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Using the Three Clay External Use Blend


Tecopia Essentia - Making the Perfect Water for Clay Use

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The Water  

Our whole ideological world is centered upon the importance of three things: Water, Earth and Sunshine (or energy). We’ve covered a bit about earth with our clay tutorials and our new clay blends. Now we would like to share just a bit about water.

If you're interested in drinking water, see our blog post: The Ways of Drinking Water

The study of water is called balneology. The study of the therapeutic effects of using water is called balneotherapy. The creator of this product has been a balneologist for about fifteen years.

Just like no two clays are exactly alike in their effect, no two waters are alike. The author finds it amusing and entertaining to watch individuals develop water consciousness. Some individuals can go from water ignorance to water connoisseurs in just a few short hours, given the correct waters to test and contrast. In fact, an individual would be well advised to look at water like collectors look at fine wines. One can spend a lifetime exploring and enjoying the differences. And these differences, while at first subtle, become marked after time and experience.

While we have been trying to replicate natural healing geothermal spring water for many years, we have not been successful. If a user has access to such a high quality water source, then it is this water one should use as the primary base, not the one at the beginning of this tutorial.

Supplies Suggested

Making the Water

The first thing that needs to be achieved with water is its cleanliness. Even if the water is “dead”, (devitalized) through purification, it is vital that the water be exceedingly clean, if at all possible. It is very difficult to filter out substances such as xenoestrogens. These contaminants, and those like them, can affect the health of individuals when present in water in the parts per billion range. Reverse Osmosis or steam distillation with carbon filtering must be used.


To a greater or lesser extent, all surface water on the face of the earth is contaminated. In order to find an uncontaminated water source, one must seek out and discover ancient earth water springs, also sometimes called “primary waters” or even “primordial waters”… springs where the water has not seen the surface of the earth for hundreds of thousands to millions of years. Most fresh water springs, while still good, are still contaminated with at least small amounts of radiation from above-earth surface testing of nuclear warheads.

We do not mean to state that all surface water is dangerous. We just want our readers to be completely informed.

Therefore, reverse osmosis water is preferred, although distilled water will work. Natural spring water, if an individual has examined an actual water analysis to ensure safety, may also be used. The point is to be very aware of exactly what one is beginning with.

Next, the mineral value of the water needs to be restored. With extremely clean water, the goal is simple: Put back into the water the best of what we had to remove during the purification process.

To remineralize the water, we suggest using three to six drops of Liquid Concentrace per gallon of water. We also add about 1/8 - 1/4th of a teaspoonful of mineral salts (see ingredient list above).

It is important that only a minimal amount of salts be added to the water. If one creates salty water, it will result in skin dehydration, which is not the point of this tutorial!

In fact, once the minerals have been added back into the water, perform a taste test. The water should taste like good, and clean water, with perhaps a hint of mineral taste, but NOT salty. It should muscle test (for those who are actually adept at testing) as healthy drinking water.

Whatever method you use to remineralize (this is just one method of several we use) the water, just make sure that the ingredients are free from dangerous contaminants.

Now this base water is much more “alive” than the dead water that existed before, but it still lacks the effects which sunlight and motion (with minute amounts of H2O2) impact, such as with rapidly traveling glacial flow-off water (or high altitude snow run-off river water).

Next, the base water needs to be added to minimum 8 PPM oligodynamic isolated colloidal silver (maximum 25 PPM). Take one gallon of colloidal silver and mix it with the one gallon of base water previously created. In order to save money, we have a tutorial on how to create a suitable external-use colloidal silver in the next section. While this step may be skipped, we highly recommend the exploration of the use of silver.

Next, add one to three drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide to each gallon container. If silver has not been used, then skip the addition of the hydrogen peroxide. ONLY USE THE H2O2 IF SILVER HAS ALSO BEEN USED.

Please note that the amount of H2O2 used is not enough for a highly oxidizing reaction; the H2O2 is extremely diluted. In fact, we are using the H2O2 for two very specific purposes: 1) To break down the silver particles in the solution to even smaller and more active particles and, 2) at the same time, to release activated oxygen (O-) into the water. This process is very similar to what happens with water crashing down in a waterfall. This process starts to structure the water in very unique ways, and the effect can last in-water for up to a few weeks. Every second that passes, the concentration of H2O2 reduces. While it is reducing, a small amount of energy is being released and activated oxygen is being delivered in the water. Furthermore, very complex mineral oxides are being formed.

With the best waters in the world, the energy and/or structure of the water is obtained by a) sunlight, b) geotheothermal heat and pressure, and/or c) kinetic energy from the water being in flow-motion (water flowing in natural flow forms). Remember that in order to really structure water, an active energy source acting in or upon the water MUST be present. Otherwise, chaotic structure always results.

Thus, we are in fact powering this water with a very natural chemical reaction between the H2O2 and silver, on a micro-particle scale. Rich, activated oxygen being infused in the water is the byproduct. On a particle scale, we are achieving a natural motion that can easily be seen and studied with a simple laser pen (known as the Tyndall effect).

We will leave it up to the clay itself to finalize the structure of the water according to its own quite complex and mysterious transducing methods.

Now that we have infused the base water with both the amazing properties of oligodynamic silver, and have enriched the water with pure oxygen, and powered it with a slow burning reaction, it needs to be loaded with hydrogen and PH balanced exactly for use with the skin.

The modulation of the water can be accomplished using the “acid side” of freshly ionized water. However, we do not recommend that individuals use standard water ionizers to accomplish this task without a very in-depth study of the pro’s and con’s of standard water ionization technologies.

Instead, we recommend that Alpha Omega Labs H3O be used. It is an affordable product with astounding properties; perfect for our use here.

Add two drops of H3O to each gallon of water at a time. Use a PH meter (or PH strips) to check the PH of the water. Keep adding a few drops of H3O to the water (allowing a few moments for the H3O to disperse) until you achieve a water PH of 4.4. This is the exact same PH as natural honey.

The clay blend harnesses both acidic and alkaline clays. After mastery, individuals can experiment to dropping the PH of the water used even lower if so desired. For, after hydration, the clay and water will be between 5-6 PH. Compare this to the alkalinity of between 8.5 – 10 PH of most cosmetic clays.

Once this has been completed, the water is finished. It is now ready to mix with clay and also to use in a spray bottle on the skin.

Other Research Documents


Very Basic Electrically Isolated Silver Creation Tutorial - A simple method to create "colloidal" silver that is very sufficient for external use. Please note that a higher quality product may be produced in bulk using a CS generator such as The SG7 Colloidal silver Generator from silvergen.com

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