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Water, Earth and Sunshine
Healing Clays, Sacred Waters and Natural Energy


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Natural artesian hotspring rich in natural bentonite

The image to left depicts a natural artesian hot spring deep in the far reaches of the Mojave desert. The natural organic mud ( as apposed to just clay ) below, coal-black in color, is rich in bentonite and relatively low in sulphur, providing an extremely unique externally used detoxifying agent. Natural muds cannot be removed from their source without losing many of the properties that are constantly maintained by the fragile ecosystem. The water, rising to the ground at about 116 degrees F., is estimated to be 1.5 million years old, and is heated from a magma chamber deep within the Earth.

Natural bentonite-rich mud
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Our Purpose

Where We Came From

Unique eco-environments often contain rare natural substance of profound use in natural medicine...

The first hint of Eytons' Earth began when Eytons' Earth founder, Jason R Eaton, developed a severe skin condition in 1988 which no dermatologist could cure.  After a host of antibiotic and acid treatments, jason left the comforts of the realm of modern medicine in search of an alternate solution.  During the period 1989 - 1993 countless hours were spent in extensive research into metaphysics, which eventually led to a personal discovery of therapeutic grade bentonite late in 1993; Jason literally stumbled into a natural deposit in the middle of the night!

On that same autumn eveninghe tried an application of this natural clay while soaking in a well hidden natural hotspring pool deep in the far and silent reaches of the Mojave Desert.  Within minutes he experienced the first pain-free moment in four years.

By 1994 Jason had collected a majority of the public research material available worldwide regarding the medical and healing uses of living clay; from the ancient rites of the Egyptians to the modern laboratory studies conducted mainly in the 1970's - 1980's. Jason began experimenting with cosmetic blends borrowing mostly from French sources.

Late in 1994 a business concept was developed for marketing a world-class quality healing clay for cosmetic use.  The name of the proposed business was to be The Tecopia Cosmetica Company. Changing circumstances led to the abandonment of this initial idea, although eventually Eytons' Earth's own private products eventually derived names from the original concept ( Tecopia Cosmetica, Tecopia Medica, Tecopia Essentia ).

At the same time, unusual circumstances led Eytons' Earth's founder into the exploration of more serious healing applications of bentonite.  A soon-to-be good friend approached me with the news she was diagnosed with a terminal illness which the medical establishment could do nothing to arrest.  Our work with metaphysics and healing clay produced a cure within two weeks of the diagnosis, and to this day ( five years later ) she remains in perfect health.

Jason was both frightened and awed at the possibilities, completely at a loss for a reasonable explanation for what he had witnessed.  He stepped up his research, intuitive and experiential in nature, and continued an exploration with advanced healing when circumstances allowed.  In September of 1996, Jason and his partner left for a one year trip to the Death Valley region, CA, where they eventually started Eytons' Earth at a local Hot Springs Resort.

Slowly Jason started formulating theories on the nature of healing clay for human use, based largely upon historic use and personal observation. Working with a wide variety of people with conditions ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to sports injuries to recovery from surgery, he began to understand the full scope of bentonite for healing.

On June 25, 1997, they left the Death Valley Region and headed for New Mexico with the idea that healing with living clay should be free; and if not free, extremely cost effective.  With a plan to use Eytons' Earth natural cosmetics to fund a not-for-profit effort in researching and treating a wide variety of conditions, they landed in Albuquerque, NM.

In April 2002, Eytons' Earth was again relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jason went on to write the first of two landmark publications on clay therapeutics, entitled "Upon a Clay Tablet, The Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay", Volume 1 and 2 (Pending).

Published in October of 2009, Upon a Clay Tablet, Volume I, is the definitive guide to using therapeutic clay, and represents a lifetime of both practical experience and scientific inquiry. Volume I comprises a two book set designed as an introduction to healing clays. Book 1 includes a book of short stories and correspondences. Book 2 is an exploration into clay therapeutics, and provides extensive information on some of the best healing clays in the world, and the some of wonderful people who have learned how to use them. Book two also includes a section of some of the most convincing scientific studies ever conducted designed to document some of the therapeutic properties of healing clay. "Never again will mankind lose the ancient and profound art of healing with the living earth", notes Jason, who founded Eytons' Earth to preserve the knowledge of clay therapy and to freely provide this knowledge for the benefit of the people of the world. "This is an art form that should always remain in the hands of the people and be used for the people." Upon a Clay Tablet teaches a return to origins, a return to the land itself, and explores the use of water, earth and sunshine as the most powerful substances in nature to support vital health.

...Eytons' Earth and related projects continue to expand, encompassing all of the realm of cost-effective natural medicine.

In 2009, Jason started a wholesale clay business featuring world class clays from North America and France, including signature clay blends under the brand of Tecopia Essentia:

Healing & Therapeutic Clays
Mirror website: www.therapy-clays.com

An extensive online usage guide is being developed here: Tecopia Essentia Healing Clays

To this day Jason still enjoys the vast and seemingly lonely desert-scapes where the great silences pour...


Jason R Eaton, Death Valley CA 2009
Founder of Eytons' Earth, Jason R. Eaton, Death Valley, CA, April 2009


At a Marta Becket performance, Amargosa Opera House, April 2009

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Eytons' Earth

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Healing Clay has been used in France, Australia, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe for centuries in native natural medicine arts.



We have a coresearch project for those located in the Las Vegas, Nevada area...


Eytons' Earth




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...that edible therapeutic clay and fermented cabbage juice make a great combination. Explore the benefits of using a supreme natural and home-brew probiotic along with your choice clay supplement!
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