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Eytons' Earth Nutrition and Detoxification Study Program

with an Introduction to The Eytons' Earth Foundation
Updated on 9/17/2018


Please Note: The official online support community for the study material, as well as the official foundation, will not likely be live for several years. Interested individuals can contact us by email and request free access to the nutrition and detoxification study guide, provided that they agree to provide independent feedback. There is no support at this time. Please review the material below completely before proceeding.


The ideology is complete and simple:

1. Fuel your body perfectly, giving it only what it needs, but giving it everything that it does need.

2. This requires obtaining accurate information and then developing new behavior patterns/habits.

3. Place your body in "detox mode", and then cleanse your digestive tract, and your blood.

4. Listen to how the body responds, and then adjust accordingly.

5. (Advanced) Give the body what it needs as additional support to restore itself and heal; cleanse the soft tissues and lymph system.


"The goal of this basic nutritional and detoxification study program is to learn how to eat healthy by enacting the wise traditions of our ancestors, making modifications as necessary based on accurate scientific knowledge.  This program will help you break free from food addictions permanently, and almost effortlessly. 

It will teach you how to fuel your body as a machine (there is no starvation diet).  It will teach you exactly how to reach your ideal weight, and maintain it.  You will learn how to safely cleanse the body.  Having done this program for a period of about four months, you will then have the ability, knowledge and understanding to move forward from this point based on your own lifestyle and fitness goals."

- from the forward to the 120 Day Nutritional and Detoxification Study Program.

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Read the introduction to the Eytons' Earth Foundation


Personal Introduction from Eytons' Earth Founder Jason R. Eaton

Growing up, my nutritional state from birth to my early teens was excellent. My father worked, my mother stayed at home, and we ate very well; so well that I hardly paid any attention to it at all.

Then, my mother went back to school and my father continued working long hours. Like many of the kids in my generation, fast food became my normal, regular food choice. This included those terrible "T.V. dinners" that became popular in the1980's. At a period when I should have been learning the very useful skill of cooking and food preparation, what I learned instead was that there wasn't enough time to bother with food preperation, especially when affordable fast food was always just around the corner.

This set me up for some dire consequences later in lfe. I simply did not have the skill set or the knowledge to eat healthy, even when I had the desire to do so. Luckily, my studies into herbology, natural medicine, and alternative medicine gave me a fantastically broad set of medicinal tools. These tools allowed me to become pretty competent at using band aids, duct tape, paper clips and bubble gum to deal with health challenges.

As I entered my late twenties, I knew that things had to change. I had already been searching for a unified system of nutrition for quite a few years. However, the more I studied, the more confusing diet and nutrition became. Every system that I studied had glaring flaws. The contradictory information available was often paralyzing. Looking into the scientific research, I realized that there was a lot of widely accepted "bad science" out there. This made looking at nutrition from a scientific viewpoint very problematic. It seemed like the more people thought they knew, the less they actually did, and the louder they became!

Upon adaptation by the masses, the internet quickly both exploded and imploded with health information. Soon, everyone was a health nutrition blogger or vlogger. Fad health practices, some good and some bad, became common place. The already "noisy" space of health and nutrition became even louder.

With the rise of the internet came the rise of the trolls, and soon you couldn't trust anything you were reading unless you were already an expert. You couldn't even trust that what you were reading was written in good faith. There were whole organizations created filled with people who spent their time simply making certain that confusion reigned, and reigned supreme.

Through diligent research, I eventually realized that no unified system existed; not a universal one. I spent a great deal of time exploring the why behind the fact that no good system existed. It is a very complex problem. I wanted to try to map a system out myself-- create some sort of a flow chart-- a process- that individuals could follow to navigate their way into vibrant health.

I looked to emerging research material for inspiration and guidance, both new and ancient. Some systems were created to focus on various metabolic typing strategies. Some systems focused on a universal eating ideology (like Veganism). Some systems ignored genetic components, while other systems over-emphasized them. Some were developed to deal with single conditions, such as anti-candida diets anti-inflammation diets. I looked at systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Auyervedic medicine.

I eventually concluded that a universal system could not be mapped; that personal health was actually a very personal thing, and depended upon a great number of variables. However, I also came to realize that this "map" wasn't actually necessary. What I and others really needed was the perfect starting point, not the perfect ending point! This was the solution for me personally, so why not others? Help people to find the perfect starting point, and help them to develop the skills and tools necessary to make informed decisions.

Eventually, after a total fo about twenty years of research and exploration into health, I finally found the emerging science that I was looking for. And it intersected perfectly with my own beliefs.

The theme for the Eytons' Earth Foundation revealed itself in a flash: Where wise traditions meet good science

The Eytons' Earth Nutrition and Detoxification Study Program was thus born.

To be clear, the program I ended up presenting is very specific to the western lifestyle and the challenges of our time. So many people are over-fed yet starving. So many people have developed auto-immunity issues, or are at least working on developing them! Nearly everyone has some sort of toxicity issue, and I haven't talked to a "regular" person that boasts healthy digestion in quite some time. In fact, most people aren't even aware of what healthy digestion is supposed to feel like!

If this program had been developed 200 years ago, it would have looked very different. And, this perfect "starting point" will likely be much different. 200 years from now, as well. At least, I hope so!

The nutrition and detoxification study program is, in part, a launch vehicle for The Eytons' Earth Foundation, which will formally be established when there is sufficient participation and support.

Eytons' Earth has always been about healing with water, earth, and sunshine (being energy). The definition of healing has always been "to become whole". The foundation will focus not just on clay therapy, but all of the wise traditions of our ancestors... and quite specifically: Where these wise traditions meet with good science!

Eytons’ Earth
Study Program, Advanced Modules and the Foundation

Where wise traditions meet good science
Change to survive, adapt to thrive

120 Day Nutritional & Detox Study Program

Current Cost: $20.00

Making informed decisions is much easier when you start with accurate information. Turning those decisions into sustained actions is easier when you have the right starting point. This study program is all about giving you that information, and providing you with a good starting point. The end goal of this whole process is to give you the ability to "know thyself", and to empower you to make changes that are right for you.

This is an independent study program that requires significant lifestyle changes and completing a 60 day detoxification supplement program. It is not medical advice, and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. I also cannot substitute for professional medical advice. 

Separate study material is required (which one must purchase), as well as the supplements.  They are not included. 

This is designed for “self starters” and is a “do it yourself” program.  It is not for everyone!

The nutritional program is extremely strict, and is based on Dr. Terry Wahls, MD “The Wahls Protocol”.  It involves a scientifically formulated, modified ketogenic, paleolithic, elimination diet.  Individuals must purchase the “The Whals Protocol” book as reference material. There is also a recommended recipe cook book available to purchase, also written by Dr. Wahls..

The detoxification program is a modified version of Dr. Tim O’Shea’s sixty day detoxification program (author of the website "The Doctor Within").    Individuals are required to reference and read materials written by O’Shea, as well as purchase specific supplements from his online store.

The nutritional portion of the program is a type of elimination diet designed to assist the body’s immune system.  It is a perfect way to eat for those with auto-immunity issues.

As a strict elimination diet, it is also a perfect starting point for those individuals looking to permanently change eating habits. The diet is not a starvation diet, it is perfectly, scientifically balanced. The Wahls Protocol has been validated with human clinical trials, and there are more formal studies in progress.

While it is not specifically a weight loss diet, individuals will lose a significant amount of weight, safely, if needed.

Once the program is completed, there are advanced study modules available. These are provided free of charge, but only to members of online support community. The advanced modules are only available to those who have changed their diet and done a basic detoxification program. The reason for this process is to ensure that the modules can be done in a safe manner.


The Eytons' Earth Foundation

The Eytons’ Earth focus on natural medicine has always been with:  “Water, Earth and Sunshine”.  The “water” can be pure and clean, or modified with sea minerals or other elements.  The “earth” is of course clay and other minerals.  The “sunshine” is energy. 

This basic ideology was developed simply by working with therapeutic clay and learning to understand its healing potential.
The central idea of becoming whole means so much more than “curing” conditions and achieving a state of vibrant health.  After all, eventually all life must pass on. Furthermore, some of the most beautiful gifts of life are the direct result of facing adversity. 

The Eytons’ Earth Foundation’s motto will add a bit more to the simple ideas of water, earth, and sunshine:  “Where wise traditions meet good science.”  The order here is very important.  The foundation will focus on lasting and wise traditions, as opposed to looking specifically at new science and jumping on board. 

Keep in mind that the idea of a “tradition” implies a cross-generational practice.  We will eventually have an “advanced modules” group that focuses on looking at emerging science, therapies, and practices, but the majority of the foundation’s educational focus will always be “back to basics”.  As new traditions emerge, when and where they “meet” with good science, they will be included.

Why is the idea of tradition important?  In the past, there have been many practices developed where even the most educated individuals thought that the “new” practice was based on solid scientific understanding, where in reality the practice was dangerous to the point of becoming lethal.  Just one example:  Mercury.  One of the most toxic substances on the planet, for a short period, mercury was used as an actual medicine to treat (among other things), sexually transmitted disease.  It turns out this was not a wise practice, and thus it was abandoned before becoming a tradition.

Another emerging "tradition" that will fail the test of time is the widespread pharmacology based medicine. Eventually, chemicals used long term for matters of health will be a distant memory. Using chemical medications long term will be the exception, rather than the rule, as medicine progresses from this very dark time in history.

The foundation will and must always operate only on the principle of attraction.  It is not the foundation’s job to convince anyone of anything, nor should it ever try to sell anything to anyone, including an ideology.

We are here to assist those who already have the desire to learn and practice wise traditions.  Think of it this way:  There is no need to lead a horse to water.  As long as the water is available, the horse will eventually find it when it is ready to drink. The foundation should have a public presence, but not a sales pitch.

There is no room for high pressure/stress in the realm of healing, and the foundation will be set up in manner that prevents it from becoming a perpetually resource starved corporate machine.

To make the whole concept work in this manner, it needs your basic support.

Furthermore, the foundation must always be open-ended rather than closed.  It will neither encourage or discourage things outside of its scope.  As such, this design prevents the foundation from developing into any sort of cult.  The ultimate goal is always decentralization.

The foundation will be funded, in part, by individual subscriptions to the online community.  When we reach the targeted number of individuals, the non-profit foundation will formally be established, and staffed as needed. Until the time that this goal is reached, remember that the "foundation" is a private entity. 

Therefore, if you would like to see Eytons’ Earth achieve all of its goals, please consider subscribing even if you are not interested in the nutritional study program or the advanced modules.

The goals and purpose of the foundation will be three-fold:

1.  Education
The main purpose of Eytons’ Earth, originally founded in 1995, was to provide free, accurate, and comprehensive knowledge about the use of clay therapy in natural medicine.

The nutritional program and the advanced modules are an extension of this goal.  Learning about all of the “wise traditions” of our collective ancestors is a natural and even necessary progression of using clay therapy.  One should consider that we are also becoming those ancestors, and we need to leave behind increasingly accurate and useful traditions for future generations.

Eventually, this branch of the foundation will offer outreach and training, free of charge, to the interested general public.  These actions specifically will be designed to assist people to become self-sufficient.  Following the central idea that all of these wise traditions should ultimately be decentralized,  the idea is to help set people free, not to create an organization that focuses on things like capturing market share, and ideas such as “ensuring repeat business.”

The outreach may or may not include setting up a cooperative, community run healing center that would serve as a model for replication.  The central idea of such a healing is to make learning about natural medicine and healing as affordable as possible.
Doing advanced alternative medicine is currently a luxury of the upper middle class.  For example, simple sauna therapy using ozone costs, if you can find a center, costs about $150.00 a session.  Purchasing all of the necessary equipment necessary to do it at home is out of the price range of most individuals.

Considering the above points, there is a fine line between helping people be self-sufficient with their own healthy lifestyle, and making specific therapies available for use.

The end goal is to make the comprehensive nutritional program and the basic detox program free.
It is the community that will fine tune and authenticate these wise traditions.

2.  Research & Science
Unfortunately, the saying “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” often rings true.
The motto of the foundation includes the term “good science”.  This branch will be in charge of finding and studying this “good science”, as well as actually doing scientific studies.

There is a lot of great science that needs to be done to establish (even from a legal standpoint) the safety and effectiveness of many great traditions.

This branch of the foundation will do things like hire “good doctors” to oversee clinical trials.  It will have free reign to pursue scientific enquiry to whatever is relevant both to the foundation’s primary purpose, and is most critically needed/desired by the membership.

3.  Preservation
This branch will focus on making sure that all of these great traditions and healthy substances remain available for use, as well as making sure that the right to access and use the knowledge of these wise traditions is preserved.

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