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Healing Clay - Personalities

Interesting Pelotherapy & Clay Therapy Practitioners

Using healing clay...

Do you enjoy using healing clays? If so, you're in excellent company!

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Mahatma Gandhi, Clay Practitioner

Mahatma Gandhi - Clay Therapy Practitioner

Gandhi possessed more than 25 years of experience using healing clays in natural medicine.


V. E. Irons

V.E. Irons ( V Earl Irons ) - Pioneer / Cleansing & Supplments

V.E. Irons was one of the great early pioneers in the supplement industry in the United States. He ( and his company ) was the first ( to the best of our knowledge ) to introduce a USP Grade Bentonite product, for use in internal cleansing programs. His original seven day fast and colonics cleansing program is still recommended today.

The Vita-Rox product line is still available, including the Vita-Rox Detoxificant #16, which is a wisely processed and pre-hydrated sodium bentonite, USP grade. V.E. Iron's Vita-Rox Bentonite Detoxificant #16.

V.E. Irons based his product line on a nutritional philosphy categorized in 3 sections, composed of exactly seven primary concepts: Faiths, Beliefs, Thoughts, Air, Water, Drink, and Food.

"SPIRITUALLY - We are basically the SUM TOTAL of our innermost and continued FAITHS AND BELIEFS

MENTALLY - We are basically the SUM TOTAL of our innermost and repeated THOUGHTS. 'As ye think in your heart, so are ye!'

PHYSICALLY - We are basically the SUM TOTAL of the PHYSICAL materials - FOOD, DRINK, AIR, AND WATER."


Dr. Teruo Higa

Dr. Teruo Higa - Effective Microrganisms

"Clay is an electrically charged colloid which, when its electrical properties become dense, assumes the form of a template capable of duplicating information possessed by the microorganisms. The theory that life originated from clay can be said to have its origins in the fact that clay does have the capacity to accept and fix (bind within itself) a multiplicity of diverse electronic resonance or information."

Dr. Higa is a pioneer in horticultural research, and has developed a line of products which include combining fired clays with effective micrograngisms.




Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce - "The Sleeping Prophet"

Edgar Cayce recommended the use of clay for a wide variety of conditions, including eye and spinal conditions ( external treatments ).

Read more: Edgar Cayce on Healing Clays





Mahatma Gandhi, Clay Practitioner

Max Gerson - "The Gerson Institute"

Max Gerson recommended healing clay for a wide variety of conditions. To this day, the Gerson Institute utilizes Terramin ( a red calcium bentonite ), including clay compresses to help address liver cancer.


Mahatma Gandhi, Clay Practitioner

Weston A. Price - The Weston A. Price Foundation

Famed author of the landmark book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, published in 1939, researcher Weston A. Price documented extensive use of natural clays by non-industrialized "indigenous" peoples across the world. Dr. Price dedicated his life to studying the relationship between diet and degenerative health conditions.

Specifically, Dr. Price quickly recognized that indigenous peoples' used clays internally to prevent upset stomachs and help maintain healthy digestive systems.

Today, his foundation continues to preserve his work educating people about health, nutrition, and quality farming practices.


Mahatma Gandhi, Clay Practitioner

Geronimo, The Apaches & The SW Native American Tribes

Clays were widely used by the indigenous tribes of North America. In fact, Geronimo and his tribe's people, host to an annual meeting of the tribes in Southern New Mexico at the Seven Sacred Hot Springs ( located in what today is known as Truth or Consequences ), would gather a white clay from the local area to be used in spiritual and purification ceremonies at this rare peaceful meeting between tribes ( some of which were normally often in a state of conflict ).

The masterful rendition of Geronimo painted to the left was rendered by fine artist M. S. Franco. Please visit the artwork of fine artist M. S. Franco.

Traditionally, the women of the southwest tribes preserved the art of mixing and using clays for therapeutic purposes. Today, much of the knowlege once possessed by the natives of North America has been lost.


Patrick Flanagan

Noted researcher and inventor Patrick Flanagan documented that the diets of Hunza people, located in the far reaches of the Himalayan mountains, contained a daily supply of minute particles of natural clay and silver. He hypothesized that their excellent health was partially due to these substances, which originated directly from their drinking water supply.

Patrick Flannagan eventually developed his own patented "micro waters" based on this and subsequent research.


Ray Pendergraft - Founder of Pascalite

Ray & Peggy Pendergraft, having accidently discovered the great benefits of a white Wyoming calcium bentonite, founded the company "Pascalite". Ray eventually wrote an interesting book on clay, entitled "More Precious than Gold".


Earth Cures, Raymond Dextreit

Raymond Dextreit - Naturopath & Author of "Earth Cures"

The most famous and most experienced clay therapist known in the history of the world, French Naturopath Raymond Dextreit is singularly responsible for the modern resurgence of healing clay as natural medicine art form in the western world. Raymond wrote the landmark handbook called "Our Earth, Our Cure", which was translated into English and later retitiled "Earth Cures".

Raymond's 30+ years of experience with healing clays was coupled with an uncanny ability to observe, document, and correlate clay's physiological action with the principles of both natural medicine and "modern" allopathic medicine. A master of observation, "modern progress" in the art and science of clay therapy would not have been possible without Dextreit's core observations.


Healing Power of Clay, Michel Abehsera

Michel Abehsera

Noted author and Zen Macrobiotic cook, Michel Abehsera co-authored "Our Earth, Our Cure" with Raymond Dextreit, and eventually went on to publish "The Healing Power of Clay".


Healing Power of Clay, Michel Abehsera

Ran Knishinsky

Ran Knishinksy, founder of NutraConsulting in Phoenix, Arizona, wrote the book "The Clay Cure"


Healing Power of Clay, Michel Abehsera

Dr. Neva Jensen Jensen, N.D., D.C., Ph.D.

German scientist Neva Jensen studied a red calcium montmorillonite mined in California, and based on her research wrote the book "The Healing Power of Living Clay".


Healing Power of Clay, Michel Abehsera

David Hudson - Eccentric Texas Millionaire

David Hudson spent a countless fortune studying natural monoatomic materials after discovering a previously unclassifiable substance on his property. Eventually, he determined that there were only a few substances naturally rich in monoatomic metals. The most notable are natural, unprocessed aloe vera, and natural clays.

Excerpt from a telephone interview:

David Hudson: Well it's a natural metal deposit and not tailings. Its never been mined.

binga: Oh, so this is like out of a vein?

David Hudson: No. It's a volcanic upheaval. Immense.

binga: It's sort of like what these other naturally occurring people are claiming they are getting theirs from too.

David Hudson: Right. It's exactly what these naturally occurring people are claiming.

binga: Oh, it is! So it's the same stuff that's just been processed?

David Hudson: No--we are starting with rock. We are doing exactly what they are trying to do.

binga: They are just digging it out of the ground and putting it in bottles, from what I understand. There is no processing to it.

David Hudson: Now that shows how stupid they are. They need to spend about $5 million dollars and learn how to separate it from each other. That's the products they call ISIS White Powder Gold or Etherium Gold--that's what they are doing. From what I understand they are getting it from actually a dry lake bed. And they are just scooping the white powder up off of the dry lake bed.



Healing Power of Clay, Michel Abehsera

Emma Kunz -Aion A

Emma Kunz, noted artist and healer, discovered Aion A, a rare healing rock, using a form of kinesiology ( a pendulum ).

Aion A is a specially processed product of purely natural origin in the form of a mineral powder which evolved over millions of years in the Baden Basin. It is now quarried in the Roman Stone Quarries at Wurenlos ( near Zurch ), cleansed, refined and milled to a fine powder.

Aion A is approved by SwissMedic for external application.

Website: The Emma Kunz Center.





Professor Alexandar Graham Cairns-Smith

Professor Alexandar Graham Cairns-Smith, a noted chemist, originated the theory that all biological life originated in hydrated clay. His "crystal matrix" hypothesis was outlined in the books "Clay Minerals and the Origin of Life", and "Seven Clues to the Origin of Life".

Professor Cairns-Smith, however, does not accept that clays have any potential curative powers.




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