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Clay is one of the most amazing substances to use internally and externally to assist the body detoxify from heavy metals. Explore our updated protocol
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Healing with the Earth: Eytons' Earth Archives

Letters, Correspondence, Commentaries
& Examples

Welcome to our new section devoted to our healing clay archives! The articles below are a collection of letters, correspondences, commentaries and documents that we felt may be beneficial to those involved in researching healing clays. This section includes examples that represent our experience, as well as the experience of our friends across the globe.


NEW: We wish to welcome our fine friends from down under-- Australia-- to our archive section. As time goes on, we hope to have quite a few user experiences to share with our audience.

You'll learn that if you're walkin' 'bout trying to find a path around a Wait-a-While, and if you make a blue and don't see that Stinging Tree hiding in the bush, then the best idea a bloke can have is to slap some clay on it. Even if you think that the power of healing clay is just a furphy, go ahead, give it a burl; you'll be gobsmacked at how fast the pain goes and then on you'll know you've got the dinky-di. Good onya, Mate! ( No Australians were actually hurt in the writing of this paragraph )



Please Note: We are not licensed to practice medicine, all information below represents communication between private researchers conducting lawful personal experiments with healing clays. Always consult a licensed health care practitioner regarding matters of health!

Case history of mercury toxicity from vaccination





- Buruli Ulcer / Barnesdale Ulcer -
Mycobacterium Ulcerans Infection ...cured with clay


When surgery and antibiotics fail, clay poultices are used to quickly eliminate this six month old buruli ulceration: Buruli Ulcer / Barnesdale Ulcer Cured with Clay .




- Australian Stinging Trees-
...Rapid pain relief with clay poultices


Healing clay poultices help to neutralize the neurotoxins and eliminate pain: Australian Stinging Tree Wound & Healing Clay .



Clay Chunk

- Broken and Infected Finger-
...Cured and repaired with Healing Clay, Ozone and Silver


What to do if your surgeon wants to extract your nail, put pins in your bone, and scrape your finger out with a sharp scalpal ( ..and you don't want to ): A broken, infected finger cured with Healing clay, Ozone, and Silver.



Clay Chunk

- Toe Staph Infection / Diabetic-
...cured and repaired with Healing Clay


Even the worst cases of diabetic-induced staph infections can be healed with clay.



Clay Poultice

A Photographic Example of Clay Pulling an Infection

View our new basic photo set that visually demonstrates a clay poultice pulling an infection to the surface of the skin. A photo was taken prior to clay application, then one hour later:

Example: How Clay can Pull an Infection from the Body



Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite and Healing Clay

Being prepared for unforseen circumstances is not always easy. However, at least as far as having healing clay available for emergency use, being prepared takes only the foresight of having a large jar of hydrated clay stored and ready for use... Or, as was the case with one lucky individual, a caring family member with some experience using healing clay and some bentonite always on hand. They say that chance favors the prepared mind. Read the brief story of healing clay used with a brown recluse spider bite.



Human Digestive System

Sleep Disorder/ Insomnia and Clay

"...So, I went back to the clay last week and now for almost a week, I have drank the clay water and slept like a baby. And the best part is that once again I dream! Taking the pills, I never dreamed. It is healthy to dream. I am now sleeping at least 7 hours each night, and I never wake up at all. Now I am waking up around 7:00-7:30 am, and suddenly I have more DAY TIME and I am getting more done and have more energy. The longer I take the clay, the more energy I have, because I am getting –finally-the rest that I need and getting it in a natural, safe and healing way.

Read the full story about how clay helped Ruth overcome a sleeping disorder, and also about the homeostatic nature of clays: Healing Clay Cures a Sleep Disorder. Includes an extensive commentary on using edible clays, and the effect on the human digestive system.



Clay Compress

Benign Melanoma Skin Growths



Read the story about a nine year old Italian Grey Hound treated with healing clay poultices:

Benign Melanoma Skin Growths Treated with Healing Clay



Clay Chunk

- Bentonite -
...on nutrients, toxins, and how to handle clay..



This correspondence, with its accompanying commentary from our archives, addresses a few common questions about handling clay.

Handling Bentonite, Clay & Nutrients, and Clay Sorption



Clay Chunk

- Kineseology, Iridology, Tea Leaf Readings-
...can easily be tools of misdiagnosis


Be wary of advice! It seems these days, everyone likes to play doctor.


Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite

Featured: Did You Know...?

  "What is the evolutionary significance of plant toxins and animal anti-toxin behaviour? From a plant's evolutionary perspective, a seed should be high in nutrients to support germination and seedling growth; the ripe fruit around the seed should also be nutrient-rich and attractive to animals, encouraging them to pluck and eat the fruit and disperse the seed. On the other hand, the seed itself should be repulsive to animal consumers, inducing them to regurgitate or defaecate it, and the unripe fruit should be repulsive, lest animals harvest it before the seed is viable. From an animal's evolutionary perspective, an ability to defeat the plant's toxin defences would enable it to obtain the nutrients in the seed as well as those in the ripe fruit, and to outcompete other animal consumers by harvesting the fruit while it is unripe and still unpalatable to them.

"Any textbook of animal biology describes the resulting evolutionary arms race, in which plants evolve increasingly potent toxins (such as strychnine and quinine), and animals evolve increasingly potent means of detoxification. While enzymatic detoxification has previously received the most attention, the work of Gilardi et al.10 and the wide distribution of geophagy among animal herbivores suggest an additional important means of detoxification by adsorption on ingested soil minerals."

- Jared M. Diamond, Department of Physiology, University of California Medical School, Los Angeles

Read more about indigenous habits and instinctual use of edible clay minerals in our bentonite articles section.



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