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  Researchers at the University of New England in Australia claim to have made a surprising discovery. While searching for means to combat a serious stomach disorder common to Australian sheep, they found that "small quantities of a naturally occurring clay, called bentonite, mixed into a sheep's drinking water" not only improved the animal's digestion but increased wool growth, reports The Australian. One of the researchers, Professor Ron Leng, said that a daily dose of a half ounce of bentonite mixed into their drinking water had resulted in increase of up to about one tenth of an ounce a day in a sheep's growth. It is hoped that use of this mixture on sheep nationwide will bring increases in wool production worth millions of dollars.

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The Stinging Trees of Australia

Rapid Pain Relief with Healing Clay

Clay therapy in integrative medicine and Pelotherapy - Heavy Metal Toxicity - Eytons' Earth
: Our Friends Down Under
Authenticity Rating: 100%
Date: March 2009
Location: Far North Queensland, Australia
Clay Source: Email us for details

Synopsis: A stinging tree wound is treated with healing clay. What would have caused pain and suffering for a few weeks was quickly relieved by the use of clay poultices.



Date: March 2009
From: Wendy Everett
Format: Email
Location: Far North Queensland, Australia


We have a large block of land of 36 acres and our driveway is 300 mtrs long, after the recent downpour this wet season it washed a lot of our driveway away, so my husband started to clear the road and the sides along the road. Both my Husband and I know there are 'stinging trees' along that particular strip of bush so He was on the lookout for them.   I warned he better wear long pants but he doesn't like them in the heat to work in.

Needless to say a stinging tree bit him (we believe they actually attack people) it was so little it couldn't be seen amongst the shrub. Now if you experience a stinging tree it is unbearable pain for at least a week and thereafter in hot water for a few months, no sleep can be had the first 3 or more nights...anyway he was “got” around the knee and upper leg so we packed that area in thick clay and wrapped it in plastic and left it on overnight.  There was some discomfort overnight but nothing like would have normally been felt. 

 In the morning we washed it off and did another clay poultice the same for the day time and by that night it could not be felt.   One more poultice for that night and on awakening the next morning it was completely gone bar some itching a little.

He was amazed as he has been “got” by these trees before and has suffered for days and weeks. He is now a Clay Disciple.

Thank you so much for everything.

- Wendy Everett, March 2009


Australian Stinging Trees & Shrubs: Dendrocnides

Stinging Tree - Fruit
Stinging Nettle Hairs

Stinging Trees Fruit
Many indigenous animals may eat the fruit
without experiencing discomfort

Stinging Nettle Hairs / Needles
Photo by Dr. John Meade, weed scientist emeritus
Rutgers Cooperative Extension


Nettle Hairs - Made from Silica


Stiging Tree / BushTiny silica hairs cover the fruit, stems, and leaves of the various species of stinging trees and shrubs located in the rain forests of Southeast Queensland, Australia. Upon contact, the tips of these tiny tubes break off, and a bulb located at the base of the nettle releases neurotoxins, literally pumping them into the skin. Acetylcholine, Histamine, and Serotonin (5-Hydroxytriptamine) are known components of the neurotoxins.

While there have been reports of death being caused by stinging trees, only one human fatality has been confirmed. The neurotoxin is known to effect humans, horses and dogs, which are not indigenous to Australia.

How bad is the sting itself?

There is one report of a military officer actually shooting himself to try to end the pain. Another individual needed to be restrained in bed for three weeks.

The silicon hairs are so tiny that, once the hairs are embedded in the body, the skin can quickly close over them.

How can clay help?

It is likely that the clay can directly draw out the nuerotoxins at the injection site. Furthermore, due to an unknown mechanism, clay can also help to actually prevent or reduce the metabolic response at the location ( inlcuding actions such as pain and swelling ). Furthermore, the clay will act to open up the skin around the needles, and assist in the easy and painless extraction of the tiny hairs.





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Featured: Did You Know...?


... That a rocket scientist turned health strategist is helping to pioneer new detoxification protocols for heavy metal poisoning based on scientific inquiry into ancient man? Roy Mankovitz, author of "The Wellness Project, A Rocket Scientist's Blueprint for Health", offers a compelling exploration into human health and wellness. What makes this treatise on human nutrition different? It is based on applied scientific theory and principles, centered upon the original successful survival instincts of human kind, traced back to an era before mankind was smart enough to interfere with nature.

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