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Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Cansema & Healing Clay


Clay therapy in integrative medicine and Pelotherapy - Heavy Metal Toxicity - Eytons' EarthSource: Eytons' Earth
Authenticity Rating: 10 out of 10
Date: October 2009
Topic: Cansema and Healing Clay for Skin Cancer

Synopsis: An individual was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma near the nose above the left lip. The individual elected to use cansema to kill the tumor, and healing clay to heal the wound, followed by a special Ayurvedic salve to reduce the scar tissue.

We only use CANSEMA, purchased directly from Greg Caton's company "Alpha Omega Herbs" based out of Ecuador.



Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Skin Cancer, Cansema, and Therapeutic Clay

Using the famed "black salve" to eliminate skin cancer must be done after an individual is fully aware of the entire treatment. In some cases (such as this one) treatment can be very painful. Since the wound is naturally healed rather than sutured, the entire process from beginning to end can take a few months. Look for the entire case history report to be published in Volume 2 of, "Upon a Clay Tablet", currently being written.

Case history of mercury toxicity from vaccination

Archive: Skin Cancer Treatment with Black Salve & Healing Clay
A Simple Photo Documentary

Cansema is applied to cover the entire tumor, and left on for a period of 24 hours
A second application was done to be certain the tumor was completely eliminated, despite being advised not to do so!


After the Cansema is removed, the treatment site is gently cleaned.
At this point, the cancer is already destroyed, having been chemically burned


After a period of time (3 weeks+) an eschar forms
and is naturally ejected by the body.


Once the eschar is removed, the area is examined
In this case, there is no visible sign of any further tumor growth(s)


The treatment site was cleaned with oligodynamic silver in hydrosol form


A clay poultice is placed over the entire treatment site
This particular clay is very advanced blend of three different therapeutic clays.

The clay is hydrated with a very advanced water formulation that includes:
50% isolated silver
and 50% water manufactured by using filtered water with a tiny amount of
minerals added back into the water

The isolated silver water is then mixed with the water formulation.
A natural PH modifier is used to shift the water to 4.4 - 4.5 pH

The end modified water is then mixed with the clay to form a clay gel
which is used directly over and in the wound.

Another gallon of this same water formulation was made to use in a spray bottle
for wound cleansing and dressing hydration.


Two thin strips of gauze are added over the clay poultice
The gauze is moistened with the same type of water used to hydrate the clay with.


Medical tape can be used to secure the gauze place
Although this isn't always necessary
The clay is never allowed to dry. A small spray bottle is used
to keep the area wet for as long as the healing clay is kept on-wound
Clay can be changed out as often as needed
In many cases, however, if no draining occurs
A single clay treatment (on this part of the body)
Can last for three or even four hours (including overnight if desired)
The individual in this case history was diligent about
continually using clay all the way up to the point of the wound
being completely healed.


Having removed a clay poultice
No deep debridement of the wound is necessary or advised
A gentle rinse is done...
If tiny amounts of clay are left on-site, that is just fine
Provided that only a small amount of clay is left behind
If too much clay is left to dry on-site, the dehydration process
of the clay can cause tissue damage.


At last, the initial healing is almost complete!
Once healing was completed, clay was still used as needed to soothe the site.
Next, an ayurvedic salve is used topically to begin to reduce scarring.


Two months after the salve use began with several clay poultices a day...
and look: the treatment site is beautiful.
No more skin cancer, no risk of surgical removal of the nose
...a job well done!

Important: Please Read!!!

It has come to our attention that Facebook groups and other forums are linking to this page in order to bolster their own agendas with the use of custom or home-made black salve formulations. Many of these groups claim to be research groups and thus experts on black salve use.

It is shocking to us how little these "groups" and experts actually know about escharotics. No matter how well-intentioned self-proclaimed experts are, we strongly encourage individuals to study from more than one source.

Let me be clear: Any individual that elects to use black salve on skin cancer should spend a GREAT DEAL OF TIME doing THEIR OWN PERSONAL research before doing so. NOT ALL BLACK SALVES work the same. There are many different formulations.

In particular, it seems that salves commonly used in New Zealand and Australia may be very inferior, requiring an individual to apply the salve over and over again for months at a time. THIS IS RARELY NEEDED, and a sign that an inferior salve formulation is being used. This "problem" may be due to the government banning of these types of salves, and self-proclaimed experts not encouraging people to do diligent research (in other words, having a "I'm the expert listen to me" attitude).

Furthermore, running a research group on Facebook is not a good idea. You can't provide accurate and comprehensive information in a news feed format, and then hope that people click over and read the files section.



1. Do you personally recommend that I use black salve on my skin cancer?

I don't know you, so how could I possibly make any recommendations? Using a black salve is a personal choice that should be made after doing diligent research and applying critical thinking. The only time I've personally recommended its use, is to individuals that I know very well, and only after sharing all of the pro's and con's.

2. Do properly formulated black salves actually work?

Yes, they absolutely work. I've never seen or heard of properly formulated black salve not working. When used properly, it is a very efficient and effective way to deal with skin cancers, especially if one is dealing with recurring skin cancers. Surgery risks spreading cancer.

That said, it is seldom a pleasant experience to use black salve. The risks of scarring, sometimes severe, varies person-to-person.

3. My ex-girlfriend's brother-in-law is a Grandmaster Herbalist with a gazillion years of experience. He says "Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about using black salve!" (while this is a bit sarcastic, things like this happen all of the time)

That is by far the worse advice ever. If a person isn't worried before application, they certainly start to get worried very quickly afterwards. If your herbalist expects you to act in-human, then perhaps you need to find one that understands the human condition.

It is perfectly natural to be worried, which is why "you" should have already done a ton of research so that you know exactly what to expect. There is always room for concern and a healthy dose of "worry" when it comes to cancer. So, feel free to worry a little, but keep in mind that there is rarely a reason for panic!

4. Have you personally used black salve? If so, would you do it again?

Yes, I have used both black salve and egg plant extract on skin cancer. In the future, I would elect to use the black salve if it ever becomes necessary.

Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite

Featured: Did You Know...?

  Researchers at the University of New England in Australia claim to have made a surprising discovery. While searching for means to combat a serious stomach disorder common to Australian sheep, they found that "small quantities of a naturally occurring clay, called bentonite, mixed into a sheep's drinking water" not only improved the animal's digestion but increased wool growth, reports The Australian. One of the researchers, Professor Ron Leng, said that a daily dose of a half ounce of bentonite mixed into their drinking water had resulted in increase of up to about one tenth of an ounce a day in a sheep's growth. It is hoped that use of this mixture on sheep nationwide will bring increases in wool production worth millions of dollars.

-AWAKE! 6/22/88


Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite

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Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite





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