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Welcome to Eytons' Earth - Introduction

Healing Clays of the World
Bentonite as used in Pelotherapy, Natural and Alternative Medicine

Clay therapy in integrative medicine and Pelotherapy - green healing clay of the desertThe staff of Eytons' Earth is dedicated to researching and exploring the use of green healing clay for use in natural and alternative medicine.  This website is a multifaceted knowledge base committed to providing the public with accurate and responsible information about the art of clay healing and pelotherapy.

  Our approach is multidimensional.  Although our site is rich in scientific investigation, the wanderer will no doubt notice that many perspectives are explored;  the religious, the spiritual, the theoretical, even the whimsical and poetic all find their proper places in the world of nature.  We believe that one cannot separate the art from the fact without losing the reality.

Healing clays such as montmorillonite, bentonite, and illite have been used for centuries in natural medicine and pelotherapy. We hope you find a fascination equal to our own when exploring the information which follows. Welcome to the world of green healing clay of the desert and pelotherpy - welcome to Eytons' Earth!

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Featured: Did You Know...?

  Using a quality internal healing clay can help to resolve sleep disorders caused by metabolic problems and digestion issues.

The Stomach Lining
The Stomach Lining
The Microvilli of the Small Intestine
The Microvilli
of the small intestine
The Microvilli of the Small Intestine
Healthy Colon Lining

...So, I went back to the clay last week and now for almost a week, I have drank the clay water and slept like a baby. And the best part is that once again I dream! Taking the pills, I never dreamed. It is healthy to dream. I am now sleeping at least 7 hours each night, and I never wake up at all. Now I am waking up around 7:00-7:30 am, and suddenly I have more DAY TIME and I am getting more done and have more energy. The longer I take the clay, the more energy I have, because I am getting--finally--the rest that I need and getting it in a natural, safe and healing way."

Read the rest of this story: Drinking Clay Relieves a Sleep Disorder

The above article also contains notes about the homeostatic nature of clay, clay and the digestion system, and clay use with medical prescription drugs.

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What is Green Healing Clay?

An Introduction

Natural desert healing clay obtained directly from a vein of bentonite, suitable for use in pelotherapyOne of the most common forms of green healing clay is Bentonite, an Aluminum Silicate smectite.   It often contains substantial amounts of magnesium and a wide variety of trace minerals.  Through its natural evolution, bentonite ( as well as montmorrilonite ) also selectively adsorbs an interesting variety of organic material.  A healing clay is distinguished  primarily by the "secondary" sorpted materials which both  a) maintain its natural characteristic to be precisely PH balanced ( basic/alkaline ) for the mammalian biological system AND  b) leave the clay with an incredibly dense molecular makeup which produces a self-generated negatively charged electromagnetic field upon hydration.

In some cases, the "healing clay" classification is determined due to a very specialized sorption of minerals, such as naturally occurring calcium bentonite.

In other cases, the classification is due to specialized organic material that has been naturally incorporated into the clay.  New species of fungi ( such as the fungus discovery responsible for the advent of penicillin ) have been discovered in natural clay.  Botanicals that have long since vanished off the face of the earth often occur in small traces in a natural clay.  It is an amazing mystery that such healing clays contain an endless variety of materials all of which have proven beneficial to the human body on the testing field of time.

A third classification provides for the lack of sorpted material.  Some healing clays are prized for the purity which leave the clay virtually a simple crystal matrix.  A pharmacy grade clay falls into this category, although in this case the means are achieved artificially.  This classification also takes into consideration the particle sizes ( in microns or nanometers ) of the clay particles, smaller being more beneficial.

The last classification has yet to be fully defined due to the difficulty of measuring certain quantum properties that recent scientific discoveries have uncovered.  This theory will be covered in a future section on monatomic elements.

All healing clays are specialized forms of crystal, and thus have the capability to act as transducers once properly hydrated, ie. converting light to vibration and vibration to light. The density of hydrated clay ( colloidal ), and the cumulative electromagnetic effect of the negatively charged particles, coupled with the unique shape of the particles themselves ( a very wide surface area ), go quite far in explaining the powerful effect of clays as used in natural medicine. However, researchers and scientists have yet to fully explain the direct method of action responsible for the variety of actions that clay can induce through use with the body.

No two clays acquired from different veins are completely alike. While natural clays are more effective than processed clays, industrial bentonites still share all of the beneficial activity of natural clays. However, there is reason to believe that FDA grade bentonite is too processed to act as a potent healing substance.

Green healing clay, bentonite, Fuller's Earth, Montmorillonite


Through the Ages and Around the World

Green healing clay deposit in NebraskaBentonite, as well as other types of healing clay such as Illite, has been used by indigenous cultures since before recorded history.  Although mankind's use of this living crystal has spanned the globe, very little information has been preserved regarding specific use and methodology as used in natural health.  Indeed, the greatest lost cultures of ancient civilization gave healing clays a position of great importance in ceremonial usage - this much is known.  In some cases, evidence suggests that a scientific knowledge of its use was mastered as well.

Natives of North America utilized a wide variety of clays for healing, food/body purification, and spiritual ceremonies.  Quality clay, highly prized for trade with other tribes, formed a significant part of their culture.  Berries were often added as a dye for use as facial paint for tribal warriors.  It was used in sweat lodge ceremonies and taken with food to prevent stomach illness.  They gauged the quality of clay and categorized it according to its natural color.

The Egyptians used clay extensively in their spiritual culture.  High quality clay was the prime ingredient in their unmatched embalming process, helping to perfectly preserve mummified bodies for thousands of years.  It is safe to assume that they used it for other purposes also, yet much of what we know of their ancient culture is built from an incomplete model and therefore sadly lacking.

The Essenes ( famed authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls ) used clay as a primary modality for natural healing, aware of it's incredible power to heal a wide variety of conditions.

The Amargosians ( predecessors to the Aztecs ), the Aborigines, and natives of Mexico and South America all recognized the benefit of clays.  Modern research has shown that some cultures have greatly benefited from clays through ingestion as a natural ingredient in their water supplies.

Edgar Cayce once recommended a healing clay which proved to cure a serious eye condition which would have left the individual blinded ( the treatment worked ).

The largest clay deposit in the world is located in Bavaria, Germany.

The most famous clay comes from an immense deposit of green clay located in France, which is one reason why the French have more experience with the use of green clays than other modern/European civilizations.

The highest quality well-known clay deposits ( not necessarily for healing ) are located in India - hence the origin of the term Indian Clay ( the term itself did NOT originate from Native American use ).

Healing clays have been used world-wide in health applications


Modern Uses

Modern man has also recognized the incredible qualities of bentonite for industrial and cosmetic use. Although the current medical community, under the hand of the FDA, has stated it has no medicinal or curative value, many people under the wings of experience use clay for healing.

Though known primarily for its use in luxurious facial cosmetics in France, French sailors at one time used clay to prevent dysentery by adding it to their drinking water supply.  Indeed, bentonite will inoculate water contaminated with a very wide variety of bacteria, rendering it safe to drink.

 Many of the mineral supplements purchased by our modern culture are extracted from clays; through perhaps hundreds of thousands of years of natural development, prime quality clays often selectively adsorb trace minerals conducive to highly organized biological life.

 Russian scientists use bentonite to protect their bodies from radiation when working with nuclear material, by coating their hands and bodies with a hydrated bentonite "magma" before donning radiation suits.  Bentonite adsorbs radiation so well, in fact, that it was the choice material used to dump into Cherynobl after the nuclear meltdown in the former Soviet Union.

In industry, bentonite is used as an additive to cement and pottery.  It is used as a lubricant in drilling, as a sealer for manmade lakes, a base in cosmetic formulas, and an emulsifying agent for countless products manufactured.  A specially processed bentonite is used for bleaching countless food and other consumer goods.  Many manufacturers add bentonite to their products to utilize its deodorizing properties.

Bentonite is widely used in many technical and Rx industries

Our heart-felt thank you to everyone who has emailed us and followed our progress through the years! Our apologies to those whom we have not been able to respond to due to limitations on time, the volume of email, and the occasional hard-drive crash.

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Featured: Did You Know...?


Healing Clay has been used in France, Australia, the Americas, the Middle East and Europe for centuries in native natural medicine arts.




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5/5 (2)
Dec 2015
May says...
Hi, I am new to this clay thingy. When I activate 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay with 8ozs of water and wait for like 6hs, the drink was thick smooth and nice until you chomp halfway through like drinking fruit smoothy, then you can feel sandy like texture on your teeth. I usually don't finish the whole cup because i can see fine sandy like stuff at the bottom. Is it supposed to be like this? Nobody mentioned about the fine sandy texture in the drink. Please advise. Thank you

HI May:

Grit content varies with different clays and different grades of clay 

Most people just let any residual grit settle to the bottom and discard it.  Most clays that we use here are at least 325 mesh, which is very fine.  Even so, there is just a bit of grit left over.

Other clays we use are ultraventilated, which is the best way to remove as much "sand" as possible from clay.

Scott Collins
Mar 2017
Scott Collins (Brisbane) says...
Hi May,

You can buy Australian Bentonite Clay which has more grit. Our company uses Eytons Earth Clay in our Australian Packed Products at Grasses of Life. it's very fine and NOT Gritty at all.
Jun 2015
First Poster
william (Exeter) says...
Worth a mention regarding clay use in modern times, is Ormus clay with monatomic elements- believed to help brain function and spiritual growth.
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