How to Make a “Ginger Shot” Elixir for Digestion


A “ginger shot” or ginger elixir is a fantastic digestive system aid.  Simply take about one ounce (a shot) of this Aryurvedic formula a few minutes prior to eating.   The lemon/ginger combination delivers quite a punch which is perfectly tempered by the raw honey used in the formulation.  This addictive elixir has components which both warm and sooth the stomach as well as stimulate the release of gastric juices.

Supplies Needed

Ginger Shot Supplies

1.  Four to six lemons

2.  1-4 pieces of ginger root

3.  1/4 cup of raw organic honey

4.  1/4 teaspoonful of Black pepper

5.  1 cup of purified water

5.  A masticating juicer for the ginger


Make one cup of fresh lemon juice (using a hand juicer).

Make one cup of fresh ginger root juice (using a masticating juicer).

Mix the ginger juice and lemon juice with the water in a large bowel.  Add the black pepper and honey.  Use a whisk to fully blend the honey and pepper with the juice.

Refrigerate in sealed glass  once completely mixed.

Tip:  For added benefit, add just a touch of heat (cayenne/turmeric/etc.).

Ginger Shot


The ginger shot is part of phase 2 of the Eytons’ Earth Digestive System Recovery and Detox Program.

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1 thought on “How to Make a “Ginger Shot” Elixir for Digestion”

  1. I’ve found ginger to be especially effective for congestion up to the ears.

    Specialties I’ve noticed for clearing congestion using spicy plants:
    Wasabi: nasal/sinus
    Cayenne: cardiovascular
    Ginger: ears, digestive
    Pippali (long pepper): upper respiratory tract, cardiovascular
    Black Pepper: similar to pippali, but sharper heat and more general action

    Ginger’s great for way more than that, though! It certainly is one of the best digestive aids… and I’ve been told it works wonders for sea sickness and morning sickness. I never read or heard anything about ginger and the ears, but it’s worked for me very well!

    Thanks for the blog entry!

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