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Preparing Raw "Virgin" Bentonite for Use

Natural bentonite


Preparing a pure raw clay is best done differently than one would prepare a refined powder. Pure bentonite taken directly from a vein often resists adsorption of water. Soaking the clay often leads to large clumps which can sit in water indefinitely.

To illustrate, we placed several well sized clay chunks in a thin ceramic dish:

Natural bentonite

Next, a very small amount of water was added to the clay:


Natural bentonite, moistened

The water begins to penetrate the clay instantly. As it does so, the clay begins to expand. This process causes small fissures to form in the clay. As this is repeated, the clay begins to fragment:

Natural bentonite fragmented

This fragmentation allows water to universally penetrate the clay without mixing or further refinement of the process. The clay is then allowed to expand with its unique natural properties undisturbed.

Natural bentonite, about 50% done

We transferred the clay to a larger container to allow for the clay's expansion. This particular natural bentonite swells about five times its original volume.

Natural bentonite about 75% done

We continued to add small amounts of water until no solid clay remained. If one knows the exact ratio of water to clay to be used, the remainder of the water can be added once there are no large solid chunks of clay within the container. Then, the clay mixture can be left to set. Any clumping ( as in the above picture ) will naturally be eliminated with time, provided that enough water has been used.

When clay has been properly prepared, it will form a cohesive whole, and will actually resemble a gelatin substance in that it will have a bounce to it. This effect is hard to describe with words but is easily tested by holding a container filled with clay with one hand, and tapping it with the other. If the mixture lacks water, it will be too dense to have this effect. If there is too much water, a separation between the water and clay will prevent it from occurring. In order to harness the maximum potential of clay for use with healing for external applications, it is necessary that this effect be present; it indicates that clay is acting as a single substance with a uniform electromagnetic field.


Different clays have different swelling characteristics. True calcium bentonites are non-swelling, and hydration is usually easily accomplished by simply adding equal amounts of water by volume.

The end objective when making a clay magma for use in natural medicine is to hydrate the clay enough so that the consistency of the clay is completely uniform ( with no clumping ). The clay is hydrated to the point that it actually becomes a gel, but not so wet that the clay easily seperates ( or falls apart ).

If the clay is not hydrated enough ( such as "thick mud" ), then the charge layers will not form. If the clay is hydrated too much, then the particles lose their cohesion and their combined "collective" effect.

Natural hydrated clay in a glass canning jarEytons' Earth

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Jordan Savage
Sep 2015
First Poster
Jordan Savage says...
Do you actually mine the product yourself?

I'm interested in purchasing some from you.

Thanks Jordan
Apr 2015
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Jason says...
Hi Jordan:

Yes, I can mine raw virgin clay... However, when I do so, I only sell it in bulk... A minimum of 5 five gallon containers. It's also quite a bit more expensive than buying powdered clay.
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