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Welcome to Eytons' Earth: Tecopia Essentia

Using the "Edible" Two Clay Blend


Tecopia Essentia - Using the Two Clay B lend

available from www.greenclays.com


This blend of clays has been specially formulated for maximum effectiveness for supplementation… naturally. We’ve taken two of the most heralded edible calcium bentonite/Montmorillonite clays in North America , and combined them into one product for use as an internal supplement.

This blend features a widely studied red sedimentary calcium bentonite/montmorillonite mined in California and our signature calcium volcanic-origin green calcium bentonite/montmorillonite.

The red calcium bentonite is a favorite supplement for its proven ability to deliver macro, micro, and trace minerals into the body. What makes it unique? Its incredibly small particle sizing and distribution. The average particle size of the clay is 0.2 microns in diameter. When hydrated, each of those particles becomes negatively charged, like all clay colloids. It is the small particle sizing of this particular calcium bentonite that contributes to a very high zeta potential (electrical charge) and also provides for a greater bioavailability of minerals, as demonstrated by comparative research done with animals.

Finally, our own Amargosian green calcium bentonite is widely celebrated for its properties; more modern books and papers have been written about this clay in the last five years than any other clay that we are aware of. It is extremely chemically clean clay that has been protected by a zeolite cap for millions of years. It is mined in the Mojave desert , just outside of Death Valley Natural Park .

These two clays combined are the “yin and yang” of the edible calcium bentonites sourced in North America .

Preparing Clay || External Use || Internal Use || Testimonials || Technical Info

How to Prepare Clay

One standard dose is equivalent to between one teaspoonful of clay and one tablespoonful of clay, depending upon tolerance and personal preference.

While clay may be taken dry, the standard method of preparation is to add one standard dose to eight ounces of clean water, in a glass or ceramic drinking glass. Mix the clay into the water, avoiding contact with metal and/or chemicals. Once the clay has equally dispersed into the water, it is ready to be consumed.

An alternative preparation method is to mix one part clay and about one part water, in order to make a gel. This method is not preferable to most users. For those who need to take clay with meals (see below), however, it is the best method. Using only a small amount of water prevents the water from diluting the HCL in the stomach. It also prevents the stomach from cooling down, which can effect digestion.

Dry clay, in a sealed, air-tight container has no shelf life, provided it is stored in a cool, climate controlled, dry environment.

Clay may be prepared (prehydrated) in advance for convenience. We recommend, as a precaution, that prehydrated clay only be stored for a month or so; and ideally it should be stored in a clean, sealed, air-tight container made out of glass or ceramic materials. If the clay is mixed with clean water and maintains a stable colloidal state it will remain useable for longer periods of time as long as it is stored properly.

Using Clay Externally

To use clay for externally, including for compresses, poultices, clay packs and cosmetics, first prepare a clay gel or magma. With this blend, a clay magma or gel can be prepared by mixing one part clay to one part water. For a more fluid consistency, a bit more water may be used.

Do not allow hydrated clay to come in prolonged contact with metal, or any chemicals. Mix and store in an airtight sealed glass or ceramic jar for best results. For best results, cover the open container with cheese cloth and set the clay in direct sunlight for one or two hours prior to use.

To make a compress or for clay wraps, add water to the clay magma until the desired consistency is achieved. Thoroughly soak a clean, white dressing in the clay. Alternately, completely baste one side of a clean, white dressing with clay. Use as desired directly on the body.

To use as a poultice or pack, apply the clay magma onto a clean dressing at least ¼ of an inch thick. Apply to the body as needed. Generally, each clay pack should be applied for at least 20 minutes. Discontinue use if abnormal discomfort is experienced. Gently clean area treated after the clay has been removed.

Further Research links:

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How to use Clay Externally –Mastering Clay Use Externally.

Suggested Internal Clay Supplement Use

The use of clay internally is dependent upon individual circumstances. Below, we have outlined some suggestions, based on the collective experience of countless individuals who have reported their experiences.

Please remember that clay use internally has been a human practice since before the dawn of human civilization; there is no single right way to take clay.


For a Healthy Lifestyle / Maintenance


Only small amounts of clay are generally required for those who wish to use a clay supplement as a natural part of a healthy lifestyle.

Clay taken once to twice daily, three to five times a week, is a sufficient amount.

Healthy individuals with healthy diets correct for their individual lifestyle and metabolism should take clay on an empty stomach to maximize the supplement’s effectiveness.

Clay should preferably be taken two hours before or after any other supplements.


For Individuals with Ailing Digestive Systems


Individuals who have chronic issues with the colon should work up to taking clay once first thing in the morning, and once prior to sleep. Many people will also need to take clay in between one meal on an empty stomach. Seek guidance from a medical doctor; take clay at least two hours separate from any medications. This usage schedule is dependent upon tolerance, and should be continued while an individual is experiencing acute systems.

This blend of clay works perfectly with healthy digestive systems. A perfectly healthy digestive system results in one perfectly formed bowel movement which eliminates quickly and without effort for each meal eaten during the previous day.

Very few individuals in the modern world have perfect digestive systems. The more compromised the stomach, small intestine, and colon, the greater the response will be to introducing edible clay into the diet. Clay will work to help restore balance to the digestive system, but this may not occur without assistance.

Using edible clays does not directly cause constipation. This blend does not include sodium bentonite. However, those individuals who have extremely weak digestive systems may begin to experience constipation as the clay works in the large intestine. This is a sign that clay supplementation is a good idea, not that clay supplementation should be abandoned.

There are a few methods of handling this situation.

  1. The muscles of the colon must be strengthened, and the entire colon stimulated. Acquire Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula Number One. Follow Dr. Schulze’s instructions for using this product, while continuing with clay supplementation (continuing clay use every day, OR by following the 2 nd suggestion below).
  2. Stagger clay use in order to allow the body to function properly. Use clay on day 1, 2, and 3. Stop use on day 4, 5, 6, and 7. Resume clay use on day 8, 9, 10, and 11. Pause for day 12, 13, and 14. An individual can repeat this cycle ad infinitum provided that chronic constipation does not occur.

Discontinue use of clay supplement if constipation continues; always seek medical care in the event of chronic constipation. Please remember that this is our professional formulation, and it works best with a holistic health program and/or healthy lifestyle.

Discontinue clay use at night if clay effects sleep patterns (this can be a temporary effect of clay use).

Very few people use clay internally three to four times daily for long periods of time; this usage schedule is recommended only for periods of digestive distress.

For Individuals with Food Intolerances

Individuals who regularly experience food intolerances (not allergies) often greatly enjoy taking a standard dose of clay with each and every meal.

Temporary Stomach Problems

A glass of clay water, or a spoonful of clay magma, may be taken at the onset of any stomach upset, even if done on the way to one’s emergency room or primary health care provider, unless otherwise directed by an emergency services official.


Clay supplements contain iron, and should not be used by individuals with iron intolerance.

Clay use should be medically supervised in a case where the individual is on kidney dialysis.

Like any fine mesh product, avoid breathing clay dust.

Clay use can potentially interfere with medications. Only take clay after life-sustaining medications have fully digested and metabolized. Usually, two hours is sufficient; check with the prescribing physician or pharmacist.

Discontinue use immediately if clay supplementation causes any discomfort.

Further Notes

It is always beneficial to allow clay to fully hydrate before using the clay. Many naturopaths also believe that it is beneficial to allow hydrated clay to sit in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour, prior to use. Both of these suggestions are good ideas, but neither is actually required. Clay may be used immediately upon hydration when necessary. In emergency situations, clay can be force-mixed for use within minutes.

This clay out performs some of the most supreme European cosmetic clays for clay wraps, and is available at a fraction of the costs. With a far greater “pulling power” than most clay wrap clays, our clay is used by some of the finest spas in the world for slimming and detox clay wraps. Sea clay wraps can easily be made with premium quality sea salts added to water and mixed with clay.

Further Research

Edible Clay Used by Primitives – Some history on edible clay use.


Edible Clay Used by Primitives – Edible Clay Use and Digestion.

Cano Graham and The Clay Disciples – Book about one individual’s journey with clay therapy.

Links to Other Critical Books of Interest – Both “Restoring Your Digestive Health”, and “The Wellness Project” should be of great interest to those who are interested in researching how to heal the body’s metabolism and digestive system.

Dr. Schulze – Intestinal Formula #1 – Dr. Schulze’ website.

OtherTechnical Research Documents


Green Clay Minerology Report/Analysis - Red Desert Clay Minerology Report

Red Clay Minerology Report/Analysis - Red Desert Clay Minerology Report


How to find bentonite and other healing clays...

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