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Welcome to Eytons' Earth: Tecopia Essentia

Using the "Edible" Three Clay Blend


Tecopia Essentia - Using the Edible Three Clay Blend

available from www.greenclays.com


This blend of clays has been specially formulated for maximum detoxification effectiveness and most efficient supplementation… naturally. We’ve taken three of the most heralded edible clays in North America and combined them into one product for use as an internal supplement.

This blend features a richly green sodium bentonite which has been used in colon cleanses since the 1960’s. It also features a widely studied red sedimentary calcium bentonite/montmorillonite mined in California (red mineral desert clay). Finally, the blend features our signature green calcium bentonite/montmorillonite.

The green sodium bentonite is widely recognized for its unsurpassed ability to both sorpt and adsorb positively charged particles in its hydrated, colloidal state. Because of its swelling characteristics, it actually has three different hydration states. Therefore, it is unsurpassed in its ability to work in the large intestines. This is why this type of volcanic-origin clay is a favorite among pioneers such as V.E. Irons, Dr. Schulze, and Dr. Anderson. This clay is air-purified, and has also been favorite clay among those who feel they are chemically sensitive.

The red calcium bentonite is a favorite supplement for its proven ability to deliver macro, micro, and trace minerals into the body. What makes it unique? Its incredibly small particle sizing and particle distribution. The average particle size of the clay is 0.2 microns in diameter. When hydrated, each of those particles becomes negatively charged, like all clay colloids. It is the small particle sizing of this particular bentonite that contributes to a very high zeta potential (electrical charge) and also provides for a greater bioavailability of minerals, as demonstrated by comparative research done with animals. This is the same clay used by the United States Space Program (NASA).

Finally, our own Amargosian green clay is widely celebrated for its properties; more modern books and papers have been written about this clay in the last five years than any other clay that we are aware of. Most of the research done by eytonsearth.org was first done using this particular clay


The maker of this product has been studying edible and external-use clays from around the world for nearly twenty years. The following suggestions on how to use clay are based upon this research and experience. Please note that there are many ways to effectively use clays internally!

Taken in between meals, it is an excellent cleansing agent for the digestive system. Individuals with food tolerance issues and digestive issues would benefit from taking a small amount of clay with meals as a digestive aid.

As a general rule, any clay supplement should be taken at least two hours after any medications.

How to Prepare Clay

One standard dose is equivalent to between one teaspoonful of clay and one tablespoonful of clay, depending upon tolerance and personal preference.

While clay may be taken dry, the standard method of preparation is to add one standard dose to eight ounces of clean water, in a glass or ceramic container. Mix the clay into the water, avoiding contact with metal and/or chemicals. While it is best to let the clay sit for 30 minutes to an hour (placed in direct sunlight, covered by cheesecloth), once the clay has equally dispersed into the water, it is ready to be consumed.

An alternative preparation method is to mix one part clay into three or four parts water, in order to make a gel. This method is not preferable to most users. For those who need to take clay with meals (see below), it is the best method. Using only a small amount of water prevents the water from diluting the HCL in the stomach. It also prevents the stomach from cooling down, which can effect digestion.

Dry clay, in a sealed, air-tight container has no expiration date, provided it is stored in a cool, climate controlled environment. Stored properly, clay powder will last indefinitely. If storing clay in a temperature controlled environment is an issue, transfer the clay powder into a sealed glass or ceramic container.

Clay may be prepared (prehydrated) in advance for convenience. We recommend, as a precaution, that prehydrated clay water only be stored for a month or so for internal use; and ideally it should be stored in a clean, sealed, air-tight container made out of glass or ceramic materials. If the clay is mixed with clean water and maintains a stable colloidal state it will remain useable for longer periods of time as long as it is stored properly.

Using Clay Internally

The use of clay internally is dependent upon individual circumstances. Below, we have outlined some suggestions, based on the collective experience of countless individuals who have reported their experiences.

Please remember that clay use internally has been a human practice since before the dawn of human civilization; there is no single right way to take clay.

For Use with Professional Colon Cleansing Programs

 This edible clay blend may be used the same (as directed) as any clay supplement referred to in detoxification programs and colon cleanses. This includes making mixtures, including substances like psyllium husks.

For a Healthy Lifestyle / Maintenance

Only small amounts of clay are generally required for those who wish to use a clay supplement as a natural part of a healthy lifestyle.

Clay taken once to twice daily, three to five times a week, is a sufficient amount.

Healthy individuals with healthy diets correct for their individual lifestyle and metabolism should take clay on an empty stomach to maximize the supplement’s effectiveness.

Clay should preferably be taken two hours before or after any other supplements.

Individuals who, due to diet and lifestyle, feel that their body may be demineralized, may consider taking one dose of clay ( 1 tablespoonful) daily for three to four months. Individuals who have been medically diagnosed with illness associated with mineral deficiencies may also consider taking a daily dose of clay to assist as a remineralizing supplement.

For Individuals with Ailing Digestive Systems

The idea when supplementing with clay for a distressed digestive system is to find the minimum effective dosage. A small amount of clay is taken, in water, between two to four times daily. A bit of patience is required. Maintain the current dose for a week, and then, if necessary, increase the amount of clay taken after a week. Continue increasing once a week until the digestive system normalizes. The desired effect is a change in the biological terrain of the colon.

Individuals who have chronic issues with the colon should work up to taking clay once first thing in the morning, and once prior to sleep. Many people will also need to take clay inbetween one meal on an empty stomach; some will need to increase usage to twice during the day between meals. Take clay at least two hours separate from any life sustaining medications. This usage schedule is dependent upon tolerance.

This blend of clay works perfectly with healthy digestive systems. A perfectly healthy digestive system results in one perfectly formed bowel movement which eliminates quickly and without effort for each meal eaten during the previous day (twice to three times daily).

Very few individuals in the modern world have perfect digestive systems. The more compromised the stomach, small intestine, and colon, the greater the response will be to introducing edible clay into the diet. Clay will work to help restore balance to the digestive system, but this may not occur without assistance.

Using edible clays does not directly cause constipation. However, those individuals who have extremely weak digestive systems may begin to experience constipation as the clay works in the large intestine. This is a sign that clay supplementation is a good idea, not that clay supplementation should be abandoned.

There are a few methods of handling this situation.

  1. The muscles of the colon must be strengthened, and the entire colon stimulated. Acquire Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula Number One. Follow Dr. Schulze’s instructions for using this product, while continuing with clay supplementation (continuing clay use every day, OR by following the 2 nd suggestion below). For a milder alternative, consider using Tim O'shea's "Expel" product: Expel. Consider using an effective probiotic, such as fermented cabbage juice.
  2. Stagger clay use in order to allow the body to function properly. Use clay on day 1, 2, and 3. Stop use on day 4, 5, 6, and 7. Resume clay use on day 8, 9, 10, and 11. Pause for day 12, 13, and 14. An individual can repeat this cycle ad infinitum provided that chronic constipation does not occur.

Temporarily discontinue use of clay supplement if constipation is unmanageable; always seek medical care in the event of chronic constipation. Please remember that this is our professional formulation, and it works best with a holistic health program and/or healthy lifestyle.

Discontinue clay use at night if clay effects sleep patterns (this can be a temporary effect of clay use).

Very few people need to use clay internally three to four times daily for long periods of time. However, there are some exceptions. Some extremely ill individuals have elected to take up to twelve tablespoonfuls of clay daily. This should not be done without a careful digestive recovery program and professional guidance!

For Individuals with Severe Food Intolerances

Individuals who regularly experience severe food intolerances (not allergies) often greatly enjoy taking a standard dose of clay with each and every meal.

Temporary Stomach Problems

A glass of clay water, or a spoonful of clay magma, may be taken at the onset of any stomach upset, even if done on the way to one’s emergency room or primary health care provider, unless otherwise directed by a medical practitionerl.

For Great Tasting Re-Mineralized Water

Add one eighth of a teaspoonful of clay to a glass of purified or natural spring water, mix thoroughly, allow to sit for five to ten minutes prior to drinking.

Warnings & Further Notes

All clay supplements contain iron, and should not be used by individuals with iron intolerance. Clay use should be medically supervised in a case where the individual is on kidney dialysis or with individuals with severe kidney failure. Like any fine mesh product, avoid breathing clay dust. Clay use can potentially interfere with medications. Only take clay after life-sustaining medications have been fully digested and metabolized. Usually, two hours is sufficient; check with the prescribing physician or a qualified pharmacist. Discontinue use immediately if clay supplementation causes any discomfort.

Like all supplements and health products, finding the smallest effective dose is the most beneficial and affordable way to supplement.

While some individuals choose to take up to three tablespoonfuls of clay internally on a daily basis, large amounts of clay taken daily should not be necessary over the long term. Clay’s action is primarily catalytic. Once the digestive system is working as it was designed to (and providing that an individuals diet is healthy), only small amounts of clay are required for regular supplementation. In an ideal world, one teaspoonful of clay every other day, in a diet that includes one gallon of water taken daily is the perfect maintenance dose.

Remember that while dietary clay is recognized by most of the world’s indigenous cultures as an actual source for vital nutrition.

Further Research & References


Upon a Clay Tablet – The first two books of the “Definitive Guide to Healing with Homeostatic Clay”

Hydrated Sodium Bentonite – Hydrated Sodium Bentonite, Edible Clay Research.


Edible Clay Used by Primitives – Some history on edible clay use.


Edible Clay Used by Primitives – Edible Clay Use and Digestion.


Cano Graham and The Clay Disciples – Book about one individual’s journey with clay therapy.


Links to Other Critical Books of Interest – Both “Restoring Your Digestive Health”, and “The Wellness Project” should be of great interest to those who are interested in researching how to heal the body’s metabolism and digestive system.

Dr. Schulze – Intestinal Formula #1 – Dr. Schulze’ website.




Clay Use for Chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

"Relative to digestive issues, my wife and I are life long sufferers from irritable bowel syndrome. This tends to come and go, but more frequently for her than me. However, recently we both started having problems, probably kicked off by some intestinal bug, but once started, it tends to be self-perpetuating. Of course, when things get really bad, there is always Imodium, but we hate taking any kind of drug, and the effect of imodium does not feel natural or very comfortable.

For a long time we tried Psyllium (Yerba Prima colon care) and probiotics, but these provided only marginal relief. Not too long ago I purchased a pail of Jason’s three clay blend. So, possibly out of desperation, we each started taking a teaspoon of clay internally twice a day for the last three weeks.

We have both experienced a complete remission of symptoms from IBS. Believe me, we view this as a minor miracle. It is the best result we have ever had with any protocol for dealing with IBS. Only time will tell if this is a complete cure, but we will not be without the clay ever again. We have also continued with colon care (to prevent constipation) and with probiotics from homemade fermented vegetable and raw milk kefir. Many thanks to Jason and his advice.."

"...I added the word “symptoms” to the sentence about remission of IBS in the copy at the bottom of this email. The reason being that my wife had another attack of the runs today, after feeling really well for a couple of weeks. We know that it is a response to some things that she ate. I believe she got to feeling overconfident too quickly after the last attack. I don’t want to mislead anybody.  Clay is a major part of the answer for a total cure, but it will take more time to heal the intestines after decades of inflammation and irritability. However, we now see clay as the thing that will make a permanent cure possible. Will let you know how we are doing with this as time passes."

               - D

Response from Jason (@) eytonsearth.org:

"Hi Del, absolutely understood. It can take a long time for the digestive system to truly heal.  You guys are going about it the right way! There are some individuals I've worked with that have had to take between eight and twelve tablespoonfuls a day to stablize digestion... which is ALOT of clay!  Such individuals are usually very, very ill, but they too get about a 70% reduction in very wide range very serious symptoms.

In some cases, one must use probiotics with each meal (home-made ones seem to work best), a wide range of herbs (including boswellia, cat's claw, dragons blood, and caprylic acid), along with enough clay to stabilize digestion. If that doesn't work, there are other considerations and things that can be done to stabilize bowel function."

Kind Regards,


Other Research Documents


Clay Minerology Report / Analysis - Clay Minerology Report

Clay Certificate of Analysis - Clay Certificate of Analysis

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