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Diabetic with a Staph Infection

Healing clay cures a seriously infected toe...

Clay therapy in integrative medicine and Pelotherapy - Heavy Metal Toxicity - Eytons' EarthSource: Cano Graham
Authenticity Rating: 100%
Correspondence Date: December 2007

Synopsis: Monte Ross, a 68 year old male with Diabetes, used healing clay to heal a severely infected toe that was being treated by wound care specialists. After unsuccessful treatment, the medical staff made the decision to amputate the toe. The day before the surgergy, Cano introduced Monte to clay therapy. After one week, there was a marked improvement. After 35 days, Monte was released from medical care.

In our experience, Monte's experience is NOT an 'exception to the rule'. We would expect to see such results each and every time, especially if the wound has been properly debrided. Of course, we would also strongly suggest the use of electrically isolated silver and ozone for the toughest cases.


Date: December 2007
From: Cano Graham
Format: Email
To: Eytons' Earth Research
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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Monte Ross and my Wife is Connie. I am a 68 year of diabetic with an ongoing problem of poor circulation that results in numbness in my feet. 

In June 2007 we were living in West Yellowstone, Montana and very busy preparing to move to Burnet, Texas.  Connie noticed I was tracking spots of blood on our kitchen floor.  To our dismay we found a sizeable cut on the bottom of my right big toe containing all sorts of debris and a deep cut.  I didn’t feel anything. 

Connie doctored my toe often with an antibiotic cream but the nasty cut wasn’t healing and began to have a sickening odor.  We were concerned about the toe, plus my blood sugar was jumping all over the place. After only a few hours into our trip to Texas I started getting overly tired and weak along with severe dizzy spells.  Connie had to drive us to Texas. The second day we were in Burnet I began to have real strong chills. I was outside getting some sun when the chills became violent.  Suddenly, I passed out and didn’t remember anything until I woke up in the emergency ward at the Seton Hospital in Burnet. After two days the Doctors in Burnet evaluated the condition of my toe as being so serious as to need a specialist.  They transferred me to Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas. 

When the Wound Care Specialist opened up the top of my toe they found an infectious hole running through the flesh and out the bottom.  Consequently, fluid to clean the hole went in the top and came out the bottom.

 I had an ugly staph infection which was “a very bad smelling mess.”  They treated me with a lot of antibiotics for a few days, but the condition was getting noticeably worse. 

Dr. Timothy Gueramy, Who is an Orthopedic Surgeon, and Dr. J. Todd Bagwell, who is an Infectious Disease Consultant decided it was necessary to amputate the toe in order to save the foot.

My brother Jerry Ross told me about a friend of his named Cano Graham who is the author of the book ‘The Clay Disciples.’  Jerry felt I should talk to him.  Mr. Graham came to see me on October 5, 2007 and discussed the subject of using a particular clay therapeutically to stop the infection.  He got my attention because it so happen I was scheduled for surgery the following day.

I told the physicians that I at least wanted to try the clay before they took my toe off.  They agreed to try…….but the hospital administration declared I couldn’t use clay in the hospital.  I was sent home with the serious admonition that if the toe didn’t show immediate improvement, then quick amputation was mandatory.

The Girling home care people came on a regular basis with  IV antibiotics etc..  Mr. Graham suggested Connie push his clay into and though the hole and apply the clay four times a day and a generous amount last through the night.

After a week, the Girling nurses and the Doctors at Seton were (in their words) ‘amazed’ at the marked improvement.  After only thirty five days of clay therapy both Drs. agreed…..  “We don’t understand how his clay works……but it works.”  Then came the words Connie and I wanted to hear. 

“Mr. Ross, you’re healing up just fine and out of danger. We’re releasing you from our care.”
Connie and I are extremely thankful for my brother telling us about Cano and his Therapeutic Clay.  Our prayers were answered!



Monte & Connie Ross


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