should be used as much as EVERY FOUR HOURS, if the individual is able to tolerate it, or at least twice daily for a period of no less than three days. The reason for this is that while we believe that a great deal of the mercury ( or other heavy metal ) is pulled out of the body by the clay baths, invariably some will be released into the body whereby the lymphatic system begins the process of internal elimination. It is critical that the body's elimination system be supported as much as possible during this 72 hour cycle.

Although all the methods of clay action in the body have not been proven, explained, or completely identified, there is extensive information available that indicates that clay used internally stimulates the body's elimination system and supports/stimulates liver function ( see Raymond Dextreit's work which chronicles 30 years of experience in clay use ).

After the 72 hour period, it can be advantageous to:

  • Do the "liver check" by taking a thick clay water, soaking a dressing, and applying it to the liver for twenty minutes. Carefully note any reactions. Pain indicates a remaining and serious imbalance in the liver and fatigue indicates a deficiency in liver function.
  • Be certain the body is being properly hydrated ( throughout the entire period, certainly )
    • Utilize plenty of fresh lemon water, to tolerance, to help adjust the body's PH levels.
  • Utilize any of the number of raw food supportive dietary modifications that are available for safe detoxification
  • Consider using:
    • Extract of Cilantro - 6 eyedroppers full daily or taken abundantly in food sources.
    • L-Glutathione
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid - Every four hours
    • Chlorella - 8 tablets three times daily
      • Note: Chlorella and Cilantro have a synergistic effect when used together, ( according to Dr. Timothy Ray's work which was confirmed by double blind studies conducted by Dr. George Georgiou )
    • Vitamin C - up to 10 grams of ascorbic acid, non-buffered
      • Or, large amounts of a variety of fresh fruits & foods rich in Omega antioxidants
    • Selenium - 400 mcg daily
    • Vitamin E - 800 IU daily all natural
    • Flax Seed Oil
    • Pycnogenol
    • Padma 28 ( based on the above treatment suggestion! )
    • Quality water such as structured water like Penta.
    • Probiotics - Especially for those who have autistic symptoms

Beyond this, further action is up to the individual and certainly the medical staff involved in any treatment. Keep in mind that these suggestions are not given as medical advise.

In some situations, clay baths, clay used internally, and dietary modifications provide extremely rapid relief; in as little a few short weeks. In other cases, long term treatment is needed ( sometimes measured in years ) as the metal concentration in the body is far greater, and thus metals are continuously being released into the body's tissues.

Above all, learn to listen to the body's responses!

To give you an example of the general safety of clay treatment, I ( the author ) personally take an average of two to three bentonite baths weekly.

Whenever considering extensive cleansing programs, it is important that that one not neglect the nutritional requirements of the body, and extensive treatment may require vitamin and mineral supplementation-- this is not currently known for certain, but is always a worthy consideration.

If you have knowledge or experience to add, or experience which contradicts ours, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite

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Mercury Toxicity - Other Cases

An individual elected to have amalgam fillings removed by a non-qualified dentist. Upon returing from the first of two dentist office visits, the individual began to experience symptoms of mercury toxicity including numbness in the body. Upon viewing the data presented in this section, the individual elected to immediately begin clay baths. The symptoms of mercury toxicity were completely alleviated. After the second visit, whereby all of the remaining fillings were removed, the individual immediately took a clay bath using green clay ( bentonite ). All symptoms of mercury toxicity were permanently eliminated, with no further problems reported.

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1-15 of 19 Comments
October 18, 2013 - 21:30

Hello. Can i use bentonite clay with amalgams in my mouth? Tnks

Judy – Georgia
September 10, 2013 - 09:58
Subject: Amalgams

Hi. I have been told that I have some mercury toxicity, and I'm not sure to what extent there may be harm to my body, but I do have a few health issues dealing with digestion,food allergies, & hypothyroidism. But it seems quit expensive to remove all of the amalgam & find a doctor who is proficient in doing so. So my question is would the clay treatment be beneficial if you keep the fillings in? Obviously it would be more beneficial to have it out, but was wondering of your thoughts on that?

Reply to Judy
September 22, 2013 - 13:11
Subject: Re: Amalgams

Of course it will be a great help to you, to do clay baths or clay wraps, but you have to do it quite regularly (though more often/stronger dose in the beginning) since the mercury leaches out daily into your body.

Willow – Fl
May 17, 2013 - 18:50
Subject: Clay types

We enjoy doing bentonite clay baths with apple cider vinegar, lemon essential oil and epsom salt. I read somewhere as long as it was betonite clay that it didn't matter if it was sodium or calcium bentonite as long as it was pure and then another article conradicts that. Could you please tell me which form of bentonite is best for the clay baths.

Thank you.

anita ivette ferrer – browns mills, NJ
March 14, 2013 - 12:11
Subject: Cervical & facil ( Dystonia)

Hello, I've been Suffering from DYSTONIA spasms for over 6 years now. We think it's mercury poisoning or Lyme Disease. Could you tell me if placing healing clay on my throat, neck and jaw everyday help stop the nerves from twitching/convulsing? It's become unmanageable & I need relief!

Reply to anita ivette ferrer
Jason – Las Vegas
March 14, 2013 - 18:08
Subject: Re: Cervical & facil ( Dystonia)

Greetings, Anita:

I have never personally run into anyone that has tried to use clay for this purpose. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try! Look at our poultice page for general instructions on how to make a clay poultice, if you're new to using clay. It's not difficult to do, although it can be a bit sloppy!


October 30, 2012 - 07:22
Subject: are other clays interchangeable?

I was wondering if I can use montmorillonite mixed with kaolin instead of bentonite. This is what I have found in my organic market, sold as "green clay."

Reply to annietay
Eytons Earth
October 30, 2012 - 16:48
Subject: Re: are other clays interchangeable?

Greetings, Annie.

Are you planning on using the clay internally? This wouldn't be my first, second, or third choice, but if the kaolin is high quality, it wouldn't hurt.

Clay diaries – London
October 17, 2012 - 08:37
Subject: re Glacial clay

To be more specific - the clay i'm referring to is and would like to know more about is Canadian Colloidal glacial marine clay.

thanking you

Clay diaries – London
October 17, 2012 - 02:31
Subject: re FDA laws on the sale of clays in the UK

Dear Eytons Earth,

In my search for edible clay in the U.K I have bought Marine Glacial clay- I am not sure if I can use or how to use this clay internally? I have googled but the information is very sparse.
also I have been told that you can use Bentonite clay from 'Potters' or pottery suppliers for the bath - is this advisable - if so what should I be asking for?.
Thanking you

Reply to Clay diaries
Eytons Earth
October 30, 2012 - 16:51
Subject: Re: re FDA laws on the sale of clays in the UK

It can be really hard to find good clay to use for baths and as a supplement in the UK. I wish I could advise you further, but many people end up ordering from the States.

Clay diaries – London
October 16, 2012 - 07:29
Subject: current withdrawal of clays for Uk Retailers

Hi - I have noted the recent removal of clays from clay suppliers in the UK- for example Natural Russia, Whole foods, Neals yard remedies and many more stores we are told its because of the detection of high levels of lead and arsenic. I understand that clay naturally holds a level of metals - is this an over reaction by the Fda regarding new Europeon laws on natural medicines or should we cautious.
Many thanks

Reply to Clay diaries
Eytons Earth
October 16, 2012 - 07:56
Subject: Re: current withdrawal of clays for Uk Retailers


It is certainly an over reaction by government enforcement agencies, demonstrating a complete lack of (or interest in) scientific knowledge regarding how clays are composed, and how they function.

Reply to Clay diaries
Clay diaries – London
October 16, 2012 - 11:17
Subject: Re: current withdrawal of clays for Uk Retailers

Where can I now buy clay in the U.K -
I am finding it difficult to know where to go as some clays are irradiated or addressed as pharmaceutical grade and given that the above companies are no longer selling.

with thanks
Clay diaries

Jill – West Vancouver
November 19, 2011 - 10:09
Subject: Autoimmune

I have suffered for the past year with a diagnosed autoimmune disease called Pleva which results in itchy ulcerated blisters! There is no known cause or allopathic cure! uv treatments are recommended but don't fully reverse systems. I have implemented new diet regimes excluding gluten and dairy, still no huge changes! I started to suspect that perhaps this issue was routed in Meta Toxicity and was set to have the lab tests when I embarked on the fascinating journey of Clay Science! I have been ingesting Bentonate Calcium clay for 3 weeks now and 10 days ago added Clay Baths to the regime! For the first time in a year and a half my skin is clear from horrible blisters! I intend to continue on with my regime and after reading your info will increase my intake! I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this very ancient and wonderful healing tool! Your information is hugely appreciated!

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